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  • Ah - I just don't know Clarke, man. I'm probably not going to read much of him in the future - he just didn't do much for me.
    Wow, I just realized that I never actually responded to this conversation. I'm quite certain that somewhere along the line, a response was typed up, but in the typical lazy intp fashion, I must never have actually sent it to you. Sorry =P

    Agreed. Movies with amazing visuals, no real characters, and shitty music......ehhh. They just really piss me off. I can hardly watch them. I almost just walked out of Transformers 2. I don't really understand why I even went to go see it in the first place...

    I think the director's cut is slightly easier to understand. That's what I saw the first time around.

    The Japanese movies that I've seen tend to be hit or miss. I watched this Japanese film about a year back called "The Suicide Club". It was not a good experience.....

    Have you ever watched Perfume? I just saw it this weekend, and have yet to encounter anyone else who has seen it.
    No idea about that one, RubberDucky. It's Clarke's, obviously, but it could be very good, or one of his worst for all I know. :p
    There's a basketball team called the celts?


    Are they like, all completely naked and war-painted?
    With braided hair and axes?

    In 6?

    Oooh, interesting, better than time-travel in 1 or 8?

    Oh? Is it on the playstation network by any chance?

    I find my psp easier to use and more engaging than my d.s, to be frank.
    Don't worry!
    I'll save you!

    I'm always saving fellow celts.

    there's time travel in 6?

    or chrono-trigger?

    Oh, of course -duh, the title is a bit of a clue.

    I've been thinking of getting some form of Chrono, but I only own a DS and a PSP, theres a DS version, right?

    You mean like, you ripped off square?



    Mean creature.

    I haven't played FF6, though some of the characters look curious.

    Good game?
    How can one 'like' Kefka?

    Sure he has some amusing quotes, but *like* him?

    You've played Crisis Core!?



    *you get a gold star*

    Just whom do you propose to be sir?

    The queen of bloody england!?

    Well sir, I'll have you know I don't answer to any English buggers! Queen or no!


    That'll learn ye!
    So I'm not intelligent hmm?

    Ah, grand, then I have you fooled sir.

    Care for a biscuit?
    You know, I feel really bad for Charlie Chaplin. Here was a guy who became a superstar, and had a really unique mustache. He had it right there in his figure tips to be known as the innovator of "the Chaplin stache" for centuries to come. But then Hitler comes right along and is like "NO! IT'S THE HITLER MUSTACHE NOW!", and like any good invention, it is exploited by the guy that makes it more popular.
    Oh that reminds me, we'll need mustaches. Not so much for the chicks, but for other things that come with it, like being Stalin.
    Oh yeah totally. I'm mean we are not getting chicks now... But that's because we don't have philosoraptor shirts, it's clearly what we have been missing!
    That courage wolf sign is fucking sweet, but I think you know damn well that INTPs are Philosoraptors..
    I really don't like live albums either. I agree about the sound quality. But, having said that, this particular live album transports me to another time and place. That's why I like it so much. Otherwise, if I just want to listen to good music I try to stay away from live.
    $75 annually for a library membership? That's dreary - I'm sorry. Does the normal public system not have much selection? Have you tried exploiting their request system? I've never had trouble getting -anything- I've wanted that way. Except, maybe, a few graphic novels...

    If you want to see the list of Hugo winners for best novel, wikipedia is ready to oblige. Someday down the road I might also be going through the Nebula awards, as well... They're the two heavy weight awards for sci fi... and they don't see to agree very much, either.

    I think the next book I'd recommend is Downbelow Station... I've read that and another piece of C.J. Cherryh's work... Her strong suit is probably the writing aliens with the most authentically 'alien' psychology I've yet to encounter in a novel.
    Took me a while to get back to you on the Jazz thing...Let's see, here's what I've got on my Zune at the moment:

    Thelonious Monk
    Wayne Shorter
    Ornette Coleman
    Count Basie
    Chet Baker (Although I tend to put him more into the Lounge group)
    Mel Torme :o
    Billie Holiday (Strange Fruit is the creepiest song I've ever heard)
    Yeah, my family's into lots of unusual stuff, and before my stepbrother moved in with us, we used to watch movies all the time.
    Wow, I don't know, I'll have to think about it a bit, and get back to you on that. What sort of qualities do you like in a movie?

    Lol, that's actually quite a good idea, I wish I'd thought of that :)
    It's kind of one of those movies you have to watch multiple times.

    Ha, I wish I had gotten music lessons when I was younger, because then it would be much easier to learn to play new instruments. There's so much that I want to do and learn in music, but there's really no way for me to do it, until I learn the basic stuff. It's the most frustrating thing in the world. I can still learn to play things, it's just that I have no assurance that I'm doing it accurately. :P
    Tell you what - one of the tried and true wisdoms of theatre design? "Creativity is a box." Once you have a box to work with, you can figure out all kinds of crazy things to do with it. Before you get a box, all you have is blank paper...

    Deepness in the Sky - published 1999. :) Quote from wikipedia: "The awards earned make A Deepness in the Sky one of the most honored science fiction novel in recent history."

    I didn't really have a sense of how the genre all came together until recently... I tell you, really going after the Hugo winners has started giving me wonderful perspective on it all. I'm really starting to understand who and when... Course, I know jack about the golden age of sci fi and the like, but that doesn't matter as much... Not to me, anyway. :p
    Yeah, I've always enjoyed watching movies, which is good, because my parents are netflix fans, and better yet, some how we always get these really strange, obscure movies that we didn't order, and they almost always end up being really good. As for the movies that are ordered, my stepdad has a very unusual taste in films, so there's always something good around the house to watch.

    Ha, my post was too long, and it wouldn't let me send it, so I had to divide it into two.
    Really? What'd ya think?

    Ha, speaking of finally getting around to stuff, I finally bought a couple songs from the Magnetic Fields! I can't get "I think I need a new heart" out of my head. Good recomendation :)

    Oooo, you like blues? I see on the youtube video that you have a mandolin! When I was younger (like 8) I lived in West Virginia, and I would go to a bluegrass jam every Thursday night with my nieghbor, who played Bass. I got to mess around on the madolin, several other instruments. I even learned how to play several songs. It was nothing formal, but it was really fun. :)

    I really have got to look into the whole jazz thing a bit more, because you're right, I haven't seen that many people that have been interested in jazz before.
    Actually, I find science fiction about limitations more imaginative than otherwise... It drives the nature and feel what people do with their society and their technology in very different ways. Vernor Vinge's 'A Deepness In The Sky' was a perfect example of this.

    Get this concept - one of the most important professions in his novel is the 'programmer archeologist.' The systems they use in their starships are impossibly complex and draw on hundreds and hundreds of years of computer code... Users can hardly begin to understand what they're using. The best they can do is find something like the program they want in their archive and remove the biggest obstacles to it working right... It's an amazing limitation, since AI isn't possible in that narrative.

    *Message continues...*
    *Part II of message*

    When I read older science fiction, I usually get the feeling that the author's believe absolutely anything is possible, eventually. Newer sci-fi usually doesn't give me that impression. :)

    P.S. Not so much the tower of Babel... It makes me think more of the poem 'Ozymanidas'. :)
    I head Dave Brubeck Quartet in a movie a long time ago and fell in love! So I got the Take Five album and I've been on a Jazz kick lately.
    I love your avatar! I'll have to make one for Papyrus or Curlz MT or something.
    Rubberducky, you were saying you were looking for good 'classic' sci-fi. When you say classic, I guess I figure that means authors from the 70s or earlier, roughly. After that, the stories start seeming more modern to me. (Grittier is how they feel to me. And more defined by great limitations of technology rather than having a feeling of infinite possibility.)

    Of the classic sci-fi I've read, the one I'd recommend is really edging on to the modern feeling... Arthur C. Clarke wrote 'The Fountains of Paradise' back in 1980 and it's a good story. It's about the possible challenges of building the first space elevator. Engineering difficulties, random accidents, political frustrations... The really interesting bit is how the endeavor is mirrored by the efforts of a great king from two thousand years before - another man who tried to build a palace which would conquer heaven.

    You might give that one a try. :)
    Thought I'd move our discussion over here so we don't derail that thread too badly... Rubberducky, can you tell me a few sci-fi novels you've enjoyed so far - so I can have a notion of what you're after?
    You're welcome - I hope it helps - it sounds like a very difficult situation for all of you. Very hard to appreciate how hard it is unless you've been there.
    Yes. It's 'Freud's Perverse Polymorph' (or more intuitively: 'Bulgarian Child Eating a Rat'). Stands out like most of his work, doesn't it?
    for M83 check out Saturdays=Youth and/or Before The Dawn Heals Us.. Veckatimest is pretty darn good, though I wouldn't put it that much higher than Yellow House
    Yea that song is great. As far as other bands, I really like Pavement, Pink Floyd, Grizzly Bear, Gorillaz, Empire of the Sun (they only made one album just recently), M83, Explosions in the Sky are good..Sufjan Stevens, Neil Young, Liars, there's a lot of stuff haha
    Hail to the Thief is sooo good. Really I think all of their albums are incredible with the exception of Pablo Honey, though it has a few good songs.
    Why is it surprising?

    Well..my most listened to album is In Rainbows, but my favorite would probably be Kid A. I think this is the case because In Rainbows is more easy-listening (and just unbelievably good), where as listening to Kid A sometimes makes me unable to focus and thus has the most significant effect on me (and of any album I've ever listened to).
    How unnecessary. I'm an abstract well for your information - you just don't get it!
    And Ducky gets the award for, randomest comment ever, lol. How do you know I use a mac! I'm usually on the iPhone these days.
    Oh man, I know.
    If I knew who it was.......grrrr >P
    It's a good excuse to get a new i-pod, with more room for new songs though =)
    (my old ipod was only 2 gb)

    Yeah, I feel really lucky to have found a radio station that plays something besides miley cyrus and lady gaga.
    We actually have some really cool stuff. Alot of local artists, which is nice.

    Jazz is something that I've never tried before, I'll have to check it out :)
    Do you have any names to suggest?

    I suppose this is a bit off topic, but have you ever seen Donnie Darko before?
    I did add the background, but I got the render from I don't remember where. I went on a big search for pix on many different places...
    I never let anyone my own age look at my ipod, because they always give me shit for having "odd" music.
    Speaking of ipods, mine was actually stolen yesterday =P
    Hey, I just heard the magnetic fields on my radio station the other day! :)

    belle & sebastion, portishead, neko case, pixie, enon, white stripes, pavement, belly, jane birkin ect ect.
    Hehe, I was pretty upset...

    On music:

    I'm not entirely sure how to answer this question, because it varies greatly, depending on my mood. In addition, I really did not start getting into music until about a year ago, so I'm still exploring(any suggestions would be very welcome :)).
    I'm really into different, obscure music though, but I'll listen to just about anything, once again, dependent on my mood.
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