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  1. RubberDucky451

    _Good_ dubstep.

  2. RubberDucky451

    Short Story

    If anyone could give me some feedback I would greatly appreciate it. I know it's a bit long, but stick in there. I'm linking to the .html version because this forum kills any typographical formatting it contained. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25795954/story.html
  3. RubberDucky451


    Re: psycopathy Don't worry. If there's a question in your mind that you're a psychopath, you're not one. The fact that there's any uncertainty in your mind means you're in the clear.
  4. RubberDucky451

    Where has everybody gone?

    Still have love for you guys
  5. RubberDucky451

    A question about the use for philosophy

    The INTP weakness would be to know every ethical system inside and out, yet have no attachment to any of them. It may sound anti-philosophical, but at a certain time every person has to choose what they believe. Do you want to be Spock (cold, logical and detached from the world), or something a...
  6. RubberDucky451

    Hearing voices before sleep?

    Sometimes I'll hear whispering if I keep my fan on. It's almost as if the sound of the fan is suggesting the sound of voices and the mind is filling in the blanks. Just like if I was faintly hearing a song and my mind was filling in the portions I couldn't hear as well. Is this considered a...
  7. RubberDucky451

    What makes a subject or question philosophical?

    It's already been stated before, but ultimately every subject is potentially philosophical. That is to say, every subject can be approached from a philosophic standpoint. The philosopher's toolkit for understanding the world will be somewhat different from a scientist or an engineer. Philosophy...
  8. RubberDucky451

    What is Religion for?

    I've never seen religion as a method for learning information about the world. People who view it as such usually compare it against science. Religion gives meaning and motion to life. Everyone has their own "religion" or meaning, unless they're a nihilist.
  9. RubberDucky451

    Hotline Miami

    Love it, the game gives such visceral satisfaction. The perfect pick up game.
  10. RubberDucky451

    The question is.... are you still on INTPF?

    The question is.... are you still on INTPF?
  11. RubberDucky451

    So what have I missed?

    I don't recognize anyone here anymore... shit.
  12. RubberDucky451

    Obsession with the future

    Spending too much time examining the past or the future is dangerous. Especially for INTPs I imagine as we're likely to fall into the Ti Si loop.
  13. RubberDucky451

    INFP for sho

    Mmmm, this sounds a lot like me. I'll go for walks in the middle of the night just to think about life. Do you keep a journal? I've noticed if anything was personally bugging me I'd hide my feelings (some sort of internal denial?). Until I wrote my thoughts down, or talk to a friend about them...
  14. RubberDucky451

    To take a life

    Before someone reaches the point of taking another life, it seems necessary to abstract or generalize the victims existence. Like DreamMancer mentioned, technology like unmanned drones allows the murderer to kill from a distance, an emotional distance in which the subject is abstract. I'm not...
  15. RubberDucky451

    A new feeling...

    If you're looking for material that makes your head swim just PM me, I can recommend you a few books. You seem to be in the INTP honeymoon phase. YES THERE ARE OTHERS LIKE YOU! :cool:
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