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  • Idk what a cosplay goal is.

    On that link you sent me it says he controls magicians. What is a magician but someone with a strong will and intuition? Skills lying in the right brain.

    Perhaps, with his eccentric dressing and use of specialized colors in certain general areas. He is distracting the magicians from their intuition which can essentially be their ability to read body language subconsciously, including facial microexpressions intuitively.

    Giving him the ability to use the magicians. XD

    Crazy thought. I read somewhere you view yourself as a fox or your spirit animal tested as a fox. Perhaps this may help you in some ways.

    Mr fox. I hope your intentions are for good
    Interesting. How do you interpret the fanatical colors his outfit consists of?
    Do they have any meaning in story?
    Is your avatar from the tarot or some other creepy metaphysical mindfuck system?
    Ick. I wear shirts and jeans. Not zipper laden garments!

    I also have a flat fringe, no spikes;D
    Yeahhh, that's what it seems like. I dun like her :c
    thanks for the info though [:
    Good luck, I'm hope you do well. I guess I have no choice but to add:

    Sony, Sony, you're our man,
    If you can't do it no one can :D
    Hi dear,
    what's with the new avatar? I'm kind of used to you looking all nice, and happy and colourful, this is a bit worrying.
    *Sneaks onto your knee*

    Noooo, gimme a minute to think.

    Or maybe a whole night:3

    ENTP's are amazing!
    Oh, you know, half certain you don't want me.

    I figured as much, you type like shoeless!


    Or just Infp?

    Not sure, but if you huggled me some I might remember:D
    It's not that odd, really. I came across two posts of you on this forum, and neither was very nice.

    It's okay though, I like sarcasm and cynism. Don't think you've offended me or something. I was just wondering.
    Grah! Curse you Sony, you ineloquent tease!

    Now I feel half rejected, half curious.

    Truly you are a villian.

    It's... a little...weird.

    Can we just stick with Melcute for now?

    Though don't be suprised if it causes a psychotic outburst at some point down the line.>.>
    Melcute? MELCUTE?

    Why on earth would I be cute?:(

    Please supply me with a new name that has excess badass.

    (If this has anything to do with my profile picture I'm damn well changing it)
    Yeah, hopefully I'll start looking legal sometime soon.
    It's a good ward for predators, ironically.
    Well, that all depends what a dokemakura doll is!

    Think I'll say yes anyway, cause it has Clooouuud<3

    Yeah, I feel all weird and legal.
    rofl. Worry not. The dolphins are just an old IRC meme and a source of much lulz. :D
    No, it's just, from your appearance on the forum I assumed you were a fourteen year old girl.

    I guess it was the female avatar, the 'nyayahahyahay' in your usertitle, and just the general girly immaturity you display.:D

    I'm full of cheery compliments today!
    Yes, I knew that already, but thanks. Hopefully there will be much C.C.

    Oh... never noticed, haha. And marco polo in the student center would be fucking awesome. You have a facebook, yeah?
    Yep yep. Student center at 12.45ish? Ermm... I just realized that you probably have a real name, hehe. And how will we recognize each other? We should make signs or something :P.
    yeah? It's from this band called, 'oOoOO'. They're pretty new, and their music is equally scary (and awesome). They're kind of part of this rising genre called witch house. I'm a pretty big fan. :D
    This would probably be easier to coordinate if we exchanged class schedules... PM?
    Unfortunately I'm not on campus until around 2pm today, and I have some work to do before then. Sometime next week, perhaps?
    How curious. I never would have expected to find anyone from OCC on here. I wonder how many times we've passed each other on the way to a class or anything like that.
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