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  • I'm one of mikky's .... associates. I'm doing something right now, but otherwise I'd communicate in private.
    you should make a life like that too, free the soul maaaaaaaaan :D

    i would sincerely rather travel, wander and find work where i can living a very basic life with just a guitar and my mind. but i would prefer being an artist to this, but there you go...or i might start a revolution possibly *ponders*

    maybe *ponders further*

    but basically go with the flow, where my heart takes me. this attitude doesn't work when in the modern society, which well-paid careers are....so i go a roamin' :D
    i have no interest in any kind of career, i cannot imagine why i would wish to inflict that on myself. no, i want to be an artist and/or a wanderer, that is all. freedom. right now i want to get into music, art, poetry, stand-up etc...all with metaphorical, intellectual or otherwise such connotations and taglines....life for me will either be perpetual hell or total and utter success, i just got to play the cards with eyes closed and heart and mind open.

    not to sound pretentious or anything...:D
    life, love and eels testicles...?

    i don't know, i am deadly serious about those three though - seriously *serious face* honestly *stern*

    ...you see that life itself is concentric around the volatility of the eels testicles is.....shall we continue?

    topic: life, what do you want to be saffy? what do wish to achieve in life?
    ...do you, erm....do you mind doing my maths homework for me? you are good at school and all...:D


    (school login: chorley password: divide

    login num: 122
    my pass: few)

    just....don't if you don't wish, i was just...forget it :D
    dont listen to him saffy! he's an idiot. anyone who thinks F is synonymous with "person i dont like" cant be dealed with rationally; for they are the F-est of them all.
    Well almost every F I talk to, they end up getting mad and offended, and start insulting me when they don't understand what I am saying.

    I don't think there is any hope for Glovehead.... he will live his life... ignorant.... stupid.... and stuff
    No I don't care to.

    You see, Glovehead is INFP or an F, we are Ts.
    We don't mix well with his kind.
    From the picture above it would seem you are green with envy of the tidiness of my handwriting. Its understandable.
    yeah, we get study leave too

    the award is probably for doing the Light and Sound stuff, i think(i hope, because it isn't a proper award, more just a thank you)

    i mean, if anything i have underachieved, not achieved :rolleyes:
    ah, well my mum understands. as long as i have been at school i have been underachieving 'not fulfilling potential' 'nowhere near full effort' 'intelligent with a brilliant sense of humour, but never fulfils potential etc (quotes there from school reports). but i always came out with A's so it didn't matter - until now, where i am getting B/A's and some C's and D's

    but my mum understands ,she says i am 'to smart, intellectually gifted for school' - which is half true, i am not that smart, but i am...school is too intellectually simple, so i can't do it. not because it is too difficult but the shear amount of work is what bothers me - i don't have the concentration or work ethic to actually start working

    you are probably the same, but my mum just understands, i have told her i intend on doing high school
    ICT? go, i am awful with computers...they just...they just break, freeze etc and generally take the piss :mad:

    and Japanese, that's pretty exotic :p you can learn to communicate with Bishies :D

    me - Music + Music Technology (electronics, recording, sound engineering etc), Psychology and Philosophy (hopefully)

    to do psych/philo you need really good grades - which i probably won't get, it's not too complicated, i mean if anything high school is too simple for me. in that i need a proper depth in reason for me to be motivated, i want to think deeply and without boundaries - school wants the opposite. i am sure you can relate to this too. school is basically too intellectually simple. but for some reason you are good at school work too :confused:

    i am sooo alone :storks:
    A* in science, A in maths
    But I do have the advantage with a tiny year and a teacher for a mum anyway though, and you were doing more than me this year.
    (My confuzzled way of saying you did really well though!)
    oh, you saw those...with snowqueen? ah yes :phear:


    i went back Thursday :mad: dammit

    as you know, probably, i got a D in Spanish, and i got a C in a maths test in which i should have got a B...and only a B in biology. i suck

    but meh, please tell me what grades you have got so far in GCSE's, when you know ;)
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