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  • Hey!

    I've never been on your profile before.

    Whats this nonsense I hear about you leaving the mother land?

    *Readies device for which to intorduce projectiles to Sagewolf's knees*
    Whats going on with the game? I feel bad because you worked on the game, and now no one seems to be on enough to play it.
    Have we started yet? sorry I haven't been around this weekend like I planed people were getting on my nerves then The Attack of The Forum happened...... did you guys get anywhere?
    It appears more of my friends locally like to play also, so perhaps we'll get a game started here so at least when I play outside I'll know what I'm doing. For now though I'll just wait.
    I'm going to have to stay out for this one, perhaps if you do another one in a while I'll be able to, Finals are next week, and I'm in a county committee working on organizing School Based Health Centers. I'll be out till the end of the school year, suck:/

    I was also a little intimidated by the background stuff, when me and my friends played back in 7th grade we just threw dice and went in a dungeon, the most backstory we had was our name. I wasn't really sure what it was supposed to be
    It sounds fun, but I work swing shift and weekends. That's not conducive to setting up sessions sadly :(
    Ah yes, the demands of creative pursuits...

    For me, well, just started college there recently (the course is "Physics with Astronomy" in DCU, if I didn't tell you already). I like the course; it's great and all that, and the university ain't bad at all either. Lol, I'm even a class rep (technically, there are only like 7 people in my class, and each class gets a minimum of 2 reps, and no one cared, so it wasn't difficult at all).

    I joined a video game making project (for charity) in college as a designer, so that will be my first IRL-contact shot at game development.

    Not much going on for me out of college. I just play some video games, ha, and a bit of theorizing/philosophizing etc (usual INTP shenanigans). I was working on founding a religion bout a month ago but that's on hiatus till I get the motivation to continue.
    Heyo; noticed that you are posting a bit again. How's life going? (Don't worry - not asking you to work on OGI; that project is in bits atm.)
    How many times has someone come up to you and said... "oooh... you just have 'Alsation' written all over you!"? *grins*

    He is a pretty lad.

    I like the big dogs too... I used to have Anatolian Shepherds (AKA Kangals)... but anything remotely wolf-like is cool in my books.
    A complete story in 45 minutes!???


    I can spend more than 45 minutes looking for just a single word.

    And editing takes way longer than writing. Editing never ends. ;)

    *stares at screen some more*

    uh... just had a mental image of the amazons beating Melkor with eagle claws on sticks. I think they can handle him. ;D

    ummm... that's what happens when one zones out staring at a screen too long, I guess.

    Finding a real-world writers' group could help with that 45 minute story thing. For me the discipline has to come from somewhere, and time dedicated to an actual group/class provides that.

    hmmm... for some reason I thought your dog was a German Shepherd...
    About 15k words? I've also done past years, but I've never gotten that far, or have even done that much work beyond the first week. :-/

    But I dunno... things are feeling different this year. Also the "writing brawl" at this forum is helping me get some writing practice.
    ah. Melkor has been abducted by amazon tribeswomen searching for a funny toy. They don't have the internet, so Melkor, with his vast repetoire of insanity and strangely flexible body, is their version of... entertainment.

    So I hear. ;p

    hmmm...write one short story a week? Sounds do-able if you don't have any major distractions. I'd love to put some time into learning to write properly like that...I mean failure to write anything at all is a major set back in my case.

    And you're going to manage it with the tech. problems? Kudos.

    Have you found anywhere that could actually pay! for your writing? I've wondered about those claims made by some places... write from home, earn money... blah... but give us your money first for our database of clients wanting writers... yeah... *scratches head*

    Write all you can! Never let humans get in the way! (...I wish...)
    Little things like strange blue men that leave bodily fluids all round the place?


    Know what you mean. ;)

    How's the writing going?
    Hey! Nice to see you back on the forum after a long break. (It seems... or were you here and I was oblivious?)
    Well actually, if you do get into writing then all your RPG-playing time wasn't wasted at all.

    But eh, some 3D RPG games require both hands, I think.
    Hey, other game genres can have rich lore too! But yeah, I get what you are talking about.

    Dune, hmm? I've played a bit of one of its games when my friend lent it to me.

    Some dude on a forums asked me if I read Dune, or he recommended it to me or something based on some philosophy discussion I was having on a forums. Can't remember what he was going on about.
    OMG, you read?

    Hey, there was a reason why I got into video game projects! Video games are my favourite medium of fiction.

    Speaking of which, my friend lent me like 2 StarCraft and 2 Mass Effect novels which I still have to read; I said I'd read them like a year ago or so...

    The thing about me is that I tend to procrastinate starting the reading of novels, but once I get into one, it can completely occupy my life, I guess. Last time I can remember not playing any video games for an extended period of time was probably when I read the His Dark Materials trilogy... it took me a while to emotionally recover from it being over. :'(
    Wait, so out of all your siblings, you are the only one to not be an Irish citizen? Oh, btw, I have a dual citizenship between Ireland and Canada! I was born in Canada and lived there for half my life, but my mom is Irish.

    I've never really been into cars (and I find car video games boring too (now Kart games - that's where it's at!)). I don't really have any ambition to drive I guess.

    I guess we have just (or are soon to) developed quite differently with the ~19 years of our lives.

    But yeah, it's an agreement anyone can adopt, when they realize their right to death.
    Are your parents and family living in Ireland Irish citizens? Did they leave you in the USA because you are an American citizen, or did they leave you there so you can get a job to get money for college?

    And you have a car too? You can drive?

    Yeah, I've been hiding from the real world. I'll probably never leave university, lol.

    I have a very simple agreement with society: the more it makes my life easy, the more I will give it back.
    Did you want to go to a private college, are you referring to the registration fees, or are you not an Irish citizen? I know fees may be reintroduced, but they will probably be so in a no interest, "no income - no pay", lone scheme.

    Well done for your high points by the way; I only got 375, lol.

    Your family left you in the States? Dang, that sounds rough. Are you gonna stay with relaitives there? How long will you be in the States for? A year?

    How could your friggin family leave you in the States? What the hell, lol?

    Office job? And away from family? At what age? 19? Hmm, this seems a bit odd to me; that's all I can say. Maybe you are just way more real-life mature than I am or something.
    LC went okay: I got about 480 points, and since I can't pay for college, how the apps went is a moot point. That's why I'm in the states now, so I can save up some money and actually go next year. So now I have a job in an office-y place for this year. Yays. I also got left here when my family went back to Eire, so I'm free of them too. I mean, I miss them. Horribly.

    Well, the dog, anyway.

    ... I do actually miss my puppy quite a lot. :(
    So how did your Leaving Cert go and college applications?

    And how long are you staying in the States?

    And a job?! Where? What? When?
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