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Seducer of the Homeless

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    You know, this is why you'll meet a bad end.

    It's also why you'll probably meet a really nasty sexual predator eventually.:D

    Have fun with that!

    Also, how is life?:D

    Oh wait, I already know, on account of the watching...

    Yeah, I am. I'll add you asap :D

    Not a great msn person though...not often online. But I'll put you in.
    I never considered 'being needed' as a reason for being here. I don't feel needed here. There are some people here who would miss me if I were gone, but by the same token, there are lots more who wouldn't even notice. I come here because I like it - I enjoy some of the discussions, I enjoy reading some of the posts, and some of the posters I feel quite connected to. But you seem to be taking it way too seriously. Come here if you want, don't if you don't want to. It's different now to 6 months ago with Melkor, lor and the Fury but that's life - things change. Chill.
    I know - I saw your message to brain on fb. I think you need to take advantage of the situation to work as hard as possible on your GCSEs to get a damn good set so you can go to a good sixth form and get on with that film career!!!! Freedom awaits. Next film to watch is Blue Velvet - David Lynch.

    You are you and you are fine. You're just young and can't yet see a wide enough perspective but you are an extraordinary mind. Stay well & take care.
    yeah that was a weekly chart, doesn't quite reflect my overall opinion.
    hahaha, lurking my last.fm eh? I decided to DL her album and I played through it once. She currently has 19 plays on my charts, which is good enough for 437th place. I wouldn't say I'm a fan.
    Uh, what makes you think I like Lady GaGa? I do believe you are mistaken.
    haha... I didn't mean to seriously mess with your head. It was just a little jest to indicate that you're cute.

    As many have told you, and many more will to come. But I prefer to twist my compliments. :)
    oh... that artsy type answer in the thread with the test thingummy... you know.


    Identical % in two of the three preferences, but seems I like them just a tad cuter. :)

    You'd make a splendid girl yourself, btw.

    I wish I could, but I don't know how I'd live really, I can't make money from singing and I don't play a musical instrument, so I'm out of luck there, plus I don't think I could make money from selling my doodles =P

    I'd end up starving if I just wandered around, but I still think it would be fun... maybe if I save up lots of money first to keep me going while I travel... ^_^

    If you do start a revolution, and need someone to threaten people for you, just ask me though =P
    Hello, artist person. You draw well. Very well. Frankly, I'm quite envious.
    Oh, and you have a funny profile picture. :D
    Anyways, you seem like a cool person. Uh... Peace out?
    *well, that was pointless*
    sorry to hear about the MSN - is the same with facebook? You know my real name - just search for me if you want even though fb chat is clunky. Yes, I drop in to PC most days even though I don't post much so pm me there. Take care, grasshopper.
    It doesn't sound pretentious, it sounds like fun =P

    It also sounds like one hell of a fun life. Go for it, I vote, and that way even if you do fail, you're not going to regret giving up on your dreams, are you? I think if I was in your position, I'd regret losing those more than having lived a life of just drifting around.

    Good luck, okay? (I bet you won't need it though)

    And I think careers would only be like that if you were forced into them, or if you were in one that you disliked, or it didn't suit you, I guess. I'm hoping that someday I'll stumble onto something that I find interesting enough to stick at, although I'm starting to think that it's not going to happen =/ I bet I'll end up drifting around, sooner or later...
    humm... At the moment, I kinda want to go into mechanical engineering (building robots and stuff sounds cool)

    (Actually, I'm just pretending it'll be like on Robot Wars)

    What about you? Any plans, or just 'get as far away from where I am as soon as I can'?
    (I've had that plan for a while before)
    =/ Try and think of it this way, not long now until the summer, right? (And GCSEs *looks scared*)

    *isn't good at starting conversations*
    So... what do you want to talk about?
    Nah, we haven't really =P
    I'm fine, but a bit stressed with everything I'm trying to do at once (November = busy =/)
    How about you? Is school any better yet?
    I wasn't offended or anything; mocking is fine.

    Yeah I was wondering how you'd managed such a big coincidence.
    You'll destroy, and rebuild. Most people don't stay in darkness and ruin forever. There's always change, both ways.

    You're probably aware of that though, making it useless. Better to say: I understand your pain, and I believe you will move past it eventually and make your Life happen.
    You probably shouldn't be in the public education system. If you could move to a school involved with gifted children, the liberal arts, innovative educational techniques, and with an atmosphere saturated in critical thought and the freedom required for its expression, you'd flourish - mentally and emotionally.

    There /are/ pockets of air, scattered throughout the world. Gotta find them though, bugger.
    If I were your teacher I'd probably strangle you or quit, I suppose. God, it's explosive.

    Night sothead, love the pic as well :D
    "Haha I guess you're not, I just don't know very many 15 year olds that would appreciate Tom Waits. Respect."

    i didnt think age was that great of a factor in intps.
    Haha I guess you're not, I just don't know very many 15 year olds that would appreciate Tom Waits. Respect.
    You are entirely too young to appreciate Tom Waits! What the hell is wrong with you?!
    Alright, you've successfully creeped me out. I'm going to pretend this conversation never happened.
    Hahaha, that seems to be a typical INTP 'smile'. I now have to reflect on the backhandedness of your compliment, as I'm pretty sure anyone rocking a plaid hoody is cooler than I.
    You're taking stoic to another level my friend. And that glow on your face, its so brilliant.. almost plastic like. Not that I'm accusing you of plastic surgery.. I'm just saying, your face looks great! Also, I dig the mustache and goat combo. And think the fairness of your skin would be a huge hit in Japan.
    lol, well I think Buscemi looks really cool/great as well! But thank you! You kind of remind of that guy from V For Vendetta.. your face is very mask like, not that that's a bad thing.
    Really good to hear you seem to be in a slightly cheerier way.

    I get the quotes - same.

    Stockhausen is interesting. I'll have another listen later. I wouldn't call it light music, or anything I'd unwind to, but it's interesting.

    Get started on these things you want to do.
    I felt like doing that many times when I was your age. Not a good plan but totally understandable.
    It's a dog, in fact it's my dog. And you're probably right, I'm not very good at choosing avatars. Montag was a classic, but he was a fluke, and now it's time to move on.
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