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  1. *Insert a greeting here*

    Unfortunately, I haven't. Lately I haven't read a lot due to the University entrance exam. Odds aren't exactly in my favor so I've been reading some ten penny dreadful about the definition of criminal responsibility. Mind you, that stuff was interesting for the first 2 times, but now I've rather...
  2. *Insert a greeting here*

    I'm pretty much flattered for all the replies. I apologise my late reply, but I've on the move lately. Most because I'm moving to a new apartment, so a computer is a luxury under these circumstances. Maybe couple of days so I can get back to my normal rhythm and continue my tranquil life in...
  3. *Insert a greeting here*

    First and foremost, I must say that introducing myself isn't one of my strongest skills. It feels too much like I'd be self-analyzing myself, and I always tend to drift away, which usually means change in topic and so on. But for the sake of being somewhat social, I'll try to give some...
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