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Recent content by sniktawekim

  1. sniktawekim

    League of Legends

    I cant believe people actually responded to this .. i made it so long ago! If you want to add me in game, my name is "Omnicis"
  2. sniktawekim

    Evolution is BULLSHIT

    was that a stab at me? if so, i dont see that as relevent.
  3. sniktawekim

    Evolution is BULLSHIT

    I dont really feel like addressing all of your points, but i will point out a flaw in this one. If there is a chance of something happening.. and an infinite amount of time, that chance WILL become reality at some point in time. This is like the basis of calculus.
  4. sniktawekim

    track recognition (HALP!)

    someone sent me 2 tracks wondering where they came from (which games), and im trying to help them out. supposedly they are from a mix disc called "SNES days 3" they are entitled "again" and "quesiton" i dont think anyone will be able to straight off tell me where these came from, but does...
  5. sniktawekim

    INTP or just a wannabe?

    you are intp. a classic trait of intp is second guessing everything lol. (that isnt the only reason i say you are intp either)
  6. sniktawekim

    Here I Am!

    dammit. i saw the title of this thread, and the song started playing. i click on it, and you said "rock you like a hurricane" now what am i supposed to say, "hi"?
  7. sniktawekim

    Laughing At Your Enemies

    sometimes they throw insults/attacks at me that are so dumb, its very hard not to. and they wonder why im laughing.
  8. sniktawekim


  9. sniktawekim

    Last movie you watched

    well i just saw inception, and it was worthwhile. it references poe. i would have enjoyed it much more if it didnt strongly remind me of recursion.
  10. sniktawekim

    two little logic tests

  11. sniktawekim

    How Much Are You Worth....

    i got 156 on the recommended iq test. pretty sure its not valid.
  12. sniktawekim

    two little logic tests

    first i got 15, second got 14. anyone care to thoroughly explain answer 3 on part 2? i feel like the situation given in itself is unfair and you cannot justly establish either valid or invalid
  13. sniktawekim

    Science & religion ?

    yay, looks like people and blob are in something other than a flame war now.
  14. sniktawekim


    i think you misunderstood me. i am saying that people, at least the ones around where i live, start a relationship on physical attraction and small talk alone. Mainstream society kind of has this unspoken standard that sex is done on the third date - and then a relationship starts.. i think...
  15. sniktawekim

    Passive Voice

    i was going to say something like this: but then when i read my mind was changed.
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