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  • Ah well. I hope life is treating you kindly...that or you are stomping on it with your size 12 leather boots! ;)
    Ah thanks! I just read it. So... how would one go about getting into the field.. I'm clueless.. but very interested.
    Really?? Gee I must say I'm consistently surprised if not amazed at how much people abroad like Australia. I just went to Paris and visited a couple of friends there, and they are visibly just in love with Sydney and can't wait to go back. I felt like saying, and did say, but you live in PARIS! Personally I can't wait to leave here, haha, oh well maybe the grass is just greener on the other side. If I knew you were going to Sydney I could have given you all the INTPish places to go! (oh wait you're INFJ now aren't you hah).

    I'd never meet any of you!

    You're all scheming bastards that are trying to catch me out somehow.

    Glass of wine?

    I can't see that working, what with my concentration levels being minimal already.
    Well... you didn't really have to, but thank you, I appreciate you being considerate.
    Cog met you?

    Why am I one of the cowardly INTP'S that wouldn't meet most of you for a large sack of money, two tickets to Midgar, and an infinite supply of poptarts?


    How was it?

    I suppose you were at your usual level of excess sluttiness.

    The course?

    Uh, I'm skipping half my classes because I'm afraid of having to give presentations/group talks.:(
    Read your depressing post.


    Hope you're okay.

    and er..I suck at this comforting thing.

    I also wish to commit matricide, but I am young, and not yet world-weary enough to make such certain judgements wihtout being called rash!

    I don't know why, but I tend to be very accepting of every creature I encounter, I wish I could teach you how, but I think you have to have it beat into you.
    Sorry I haven't answered your last pm yet :(

    But you survived meeting Cog! That has to be a good thing!
    :-) Thank you. The images... I think they're shields against what's not like them. Dreams stolen from heaven to protect me from earth; I enshroud myself in them out of of necessity, not for self-expression's sake.
    Is undeniably awesome!
    Just looked up the plot summary of the Wasp Factory on Wikipedia -- it sounds quite intriguing. I'll definitely be picking up a copy the next time I drop by the bookstore. Thanks for the suggestion!
    Your avatar reminds me of a lone After-Eight trapped in the gooey creamy filling of it's fallen comrades.

    Is this an inkling of indecency ma'am?
    Well, thank you very much. I chose it with care. If ever there was a motto for all of INTPdom, I think that little gem might be a strong contender.

    To my great shame, I haven't yet read any of his non-sci-fi stuff, although given how much I do enjoy his M. Banks work, I'm sure it's only a matter of time until I get around his Banks work. Any particular recommendations as to which book I should start with?
    When I lived with a roommate I hated for a year I used to not go home until I absolutely had to. Instead I would hide in the public library or a local coffee shop. Here, I'll make a mental sanctuary for you in my head. There now I'll give it to you and you can carry it around in your head! :)
    "I don't understand men."

    There's nothing to understand, we are a necessary evil for the propagation of the species. Until you work out some practical parthenogenesis, you're stuck with us. :-)
    Ah, sorry about that. All the pictures in my album are of natural formations on or near Lake Powell. I'd love to see Petra someday though.
    Thank you, Snowqueen. That means very much to me, hearing that from video. That video was very enlightening. :)
    Hey-llo. Snowqueen: what do you teach as a university lecturer? *sorry, just randomly wished to know...
    Actually, I have an interview with the Red Cross next week. I might volunteer to help out in emergencies and stuff. The main idea is to avoid conscription, but I can't say I don't look forward to it.

    It still leaves me in want of a deeper sense of purpose that soothes the intellect though.
    i just searched "bleh" in google images. :-p "bleh i need an avatar" i said to myself.
    i am considering leaving here, good idea?

    i don't seem to be needed, it wouldn't be a bomb in the INTP-seas, it would be a ripple....but should i?

    i offer nothing to it, but does it offer anything to me?
    Thank you so very much. It feels awesome to be appreciated ;___; In school people used to go "meh" at everything I did, or just plain silent. I wonder if it was a jealousy thing... Too bad I used to think that no one could be jealous of me and so I believed I was bad at everything I did... Weird life, weird times.
    Yay for free trips to places! I need a Free-Trips-To-Cool-Places Fairy (or FTTCP Fairy for short) to bless me with it's plane ticket goodness....where the heck do I find one of those? I'll keep my eyes open.
    shit, i haven't told you

    my mum has taken my laptop AND tv off me, she did it tuesday :(

    from what i have said, in your opinion what is the reason why i am so fucked up?!

    also, how weird is it i never mention my father?


    p.s. i have been talking to lucy in the sky on fb chat :p
    i see it is the same for choosing movies as it is writing them :D

    fitting a brutal and ridiculous rape scene singing 'Like a Virgin' is unsuprisingly difficult to put into an even vaguely intelligent film...and i want to make something emotionally and mentally profound, provocative and weird, but not weird for the sake of weird....hmm...
    What a coincidence! Inside I am my avatar. Crazy how these things work, no?
    Oh! I can't get your pictures of yourself to load. And I was soooo curious. Oh well, I suppose I should oust myself as well. *sigh*
    Griffith or QUT?
    And what's the lecture about?
    I like to be more prepared than the average heckler.
    Oh..you're right.

    I don't own a single picture in which I'm smiling.

    Well whats to smile about women!?

    *jabs with a spear adorned with fermented cherries*
    haha! It was not deliberate, and I still hadn't noticed it :D.

    I'd change it... but I think it's about time for a new signature anyway. I've had this one forever, and it kinda sucks after seeing it once.
    Yup. I always loved walking with him in the woods. I would see the "big picture/ambiance" of it all, but he would be pointing out all the little details I'd miss! He saw SO much detail. :)
    It's not really a family name, he is an ESFP kid and knows all the popular names of the era and what's cool/trendy (conservative/old-style names seem to be in vogue again over here), and he does listen to people when it's a topic of interest... I think he overheard my sister once mentioning she liked the name.
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