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Recent content by soupymess

  1. Are You Smarter Than A Fruit Roll-Up?

    Not having Yes and No as a possible answer was a ridiculous oversight
  2. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Weird to think about in the context of driverless vehicles, especially where the AI's reasoning can't be made explicit. How could you distinguish a pragmatic/amoral sequence of 'decisions' in an ethical dilemma like that from an alien morality? Need a Turing test for moral agency or something.
  3. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Almost-lucid dream so f'ing close. Asked swimming buddies why they couldn't fly/hover and demonstrated. Were also throwing an open jar of mayonnaise or mustard around in the water and had vague awareness that certain throwing motions I could intend but wouldn't happen in the way I want. Felt...
  4. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Time probably even ahead of space imo as far as how inscrutable either's relation to consciousness seems. Can you be in a timeless state of experience (eg because of brain trauma or drugs)? For how long? Remember reading about drugs that alter time perception reliably so that a year feels like...
  5. What is the hardest video game you have beaten?

    Dunno if this counts but for about a day I was the 37th fastest person in the world with the Ferrari F1 2007 at London City Circuit in GT5. Unreasonably proud
  6. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Not so far thankfully. I've had that before and it's truly awful - didn't have any hallucinations just the awareness of being trapped in an unresponsive body. Thought I was dying the first time it happened. Kinda interesting though that the hallucinations people tend to have in that state are so...
  7. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Major unexpected but apparently pretty common side effect/perk (except maybe when they're nightmares) of antidepressants: way more vivid dreams
  8. What are you guys watching on Youtube lately?

    The Food Ranger. Red Chili Wontons seem like everything I've ever wanted
  9. The Random Thoughts Thread

    https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-07214-2 Where am I
  10. The Random Thoughts Thread

    I hope I come out the other side of this with a friend. Other people are all there is Such a dog person lmao
  11. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Ok we're living in a simulation probably, in which case the obvious complaint is we probably can't mean what we say and our agency is an illusion. But maybe in the same way future AI might become unexpectedly autonomous, we're, like, also doing that. And maybe we don't even register as living...
  12. If INTPs had a slogan, what would it be?

    Yes maybe I don't know can you repeat the question
  13. Digital Currency

    be bought ether at 8-12 early last year. be sold it at avg of 19 dollaroons. see eth at over 400 not evn a years later. be want > to end life. no offense but i hope everyone loses now and we we enter the cataclysm. couldve been halfway to the sun by now. :-( im holding only GNT currently since...
  14. Insignificant things that piss you off

    It really depends on how that phrasing came about but I side with the could care less crowd and appreciate them. I feel like not caring how much you care transcends the whole spectrum and answers the question with more force. Plus the more literal we insist on language being the closer we are...
  15. How reducing coffee intake helped with life

    Was having ~320 mg caffeine daily from energy drinks for years gave up the habit six months ago and definitely recommend. Agree that it takes more than it gives in the long run. Plus if you're free of it and lose your tolerance it's nice to have it there for a kick rather than need it to...
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