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  • thank you for doing good work in the 9/11 conspiracy thread, jesus that stuff is depressing I dont get how you cba
    D: Maybe you're still holding a grudge and this is just part of your long plotted revenge. So secret even you don't know!?

    Also nice newly acquired scar. XD
    Holy cow. I noticed you were an ancient member so I went to check our chat history and WOW.
    I sound like a complete asshole. XD
    I apologise on behalf of my past self. He wasn't very good at being facetious, was nineteen something and thought he knew a thing or two about impressing people with big talk.

    I hope you can find it in your heart to help me traverse time and stop this from happening.
    With knives.
    SpaceYeti, I have decided to post here to thank you for all of the help that you have previously given me. I really appreciate it.

    Best of luck with life.

    Haha, I was just thinking about how some members had disappeared and then I realized i hadn't seen you post in a while so I got nosy.
    I feel as though the responses I have been making in the Philosophy forum have increasingly been a waste of everyone's time. This is why I started taking to writing a few threads in Poetry, Hand-Made, and Blogging, where I can express my ideas without them being extremely scrutinized and without me having to defend them. I don't particularly care anymore whether what I believe is 'true' or not, I just want to find something that works for me and live peacefully with it. For this reason it is probably best if I at least stop posting on Philosophy, for the motivations of myself versus the other people who post there are entirely disparate.
    Do not suppose that I have ignored your reply to me in the Burden of Proof thread due to the fact that I cannot answer your questions or back up my claims (even if this is, in fact, true, I mostly just don't care to). Any response I could give would be meaningless, as it seems we, for the time being, operate under entirely different assumptions concerning the nature of reality.

    You have always been more sensible, realistic, and pragmatic than I, and for a long time, I hated for you for it, though I cannot say why. Now I can only say that I admire you for having a firm ground in your views and for having some degree of 'certainty' in a universe where, as best as I can tell, no certainty exists. The fragile philosophical framework I have devised does not lend itself well to determining anything abstracted from the subject, and even then, that framework is constantly shifting.
    Was what I said understandable. I do think what I foresee happening will be somewhat like what I have written. What is it that you would want to be of value if you do not want to look from another perspective.

    Morpheus: I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.
    I would like to continue with my expressions about my visions with you. I'm sorry that I'm not so clear to you. Its like having glasses for the first time but better more vibrant. What would help me to explain it better to you?
    I will never be able to listen to "Why can't we be friends" without thinking of your persona symbolized as a cows udder. I will forever piss myself laughing when I hear that song. Thank you! :D
    I've moved your thread 'pasghetti sas' to the Lounge, Yeti. General is for announcements related to the forum. :p
    So I had a dream with you in it last night. It was the weirdest thing. You were mean to me then you let me watch a movie with you and your friends at your mom's house. Also, it was a post apocalyptic setting. Either that, or we were in modern day Detroit.
    Yeah, when it comes out of left field, it can be too much.

    Looks like LoR finally created a ban thread. So there's that, anyway. I guess enough people raised the question that she just went ahead with it.
    I had raised that point about the mods just having a central location for all news (including bannings) but I'm not sure if it went anywhere in particular. As with your arguments, it just seems to the most efficient and utilitarian way to handle information dissemination, and is typically what others forums do. Don't ask me...
    I'll certainly answer your question (Male sexuality thread), but give me some time. It is the middle of the night here, and I just realised that I have school tomorrow (there has been a Jewish holiday that just ended, and it feels like the week-end). I'll probably answer tomorrow.
    I saw, you should, I understand what your trying to say ! Its interesting .
    Enjoying your blog of an ass kicking INTP . Glad to see another Badass INTP !
    Thanks for knocking Da Blob around lately, I actually gained an intuitive understanding of evolution from your posts.

    Do you ever test as INTJ? Your posts remind me of the way an INTJ friend speaks. Something more forceful and decisive about them than P's...
    and you, hell, you have to be respected, i mean, they made a movie about you, very recommendable movie by the way, hope you love it and aren't too much offended by my association :o
    Lawl, yeah because divorce rates aren't at an all time high, nor is some seventy percent of domestic violence between married couples.:P
    Hahahah. Well you know, Husbands and wives aren't allowed to like each other.

    It's funny how sometimes you can like people too much to love them, and love people too much to like them.

    Eh, you remind me of an INTJ I had a few run ins with, so you're entertaining at least.

    I suppose it's good that nobody takes you too seriously, or you'd have quite a few enemies. Something I relate to quite well.XD

    Alright then.

    So, you're probably one of those people who is in reality quite pleasant and a mite insecure, but who has adopted the philosophy that if they appear as confident and as egotistical as possible then public opinion will follow and they'll be accepted for being as brilliant as they claim to be?

    Of course you could just be an asswipe.:3
    You know, generally when I read your posts I get the urge to stand on your intestines and use your face as a punch bag.

    I was wondering if this was the effect you where going for, and if so, good job!:D
    I don't really know you, but I've followed many of your arguments on this forum. I would assume an average INTP would be YOU (employing the use of a...brain), but there's a gang of incoherent morons on this forum and I commend you for verbally kicking their asses.
    Being in the military I hope you know the flying fortress song. I used to live in a huge barracks full of air men and whenever someone started singing in the shower we finished it. Only in the showers though, sort of a tradition.
    I kinda figured you were joking, but the later comments got me thinking.

    I can imagine loving the other person if you are the dominant one easily enough. But being in love? Just seems so very hard. If you can do it, though, then it's all good.
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