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  • Cheers man (or are you being sarcastic?)

    I'd say I'm not under-par around these parts. Actually, is under-par describing above or below average? I'm pretty sure below-par and below average have the opposite meaning... Wikiman away!
    Different degrees of interest and I think it's because they think it's too complex. It's easier to appeal to people when you hook into why it is beneficial to them instead of how it's just neat.
    I try to use Jungian theory or get people interested...it rarely works, even with the ENTP charm (easy with other ENTPs) meh :/, they're all(90%) satisfied with MBTI.
    Wow! You're the owner of ENTP.org, huh? Cool! (ENTP here) It's a pleasure to meet(I saw you voted on my thread, may I ask how much/what you've read?? I'd also appreciate any contributions) you!
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