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  1. *Stabbity*

    I suck at math

    UNPOSSIBLE! YOU ARE INTP. Seriously though, some of us are several orders of magnitude better at it than others. I'm an über geek and am not overly fascinated by it either, yet I still retain most of what learned in high school and college.
  2. *Stabbity*

    Desktop screenshot

    Vimperator is sweet. Glad to see that you enjoy it. Next, I'll post my work pc's desktop.
  3. *Stabbity*

    Websites You Check Daily

    The .edu ones were a tip off as to their falsehood and now those suspicions are confirmed.
  4. *Stabbity*

    Websites You Check Daily

    Duh. :p I visit, in no particular order..... Twitter INTPForum Myspace Google Reader(RSS Aggregator for many, many sites) Youtube Wikipedia Gmail Fark Toms Hardware Security Focus Wired.com Cnn Everyone one of these, most everyday.
  5. *Stabbity*

    Black Magic

    Hehehehehehehehehe.........I know all. </Black-Mage>
  6. *Stabbity*

    Vista's connectivity issues

    Havent had issues with the wired, LAN side. Have had quite a bit of issues with the wireless side. Clients seem to deauthenticate for no reason at all. I have thought about other 2.4 GHZ devices in the vicintiy of the laptop, but the same laptop with XP exhibits none of the connectivity...
  7. *Stabbity*

    Desktop screenshot

    Updated: http://www.image4u.org/ryant/2008-10-13-215311_1400x1050_scrot.png
  8. *Stabbity*

    Desktop screenshot

    Wisp? Where's yours?
  9. *Stabbity*

    Desktop screenshot

    Nice. Keybindings for the win. I've been meaning to try out Xmonad, DWN or Awesome due to this exact reason. Keyboard nav. I usually use grays, oranges, and blues for my VIM colorschemes. This is a fresh install since I went with a vanilla kernel. I'll post it once I redo it.
  10. *Stabbity*

    Best Electronica?

    "I only come here, seeking peace." :D Name the song. It's VNV Nation.
  11. *Stabbity*

    Desktop screenshot

    Yep. It's OpenBox. I love it. If I had the patience to do a FVWM config I'd do Ikaro's. It's uber sweet.
  12. *Stabbity*

    What are you playing?

    Re: Stack the Cats - what are you playing? Eve Online MMORPG on the PC and Mass Effect on the 360.
  13. *Stabbity*

    Schema Theory

    Interesting. Investigating now. Thanks for this.
  14. *Stabbity*

    Why did you pick your name?

    Stabbity is an expression that the Black Mage uses from a comic strip called 8 bit Theater. Based on the NES game Final Fantasy 1. http://www.nuklearpower.com/latest.php I use about ten different avatar names on the net. I try to do that to decrease my digital footprint on the net. Funny, I...
  15. *Stabbity*

    Desktop screenshot

    This is my laptop's desktop: Arch Linux: http://www.image4u.org/ryant/2008-10-11-155916_1400x1050_scrot.png Heh. Well, anyone that was trying to guess my name by the anagram in my "about me/welcome" post just got a hint. :rolleyes:
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