• OK, it's on.
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  • Done now. Domine miserere nobis.
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  • Not to worry dear, she's still around, just hiding under a hood for a while, she should be back in no time :)
    Alright, after several minutes of pondering I've decided. Your avatar is of a bowel. It's like twisting intestines. Also, it reminds me of those old paintings done during the middle ages to scare people into following religion.
    I'm from the Netherlands, but doesn't that sound aweful? I never say I'm from the Netherlands, I always say I'm Dutch. So people kept calling it Dutchland, and it stuck, I guess.

    I have to focus really hard on not saying Dutchland. Very funny in Oral Exams.
    Not always, but living in the UK puts me in a strange timezone as most of the posting here is done overnight and my opinion is already added before I find the thread! Why do you ask?
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