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  • I'm not sure, I'd say if my life were graphed, the line would be going up slightly. And you?

    Do you like bats? Ever get nervous?
    What are you holding?
    I am more theoretical in that I had ideas but have not taken the steps to make them real. I think I would be good at coding but I have not taken any classes. I know a little bit about computers but am not an expert. I don't mess with software or hardware enough to practice getting good at it. I am about to make a video. I have a youtube channel where I talk about things I am interested in. My next video I will talk about A.I. again.
    Artificial Intelligence, religion, nightcore music and conspiracy stuff.

    I am also really excited about future virtual reality.

    Science is fun and so is anime.

    I need more energy to go outside and do things though.
    Hi sushi, never talked to you before.
    What are you interested in?
    What is your favorite book?
    Stewie is adorable.
    I haven't read much literature regarding addiction. The biggest success I've had was a combination of proper diagnosis and medication.. looking back now, I was probably self medicating due to a problem I didn't know I had. Other factors are playing into my urge to remain sober these days, like group therapy (it can be negative sometimes though), where you can be open with others about the problem and have people hold you accountable. Exercise and consistency with hobbies/projects also helps.
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