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  1. Tannhauser

    INTP and Chronic Depression plus an Autoimmune Disease

    So, I can only infer things from the short text you wrote here, but based on it you seem to have taken on a mindset directed towards escape - you are desperate to get a solution, a way to go back the former you - healthy and care free. But you might want to accept the possibility that you...
  2. Tannhauser

    Confess all your sins here.

    I hooked up with a friend's girlfriend once. Pretty fucking douchy when I think of it. I was around 19 and still with a weak moral code.
  3. Tannhauser

    How do you react to idiots

    yeah for UK people the litter thing can be ignored. Every time I go to London I feel like all the trash bins have been removed as a prank or something.
  4. Tannhauser

    How do you react to idiots

    I'm using the term "idiot" here but you can call it whatever you want. "uncivilized" might be another similar description. Here is what I mean: living in a city, I see people doing dipshit sort of things all the time. For example people sitting in seats reserved for the elderly on the tram...
  5. Tannhauser

    Pedagogy & How to Raise Actualized People

    Well, consider this: if you can get a cookie as a potential reward, that reward is only a reward insofar it is a net payoff on an investment – the investment being time and effort. You would therefore benefit from minimizing the time and effort needed to get the cookie. There was a bunch of...
  6. Tannhauser

    Pedagogy & How to Raise Actualized People

    I think most people default to lazy-thinking/cog-behavior as their modus operandi by their very own nature. So it's not that somebody wants the system to be like that, it's just that the majority which shapes the system is comprised of lazy thinkers to begin with.
  7. Tannhauser

    Are you "creepy"?

    The doritos one was actually very creepy
  8. Tannhauser

    Pedagogy & How to Raise Actualized People

    - focus more on one-to-one mentorship rather than the system with one teacher and 30 pupils - let go of absolutely all notions of reward/punishment in context of learning - remove all forms of testing/examination where pupils can optimize by memorizing and reciting. - all curriculum must be...
  9. Tannhauser


    Couple of lines of cocaine and I'm good to go.
  10. Tannhauser

    Are any of you good at poker?

    Yeah, I take back most of the stuff I wrote :). The GTO strategy is a neutral strategy assuming your opponent always plays optimally against whatever strategy you pick. In fact, it is defined as the strategy that maximizes the EV against an opponent that always chooses the best possible...
  11. Tannhauser

    Are any of you good at poker?

    If the opponent can change his EV by changing his strategy, you're exploitable by definition.
  12. Tannhauser

    Are any of you good at poker?

    A GTO strategy is basically playing all situations according to Nash equilibrium, which, by definition makes your opponent indifferent to changing his strategy. In poker terms, that means putting your opponent in a 0 EV situation always. If you play GTO in a particular situation, it doesn't...
  13. Tannhauser

    Would God Suffer from Existential Dread?

    The question falls into a sort of antinomic category (as usual with the concept of a god) when you account for the fact that if this god created the universe, he created space-time, i.e. he created the time dimension. The question then is: how can someone go through various states and make...
  14. Tannhauser

    Mentally Traumatizing Movies

    Mulholland Dr. Not only because of how creepy it is, but also because of the traumatizingly shitty attempt at making an artsy movie by the wanna-be artsy Hollywood director David Lynch.
  15. Tannhauser

    The greatest mysteries of life

    Consider this quote That quote is about what science can tell us about atoms. Following that line of thought, asking "what is matter" only makes sense if you define the context and model for what you are asking about. Moreover, no matter which choice you make, it will necessarily be a view on...
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