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  • Oh.

    I was just looking through my old messages for a picture when I noticed you owed me a vm.
    Hence the insulting ejaculation.:P

    How are you sir?

    You owe me a voice recording/video. Or at the very least a photo. :kilroy:
    You shall not retain your anonymity forever.
    I checked out The Escapist Forum. It's actually fun to read some of the religion and politics threads, but not really worth posting in. Most of what I have to say have already been said, lol.
    I'm sorry I haven't responded to your posts directly. Nyx has drained all of my energy...

    Does it have to be a particularily spectacular dinner?

    Or will anything do?

    How about steak and guinness pie with champ!


    Humans are just sheep that must be tagged after all, no?

    Yes, that is my face.

    Do you like it sir?:P

    Staring contest? Damn, I thought I would always win, due to my lack of blinking in static form.


    There are many recordings of my voice...

    I have a rather dreadful voice, as bad as my face!

    I don't have stalkers, I just talk to a lot of people who in turn talk back to me, thus meaning they have to visit my profile.

    I sure hope nobody spends time staring at me anyway.

    You don't role play?:(

    Well a large proportion of humans are interesting, mentally or physically.

    If we limit it to psychology alone, I'm afraid the figure dwindles though.

    Ice breaking?

    Normally I put on a nice pair of shoes, swim as far away from Ireland as possible, grab a pickaxe, find an iceberg, visualise the head of an SF and hack away.

    I wish I did know you.
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