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  1. TransientMoment

    To what extent do differences in intelligence exist?

    I hope someone does research on the intelligence of octopi. They seem really clever, like squirrels, but whether this equates to the ability to communicate effectively, who knows. In answer to the OP: I would say different levels of intelligence do exist, but it's hard to say because we don't...
  2. TransientMoment

    If you could have any pet, what pet would you like?

    I like tardigrades. There's probably a ton of them nearby and I just don't know it. @higs - That furball is cute. Does it bark? Is it potty-trained? And can it hum the French national anthem?
  3. TransientMoment

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I do this too, but...
  4. TransientMoment

    Why is there 2 ways to write lower case "a"?

    I hate posting Wikipedia, but: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A tl;dr - There were several ways of writing A, but in Italy, the two common forms we have today evolved. The circle with a line on the side is the "italic" (used in writing), and the circle with the line over the top is the "Roman"...
  5. TransientMoment

    The femininity and masculinity of personality

    lol - Hijack of Latin there by Jung. ("Anima" is Greek for the life-force of animals - nothing to do with personality, but the endings "a" and "us" are for feminine and masculine declensions (respectively) in Latin.) I wouldn't say males get their emotional side from females around them. I...
  6. TransientMoment

    It's always nice coming back here...

    Merrily, good sir, merrily, if you will but avoid thine incredulity.
  7. TransientMoment

    It's always nice coming back here...

    @redbaron - Yes, it has been quite some time... probably over a year or so since I was here last, but not too long, 'cause I hadn't yet forgotten my password. XD
  8. TransientMoment

    I don't like giving charity

    Wow, this thread. I'll throw in my .02 before bed. I think this all boils down to man being man. It doesn't matter what system mankind establishes - be it religion, politics, or economics - it will always fail because even one selfish person in a crowd will spoil it for everyone else...
  9. TransientMoment

    To What Extent Can AI Derive/Interpret Meaning?

    I think these can be answered. 1) Currently, humans only have the capability of creating machines that manipulate the physical word - protons, neutrons, electrons, and such particles. The motion of these things on their own is meaningless, which is evidence to me that qualia must supersede the...
  10. TransientMoment

    Careers an INTP would enjoy

    From what I've read, professorships in the States are dried up, but I'm not sure if that's also true in Canada. My guess is that it would be just based on the continuation of the previous generations holding those jobs. In this job, it's also easy to lose touch with the latest happens in the...
  11. TransientMoment

    Why INTPs Can't Finish Things

    I wouldn't say laziness is instinctual, but it is natural. We become tired, and our bodies say, "Stop working so you can recharge". But the less you work, the more accustomed your body becomes to not working, which means that any effort you exert causes your body to say "this is tiring". The...
  12. TransientMoment

    Do you report drunk drivers?

    I don't report drunk drivers... mostly because when I see them, I'm driving myself, and where I'm at, I can't use the phone and drive. I also see them in the most unideal spots for reporting, like on a highway. "Yes, officer, the suspect was not wearing a hat."
  13. TransientMoment

    I hope my thoughs are all wrong

    You're over-analyzing it, which tends to happen in your twenties as a male 'cause your brain is changing it's wiring. Don't worry about it. Trust. Don't judge by inference. If there is going to be betrayal, it should be obvious. And ask some one else who knows the guy of their opinion. Playing a...
  14. TransientMoment

    It's always nice coming back here...

    Same old people rehashing the same old problems and offering the same old solutions and telling the same old jokes. There's something that transcends oldness here. Maybe just being with your own kind for a change instead of surrounded by strangers. The culture here goes without saying - no...
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    Belated welcome.
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