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  1. How to measure empty space

    If you are talking about the Mass Energy universe I would say time. Though degradation (red shift) of frequency would be similar. This assumes a finite yet unbound system and that constant is constant. As to density there is variation dependent on proximity to stars. I have heard that...
  2. Favourite anime

    I hate anime but I just saw an episode of love death and robots that was great. Zima Blue is the episode title its only 15 minutes or so. I wont ruin it with details.
  3. MBTI Text Analyzer

    I tried a couple of things from my blog and it was convinced I was INFP by a significant margin
  4. Captain Marvel

    I saw it Saturday, I think American Splendor is still my favorite comic book film. I just don't get comic book movies I guess. I think its from D&D if your strength is 25 you gotta use a weapon to add those bonuses. But At least it had more action than Black Panther.
  5. What songs are you listening to? /III/

    So cheesy I love it
  6. Black Panther

    That could be another movie but if I am watching a Marvel universe film I am expecting PG-13 content with a little crude humor. I want some exciting action and bold visuals. For all the praise the film got, i just felt it under delivered on the superhero action is all I am saying. Which is...
  7. Black Panther

    In an action movie? I would watch something like a Hal Hartley film for that. But generally I do not like movies dealing with interpersonal subjects. Emotional stories dealing with other are weird and confusing being an INTP.
  8. Black Panther

    My problem with Black Panther was I wanted more ass kicking action. That last fight should have been more epic between the two panthers.
  9. What is wrong with modern life

    Wisdom is slow and modern life is fast is a bit of a problem. You need a couple of seasons to understand some things. I am thinking of some of the radio broadcasts that Glenn Gould did in his north series and Walden.
  10. Hydrogen vs ethanol vs electric car

    Give it time
  11. What songs are you listening to? /III/

    I just started listening to the Sunn O))) station on pandora I'm enjoying it so far. now its playing Monolord, sort of ok, Windhand also ok.
  12. what do you look most forward to in 2019

    I am not sure talking about stuff gets me to commit, I usually hold close to my vest. but I am trying to get better with lock picking. I have a few locks to get going with that build in difficulty. I am trying to do that. I also am working on getting into security and penetration testing for...
  13. Is anyone else failing college (or failed in the past)?

    I was terrible in high school. I totally didn't care, and had over 180 sick days (My kidneys were failing but also just pretended sick). I graduated because as INTP I scored well on tests and put in just enough work. I fell into junior college with no idea and no plan. My grades were not...
  14. Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    The Borknagar is alright I like the music underneath the vocal, it has some prog influence there. The vocal is good at times, but some bits sound a little like a sea shanty meets Sabaton maybe (these are the the beginning). I The demonic growl whine thing at the end of the phase i don't like...
  15. Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    Much of the Scandinavian bands are hit or miss for me. I love the music behind King Diamond but his high voice isn't always my cup of tea. Opeth I love the prog stuff but less so the older Death Metal voice. Whats that Danish heavy rock band, I don't care for them. Candlemass I like...
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