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  • Veggies? Yum.

    But they really do need some deep red, coppery flavoured dipping sauce. Preferably warm. And not made of tomatoes.
    hehe, sorry 'bout that. I got distracted by family & left myself logged in for a few hours.
    I'm glad you liked it. :D

    I've never really played portal myself but when I found the song(I forget how), it reminded me of you.

    I played Persona 3 Portable, Devil Survivor, and some other persona on the psp, but I didn't really go far with the three. The avatar's from devil summoner btw.
    ooh... i was about to clutter you up with a PM, since your 'wall' thing is usually non-existent... but it seems like it's appeared for the occasion

    Happy birthday :)
    She's cute. You have a thing for red eyes, don't you? :p

    Strangely, the profile pic reminds me of those chem. definitions o.o *has an over-active imagination*

    It's probably from wow :rolleyes:

    Hope you are spectacular.

    You've found "who's online"!

    I'll never be able to secretly watch... er... ummm.

    I should be quiet >>


    That was truly inspired evil!

    Good thing I like fangirls :o

    (Those guys in leather harness though? << .... >> *coughs*)



    The final fantasy wiki informs me that I'm not quite dead even after such a dastardly attack. Though I see I'll have to try a different approach if I'm to overwhelm you!

    *is in the middle of writing a very long message* O.O

    *sees you must be sleepless*

    *leaves a hug here for you*

    And now I feel all chatty!

    Wonderful isn't it, when one doesn't know from one minute to the next if one's soul is bound in silence or pleased with the thought of dancing words.

    I think Vincent at least *appears* cold, which arguably could make him an INFJ.

    I am rather in love with the rare breed of INFJ which shortly after emotional scarring take to adapting a insincere policy of cold logic and apathy as a defense.

    Lor is a perfect example, but she never holds out long.:P

    There's something cute about it, it's just such an obvious act. I had a lovely discussion about destroying love with an INFJ, his reasons where far more personal than mine, though he tried to hide it.
    Ah, apparently I'm not an INTP, curtesy of my Neon- Iron combo, says Lor.

    Probably explains why she likes my company so much,

    I simply keep INTP as my label..Well because, even as I tell you I'm ENTP, you are assigning dozens of pre-loaded character traits to me, most of which don't apply. I'm a very atypical ENTP, no self confidence, lack of a social life, seeming lack of extroversion in person. Whereas of the traits attached to INTP, I relate a good deal better.

    INFJ's have this problem too, right?o.o
    On the right lines; kind of wish a treasure map (or other equivalent symbol) would fall into my lap that I can bid farewell to that dreary old inn of life. I need a chance to head out into the wilderness - whether it be physical/mental or even spiritual, and find out who I am and what I'm really made of; not stuck in this mire of mundane sensibility.

    Hmm, it's funny; I somehow imagine I'm much more willing for a dangerous and brutal adventure and yet in ordinary life I curse and angst about merely answering a telephone.

    I think I just need a goal or cause, something larger than life, something larger than myself. Anything apart from a normal life!
    All your life hrm? Odd. I was undoubtedly an ENTJ for my first decade of life.

    Oh don't be bothered, I'm just poking fun.;)

    Vincent? Hrm, possibly an INTJ? Tempted to say INTP, but thats based on his cold silence, and thus not entirely valid.:X

    He doesn't really have a personality does he? He just doesn't say much, and what he does is rhetorical.
    You soil the image of Vincent with your INFJ claws.:P

    So, when did you realise you were one of the enemy?

    Do we actually have any INTP's on this forum anymore?
    Rest easy :)

    I needed to sleep and let the unconscious deal before I knew my response. I'm well, but I have a lot of wordly duties/distractions to balance with writing this weekend. I'll write a proper message as soon as I can ^^
    Looks like something from Legend of Sleepy Hollow! Only classy in a whole different way.

    That story contained my very favourite fictitious name: Ichabod Crane :D
    A problem with desire/need is that it is not easily consistent. How do you control it? How do you control what you want? and consider the variety and complexity of your wants, how many factors and how do they relate to each other? My mind is in chaos because of this ( I think).

    Sentiment in the internet is like unsweetened juice. I cannot see enough.
    I see. Thank you for the sentiment then. Though I appreciated your accurate insight more.

    How do you settle your needs and desires?
    Oh. May I ask how you lead your life? How is your lifestyle?

    I find your last sentence strange, which makes it interesting. Indeed, I'm burdened by indecisiveness regarding lifestyle and it affects some of my behaviors though I didn't expect it to change much of how I display myself in the forum. Back to that sentence, strange..yes..strange.

    Do you often say that? "Let me know if I can do anything, okay?".
    I'm partially through reviewing some history, and it's strangely like observing myself acting from a coma (I know that's not technically possible :p), but... it means I may have a clearer perspective on replying to you soon.
    hmm yeah I really wish to go someday... maybe next year it will be possible...
    Thanks! Yeah, I rather like it as well; somewhat captures the nature of my life at the moment ;) . It took a lot of effort to find and steal (as in it was completely by chance.) I'm otherwise quite envious how everyone else on this forum seems able to find the most interesting images for themselves and with such ease, changing avatars so frequently. That, and now you know I'm not quite so juvenile as the name and avatar of "JimHawkins" might suggest (I am really: at heart.)

    "Tyria" on the other hand I think much better. If it hasn't been asked already, what made you choose it? Again, thanks for the welcome. I rather like it here.
    Do I really know? You told me before but why did I hesitate and seek confirmation?

    ...anyways...I was thinking about talking about something related to science, but I can't get my head into it right now.
    well if we're going on that route, I can't really say much about butterflies or thing that looks like butterfly. I'm not familiar with the aesthetic alignment.

    So instead I'll ask a separate question: Do you like Science?
    Oh..what's a word? Cogitative. I have been very cogitative. And you? What interesting things can you share?
    Oh! ty

    I knew that was coming up - but then I was completely unconscious of it when I posted... what an unmonumental post!

    Not that I can think of anything meaningful I could have posted in stead.

    I've posted nothing but fluff in such a long time ^^
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