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Recent content by Vegard Pompey

  1. Vegard Pompey

    Top five favorite movies

    Margaret (extended cut) Memories of Murder Synecdoche, New York Blue Velvet Dark Star
  2. Vegard Pompey

    I don't know what to do.

    Huh. Your situation is quite similar to mine. I'm Swedish, am turning 19 in four days and dropped out of gymnasium sometime in the spring. Now I too am stuck with my parents. And I too get that feeling that the world is moving away from me; with the global economy in flux, it would be nice to...
  3. Vegard Pompey

    Big Five / SLOAN / OCEAN test

    Where do you get those letters from? EDIT: Oh, I think I'm RLUAI.
  4. Vegard Pompey

    The "Gainax ending" - Brilliance or stupidity?

    Depends on the ending.
  5. Vegard Pompey

    The Location of Moonflowers

    I have no opinion one way or the other on banana trees.
  6. Vegard Pompey

    The Impressive Rectum Skills Club

    Re: The We Who Miss the Club Section Club Club Am I invited or do I need to demonstrate impressive rectum skills first?
  7. Vegard Pompey

    The Location of Moonflowers

    full of love for man than a knight person out of the feelings involved, makes concessions, breaks in time, all languages, is your senses fail you :herzen02:
  8. Vegard Pompey

    The Location of Moonflowers

    So I have to learn the Master Sword. A captor for dead, setting the money he was a large organization from his soul, merely lending it would solve it. Would eat nothing like death. I've come to steal from his chest. "We are fleeting, but he observed that being fired from his beliefs the...
  9. Vegard Pompey

    The Horror Movie Thread

    Could you be more specific? I'll list some of my favorites. Videodrome Audition All Night Long 2 Cabin Fever 2 (yes, I'm serious. Even if you couldn't tolerate the first movie, this one is so much better than you'd imagine.) Candyman Cannibal Holocaust Night/Dawn/Day of the Dead Final...
  10. Vegard Pompey

    Type that Member

    Fuzzy... squirrel? :confused:
  11. Vegard Pompey

    Elements You Like in Fiction

    One thing I've been doing a lot lately is trying to identify the elements I like the most in fiction, and why I like those elements. Tropes, themes, particular types of characters or whatever. This is partly in order to create my own fiction, but also to just increase my understanding of what...
  12. Vegard Pompey

    I have a game you will not stop playing..ever.

    Sorry, that server hasn't been up for months. Can't host one now either, my current internet connection is shit.
  13. Vegard Pompey

    The... Rock-Paper-Scissors?

    Good old rock. Nothing beats rock.
  14. Vegard Pompey

    Final Fantasy

    I love FFVII and it's probably tied with V and XII for my favorite title in the series. But perfection? Really? VII does not know perfection and neither does any other game in the series. Tedious unskippable cutscenes, lack of challenge, interchangeable characters (gameplay wise) are only a few...
  15. Vegard Pompey

    How big is your Pness?

    My Pness is Graham's number inches.
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