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  • Whenever I actually take a type exam, online or professionally done, I get back INTP. People here constantly type me as ISTP. I think I'm an INTP with a few weaker preferences in the second and fourth axis, and the way I grew up reinforced my differences from other INTPs (getting real answers, which requires actual information, for example, was necessary to actually accomplish anything worthwhile, so you can't just stick it out with your unchanging ideas. Not that I want it that way, just that way actually works)... also, I think other INTPs all go through a psuedo-intellectual phase where anyone who thinks differently from them cannot possibly be the same type as them, because they're the best, and thus their type is the best, and people who disagree with them are morons. Morons are not the best. Anymore, I don't even care what type I am. I'm whatever type I am. It's not important.
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