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  • I am obsessed with applied mathmatics. I always know there had to be a way to do it. I do a stupid form now when I work probabilities of foal coat colors- some colors are more popular than others so when you breed a horse you try to breed for a desirable color if possible. I am love with statistics and thats all Im really familiar with but math is gonna be the base. and programming. that way I can build the programs to do the math thats constantly going through my brain. I know it sounds crazy.
    Im not really familiar with the theoretical math...I 'll have to check into that.

    and I really appreciate your advice. I need it trust me. I'll take all the advice you have. I dont have anyone to help me get this started. I'm hoping the college admissions office will help me out. Iv'e always dreamed of college like I said earlier. I just thought it was too late. I thought I had missed my chance when I had to drop out of H.S. to raise my siblings. I feel like this is my second chance.
    I am planning on going to a state school. Missouri State University. They have a extensoin about 20 miles from me and the school is only 50 mi from me. It is the closest decent school. I am and always have been in love with math so hopefully they will have some decent professors. (one of my customers is a professor of life science at the Drury college. He's a really nice guy but an idiot. I know more about equine genetics than he does-sad since he teaches the class) So I am gonna go bigger. Hopefully a State college will be good enough. Its at least a place to start.
    Thanks, I can't wait to get everything going. I know its not gonna be easy but I have dreamed of college since I was 12. Finally getting to go, Even at 32, is still really exciting.
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