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  • Indeed. That certainly was thoughtful of the brunette to fish out the food, masticate for the suicide blonde (dyed by her own hand) and then regurgitate her work to provide energy to the blonde vixen there. :slashnew:

    The brunette does charity work and is available for small parties, birthdays and that sort of thing. She's really something else. :D
    I wouldn't know; I'm not of drinking age. It was at Melkor's urging that my avatar came to be as it now is, but thanks anyway.
    Sounds very interesting with your new job and moving :) where are you going and what are you going to do, if I may ask?
    Just take the time you need, I'll be waiting patiently for your reply :P
    Hey Warryer :)

    Are you going to reply to my post? I think we have an interesting discussion going, and I am interested in hearing out your ideas :)

    - Systems.
    I'm from Elyria. I currently live in Lorain now, though. I'm actually in Cleveland quite often. My sister lives in Westpark.
    Yeah, I get that a lot. For me, I read all posts in the voice of Steven Blum (or so I wish).

    Actually I don't see how anyone could do this. The Professor talks way, waaay too slow for me to read even a sentence in his voice.
    Jackdaws it is then!

    They're devious little creatures, and quite curious in form...

    I shall catch myself one someday....
    Your avatar is beautiful.<3

    I love all forms of small, dark and curious looking birds.

    I prefer jackdaws myself tho'!
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