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  • Oh yes! I forgot to mention - I love the avatar. I simply must know where you found it, or where you heard of it, or what it is. :)
    altough at the same time it is somewhat feminine ... all that talk about opposite sex clones got me thinking about my online persona and how it could be different.
    I'm glad there are people still confused about it... I thought everybody knew by now :D

    I just felt like I needed a more meaningful and gender neutral name...
    I don't remember where you mentioned it, but I wound up watching that BCC Truth About Female Desire show because you made it sound intriguing. You know what? It was brilliant. :D If only it wasn't so redundant... Anyway, thanks a bunch for the recommendation!
    I noticed you mention you go to Disneyland fairly often. Curious, Do you by any chance live in Anaheim then?
    oh! how strange I didn't notice it before ... I think I may have ordered the book a while ago on your recommendation and put it aside and forgotten I'd done that - thanks for the reminder.
    hi WS - where does the new quote in your sig come from? i love it. (and you look great in your photo!


    Thats like hugging only with fluids and prolonged contact,isn't it?



    Of course, really and truly, I'm just bitter.

    I haven't been hugged in quite a while, and no-one seems to care about this fact.
    My nature prevents me from trying to change that, or anything of the sort.

    and you just *had* to remind me of this cruel fact with all your talk of hugs.

    You are certainley an icy force.

    Your crass words and foul demanour are quite disheartening.

    I'm afraid they all too clearly betray the foulness of your interior character.

    I can only pray that the time comes when I may make you pay for the atrocities of your mind.


    You dishonour me m'lady.

    Touching isn't really my thing.
    I take really excessive reactions to touching.

    In fact,theres a whole crowd of my work colleagues who greatly enjoy little poking games and feinted hugs just to see me squirm/dodge/snarl.


    I should totally get a body alarm that screeches when people even so much as brush off me.

    Ehm.....Just thought I'd tell you you're beautiful...because,well, people should more often, and it isn't quite fair.
    And beautiful introverts have to really have their status rammed into their skulls.
    I think you need a hug too, but you'll have to try someone else.:3
    It's been years since I've ''''hugged''''', so I'm not quite sure what the best way is.

    Do you think you could get..erm...classes for that?

    I gotta go.
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