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  • *Noiselessly creeps to the waters edge, drops a penny in its place and hurriedly retreats to his cave to avoid splashback.*
    Whoa, whoa, whoa there.

    She's all mine <3


    I don't think I've finished the series yet, I'm on the last episode, maybe? I've really enjoyed it though, it's a break from the few animes I've seen that are quite action orientated. If you know anything similar I am more than happy to wait attentively as you clamber out the well, or perhaps I could help on the pully? I'm just hoping you're not too familiar with Japanese horror... the wells man, the wells...

    Did you draw your background picture? (:
    Yeah I understand what you mean. The song lacks focus, which is a bit frustrating. It must be easy to go overboard when your dealing with so many samples.
    You have an emergency stop button?

    *Gives you a good kick to dislodge the knife and then puts you in the revolver, which then procedes to...er... revolve you, obviously*

    Feel any better my dear?

    I need that hair!

    *Puts on a trenchcoat, grabs his revolver and gives chase*
    I did not intend to have large font size. I'd always gone with 2 but since I've gotten a new netbook I can hardly read my own posts so I moved up one. Several people have complained about my font size being to small as well. Perhaps I shall go back to font size 2?
    Ohhh, thank you for the link. It's wonderful.

    It's strangely hard to find solo piano albums that aren't classical or jazz.
    "I seem cold"? It doubles as Icy Cold, so I had it covered. :P

    But eh, this one is more inconspicuous.
    It's so bizarre to see it resurface.

    I wrote it with so much conviction, but I feel that casual comments have cheapened it's intensity. It wasn't meant to be entertaining/novel, but personal and honest. alas~ I hold to my memories.. ^^;

    Do you still get on IRC at all? I pop in there occasionally but haven't seen you.

    Holy bean dip that's amazing. I've been listening to a lot of Madvillian which also samples a lot of jazz. I think you've been stalking me! :eek:
    Living would be a good start I suppose. But who am I to be imposing my opinion! The UK is spurting out its annual few days of snow so I'm 'cool' for the moment.
    Well, I've had a good brain storm of ideas for my essays today, so I suppose so ;) But was there something more specific you were referring to?

    How lovely. How willing.

    I think skepticism will look
    nice hanging upon my wall.

    ...Cavallier wants to burn me alive. Probably because she saw Jeepers Creepers.
    ...Fukyo needs some hints to install Umineko.
    ...Minuend is a Dragonite.
    ...Fleur is just weird like that.
    ...Melkor is Irish.
    Ahh. Well I am infinitely glad you came up with the second recording then. The original is nice, but lacking that bit of oomph.

    Also, I can't believe I just enjoyed a fake piano. I know, get with the times - BUT REALLY what I'd like to do is halt the winds of progress and just eradicate all electronic imitations of GENUINE, BONA-FIDE PIANOS forever and ever. Also, you should agree with me because I'm a radiohead fan too. Leaving aside their heavy interest in electronic music, of course.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, also good trick there, I shall remember it (ie posting a random piece on a thread and not telling anyone it's yours so you get unbiased opinions).
    Oh, and I liked it more than that 'melodic' guy you posted, actually. To me yours makes more sense than his, which sounds a bit shallow. Not trying to up you at the down of his expense (terrible expression) but I did prefer the atmosphere of yours quite a bit.

    The explosion at the end was a very good touch I think. Gave it that sumfing xtra.
    Ooh, nicely done then. Such a delicious tone too! It put me in mind of Debussy (although he did have more intent in his pieces, but that's neither here nor there).

    Really, is that you playing? It's beautifully expressive. Were you playing on an acoustic piano or a MONSTEROFINIQUITY/some electronic thang?
    I'm pretty sure it's 'Libido'

    Anyway, you know you're the one for me babyeh.;P
    Uhm, I didn't mean queer as in 'Homosexual' I meant the more polite usage of 'strange and out of the ordinary'.

    What is a labito?
    Yo dawg I herd you like birthdays so I put a happy birthday message inside yo happy birthday message so you can be wished well while yo wished well
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