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  • How is the language learning going? Are you still learning Russian? I completely lost track of working on Hebrew, although I still have plans to get back into it someday soon. I was just checking over your one Hebrew lessons thread, and thought I'd stop by here to say hi.
    They are extremely interesting. I seriously doubt it was LSD that killed Frank Olson, the thing about it is that it amplifies whatever state you're in, so if you're depressed and thinking about killing yourself then you will have a bad trip and LSD might convince you to do it quicker, particularly if you don't know you've taken it in which case you'll be terrified you're going insane for a few hours. I happen to have had one excellent/lovely trip and one okay/weird/interesting trip, both have actually helped me in the long run I think. Lots of introspection and new thoughts :D.
    Yes that's the scene. All is fine, I've taken it twice in the past year, a trip is too mind-blowing and energy/thought consuming for you to want it all the time. Also if you've done research about it then you know it's one of the least neurotoxic drugs out there (less so than alcohol) It can fuck you up psychologically if you're not ready for it though.
    I think it's the dog collar Sherlock wears to disguise himself when he first meets her or something. You seen the series? Thanks, I'll try it out :)
    I just read that in one of your posts you are trying to learn Russian and Spanish. I am (trying) as well. What resources are you using to learn those languages?
    Yes I am. My rating is ~1600-1700 USCF. I haven't played any rated games in a few months though.
    I am almost 16. I thought you were middle-aged. The Duxford Wing game you mentioned threw me off. I sort of imagined a little boy playing with model aeroplanes in the 1960s.

    It would be a big change in everyday life, in ways you don't normally think about. For example, I strongly believe that women should be able to lead men and women in prayer. However, because I am not used to this, so it would take some adjustment.

    Wow, I always thought that you were in your twenties. I'm sixteen. Why would the transfer be difficult? Of course a bad layout is no excuse not to read something, but lately I haven't been keeping up in general. :o

    If you find Conservative Judaism to be more appealing than Orthodox Judaism, then why do you remain an Orthodox Jew? :headscratch:

    Yes, I've had the same problem with AJ. Its format must have been developed by a programmer who had been out in the desert sun for too long.

    You make a very good point about that. Forcing conscientious objectors (I presume that they are) to fight can lead to some nasty consequences if they ever get blood on their hands. And oh, oops. :o I wrongly assumed that all Orthodox Jews lived in Israel. And cool, you like aljazeera, too! :) Thanks for all the sources.


    Now if you really want to go nuts, a silenced shotgun blast to the back of the head can solve almost any problem. Claw hammers are also applicable: just remember to pull their skull and brains out like you'd pull out a nail. Alternatively, take a very, very small pistol with a suppressor, hollow point bullets, and a half-load of powder and wedge it in the side of their neck, pointing down. Shoot once and done: the bullet will stop inside them and take out every vital organ in its path.

    And congratulations on the win! :)

    Can you tell me more about the Jewish communities in Israel? How are religious tensions therein? Forgive me if I ask on a sore point. The word "incisive" means precise and insightful, especially pertaining to an argument.

    True, but in going for the femoral, I might get a knife in my side in return--or even a nuke on my own head! But when you do go for a knife kill from behind, the kidneys are the way to go: Plenty of blood pressure, easy to reach while choking off the trachea or covering the mouth, and accessible from any angle provided a knife of at least four inches. A kidney stab also makes a good start point for a spine cut, but just remember to keep the blade horizontal and serrated side toward the spine and then, instead of twisting, saw.

    And if using a stilletto or very hard, pointed stick, choke off the trachea with an elbow squeeze and shove it up your enemy's nose: instant brain death.

    Wait, are you Jewish? Don't worry, I won't bite. :) But thanks for the cultural information.

    But you weren't "sharp" (if by "sharp" you mean harshly so) at all. It was different... smooth, clean, as if you were placid in posting. I can't quite put it. Anyway, thanks for the ideas. I'll try counting. As for own8ge, I reported him about a day or two ago, and he got a week-long ban. There's no point in going for the jugular when you can reach for the nuke. :)

    Perfect execution on the logic. I never even thought of going after the blanket nature of his statements. But there was a certain 'cool' quality to your writing. It wasn't hot and even angry like mine can be. How do you achieve that effect while maintaining incisiveness?

    What you did in the "Ugly Truths" thread, that was perfect! You destroyed his idea without destroying him. :) Could you teach me how to do that myself in the general case?

    Actually, I fist made it on the skinit.com website. It is a skin I made for my Galaxy S III cell phone case. I then saved the photo with screen capture.
    Cryptology is breaking (and making) codes. Cryptozoology is very interesting, but different.
    I don't know much about Cryptozoology. I just looked it up on wikipedia. Very interesting!
    Oh, you are interested in cryptozoology? I always have enjoyed studying that kind of thing in my free time. :)
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