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  • PS,
    im not going to reply to any of your replies on "the free will" thread..
    i just ran through your inbox, and i feel you are sorta obstinate or you have a theist mindset ingrained which you do not wish to give up...
    Le internet takes too much of my time already

    if you really want to think about why my answers are correct, try following the advice i gave at the end..
    Literally stop going to threads, make minimal assumptions and think about creation, come up to a theory which will work with the current world, then revisit your assumptions and think whether they are reasonable..

    I mustve spent days in my room thinking about these stuff alone, awake doing nothing for 15+ hours daily...

    Try starting with Buddhism, read a lot about it, think about real flaws, why some parts of it arent logical; i think that is a good step to start on..
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