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    Fi begins with their model of personal values, they use Ne to inform and expand these model with abstractions and possibilities, from their they gain a worldview of what is true in the world based on their personal position their personal values has taken, and with this map they can take action or express these feelings in a way that is objective and logical (Te.)
    ENFPs begin with awareness of their world through their Ne's cross-contextualization and pattern-surfing, they sift through these patterns depending on if they are agreeable or disagreeable with their Fi. They express these personal epiphanies as well as give them logical external structure with their Te, and they are then connected into a personal roadmap/worldview in their Si when they finally accept them as truths.

    ESTPs begin with experiencing the world through the visceral experience of Se and the 5 senses, they use their Ti to calibrate this experience to logical perfection, then they use their Fe to take action and express these experiences, and then these experiences are synergisized in their Ni to create a worldview of greater meaning.
    Sorry man, I get PMs like hot cakes so I often let some fall through the cracks. The basic principle behind peaking is that all types can reach their inferior their the pathway of their dominant function.

    ENFJs begin with Fe interpersonal connection and shepherding of the tribe or society they are a part of, they use Ni to get greater understanding of and meaning behind the human connection, Then they use their Se to implement this understanding with real world actions, so they can finally use Ti dispassionate reasoning to tighten up their community to optimum calibration.
    The practitioner attempted to type my colleague, he typed her as INTJ, because of her oval face, wide forehead, and most likely because she wasn't "acting" like an extrovert... She is actually an ENFP. That is not the best part though, the practitioner himself was an ISTP who thought he was an INFP. So yeah, in short, braintypes is completely retarded, don't bother with it.
    I swear to god I was literally holding myself from tearing that guy a part because of his serious lack of understanding of all theory and common logic. The theory does not even go into Cognitive functions, it stops at dichotomies!

    Oh right, the one book I would recommend is Lenore Thomson Personality type: and owners manual. I consider that one to be the most cutting edge and up to date.
    Braintyping is complete garbage. I actually met a practitioner once, it is kind of a funny story. Myself and a colleague of mine (both of us are a part of developing Pod'lair theory, and she reads people like I do too.) to this meetup.com MBTI meet up that was basically a seminar on "The future of MBTI: typing people by faces." We thought that we just have some competition on our hands, so we both went on a secret reconnaissance mission to see what they know and how accurate their theory was.

    It was a complete Joke. Basically the premise of the theory is that NTs have oval shaped faces, NFs have heart shaped faces, SPs have... I don't remember what shape, and SJs have Square shaped faces. So many ridiculous statements were made, such as: "All presidents ever have all been ENTJs." "SJs have Cancles."
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