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  • Why yes I do! do you have a skype or anything? I don't have a cam hooked up right now, but I'd love to talk to some forum members that I used to :D

    and name's patrick duncan...whats ur name? so I'm not confused lol
    haha, I saw what you did....putting that blushing smiley after the killer condom vid...nice one :p (p.s. I'm a little bored right now, and am also hoping that you understand this comment :storks:)
    Well, my last avatar was not as awe-inspiring as it once was and this new avatar is not quite as silly as it may seem... but that is a long story. I swap out avatars pretty regularly and even made a youtube video of my discards...
    YouTube- Avatars HD
    haha Hi! thanks for the vistor comment, still trying to match youtube users with posters on the fourm, i think i've got most people down.
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