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Recent content by YOLOisonlyprinciple

  1. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    What are you currently playing?

    One Hour One Life
  2. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Racism is innate

    1. Racism is overrated. 2. A smart objective person shouldn't be racist. As an INTP, I couldnt care less about society.
  3. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    What are the effects of coffee on higher intellectual processes?

    I used to be a heavy drinker of coffee earlier (4+ cups). However I was also extremely depressed then. I do not know if the coffee contributed to it. Now, I rarely drink coffee, but its more like a treat; say a rainy day at a coffee shop by the beach. I do love the taste of coffee. But I...
  4. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Are suntans permament?

    Hey i vacationed in some remote islands for like 10 days. I spent like 10+ hours per day on the beach enjoying swimming in clear waters. However, now that ive got back, im like 4shades darker.. (i never used any sunscreen. I guess i shouldve..) This is the first time ive got sun tan. My...
  5. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    What to do on a 3 day boat travel/ cruise? (solo)

    Hey, im going on a 3 day (60 hour) boat trip to the Andaman&Nicobar islands in India. It is a government ship and ive taken the bunk class ticket (around 70$). So there will no tv or anything (im hoping there will be a mobile charger slot). Also this is my first trip to anywhere by sea. So...
  6. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Ageing, Intelligence & US Presidency

    This seems to be a common argument. But why then dont "corporates" hire these 70+ year old people for CEOs etc, instead the average age for being the leader for a company is WAY lower. Dont tell me that companies are not able to understand these intangibles such as "experience" in selecting...
  7. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Ageing, Intelligence & US Presidency

    I was recently debating about how older (70+) people are expected to be senile/racist, less intelligent/coherent. I was trying to point out how both front runners for the US election are above 70 yo. In my opinion, it is delusional to think that a 70 year old person would still have the mental...
  8. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Will a dog change my sedentary lifestyle?

    @Serac, idk im probably not just gonna use it for just "pleasure". I currently have no human i can talk to, im too disappointed with humans; i hope at least an animal will be somewhat realiable. Basically having to fill all my free time with games & movies/anime so i can forget about my...
  9. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Will a dog change my sedentary lifestyle?

    Currently, my whole life other than sleeping is spent in front of a computer- whether it is work or play. Ive been considering getting a grown dog (not a puppy) for a long time as a companion. Im just confused that if i get a dog, will it: a. lead to me changing my lifestyle, or b. me...
  10. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    What 'hurts' you?

    Weekends. And Evenings. I hate time which is not distracted by work.. Basically, i feel hurt cos other people have a life (which they like) to go back to...
  11. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Distract myself while i rot away

    I try to run from a bear when i have a fractured leg. I feel i cant do it; my leg is too broken for me to run. I can see the river which i need to cross to get my gun, but it is too much- the pain too great. Few men can outrun a bear under normal circumstances. And i have a fractured leg...
  12. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    How far would you go for one thing?

    (GENERIC POST) If there was only one precious thing in your life, only one thing you have ever truly wanted since the time you can remember, how much would you sacrifice to get it? How far would you go?
  13. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Should i deactivate Facebook?

    Tbh, the one real argument for why i shouldnt deactivate is that it helps me maintain a sense of sanity. Facebook reminds me what society is, what people are. Without facebook there is the potential of me falling totally out of touch with reality. I might forget what is the social norm, what...
  14. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Should i deactivate Facebook?

    -First, ill have to say that i dont use Facebook at all. Like once in 2-3 weeks i open it up just to check a thing or two. I havent posted anything in ~3 years. But for some reason, Facebook seems to decide how my life should be. It makes no sense, but every time i dream about something in the...
  15. YOLOisonlyprinciple

    Something memorable from your/others' wedding

    My closest friend is getting married this weekend. I really dont know what to do.. It just feels kinda awkward, as in i dont really know what to expect. I have no idea how to make it fun, how to enjoy it, etc Tell me something memorable which happened in a wedding, which i could try doing...
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