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  1. What movies are you looking forward to?

    hereditary edit after --- 1:30 for me, great acting but overall it didn't deserve the hype.
  2. new phone, who dis?

    new phone, who dis?
  3. For god's sake someone play this goddamn game

    boo, hiss.
  4. DAE posts and 50%+ =...

    DAE posts and 50%+ =...
  5. E-Book Downloads

    audible com a lot of the audiobooks have the free digital version on the order page.
  6. Anyone into sketching?

    maybe the interested party is willing to do it for the free exposure/publicity. [title: free the elephants from p domination]
  7. For god's sake someone play this goddamn game

    artistic/stylish & fun, thanks for the nudge.
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