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  1. r4ch3l


    Got hours of entertainment from this while sick and stuck in bed last week. The mod is the guy behind InternetSchoolofMagic.com who has some interesting projects going on. :D https://www.reddit.com/r/sorceryofthespectacle/
  2. r4ch3l

    Nick Land -- "The Blockchain Solves the Problem of Spacetime"

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PMGuNZreWA Still processing this, interested in INTP thoughts on it. Land taught a course on Bitcoin & Philosophy last year.
  3. r4ch3l

    Uber-xNTJ pwning Jeopady

    Have any of you guys seen this dude? I was laid up on the couch recovering from a root canal last night and caught some Jeopardy TOC. This guy was killing it and his strategy and awkward/hyperintelligent/probable sociopath demeanor (:herzen02:) intrigued me so I googled him. He used to be a...
  4. r4ch3l

    "The Introverted Face"

    http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/10/the-introverted-face/381697/# "The fact that social decisions are influenced by facial morphology would be less troubling if it were a strong and reliable indicator of people’s underlying traits,' the researchers write in today's article...
  5. r4ch3l

    "Body Posture Depends on Teeth"

    I want INTP thoughts on this article/idea: http://starecta.com/body-posture-depends-teeth/ I can't believe that something so obvious has gone mostly unnoticed but the lever theory makes sense. It's now my opinion that most mental disorders are effects stemming from this one cause.
  6. r4ch3l

    Silicon Valley

    There's gotta be at least a couple of people who find this thing highly entertaining. New promo released a couple ov days ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwTonKwwzYM If you're not familiar with the show this is the best possible introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx3wDTzqDTs
  7. r4ch3l

    Learning full stack development

    I know that the term is controversial in the programming world, so let's just say that I want to learn the MEAN stack in order to clearly define what a 'full stack developer' is/does without getting into any scuffles. ;) Do any of you programmer INTPs know of some resources that explain the...
  8. r4ch3l

    The end is nigh [or: Bitcoin wannabes]

    My dad's an engineer from Alabama and raised by crazy religious people. He always told me growing up that the Internet was the mark of the beast in Revelations. Today my INTP friend and I determined that, more specifically, Bitcoin is: http://coingen.io/...
  9. r4ch3l

    "How Modal Logic Proved Gödel was Right, and God Exists"

    Or: proof I'm not an ENTP b/c I want to hear your opinions before I list my own: http://www.decodedscience.com/modal-logic-proved-godel-right-god-exists/38801
  10. r4ch3l


  11. r4ch3l

    Another Fe post.

    Quick question that may be obvious to some, sorry if this is redundant and has been discussed to death before I got here. I believe that I clearly understand the differences between Ni/Ne, Si/Se, and Ti/Te but Fi/Fe has always been harder for me to understand. There are many simplistic...
  12. r4ch3l

    Martin Amis

    Halfway through London Fields and think I may have found one of my new favorite authors. Anyone else a fan? What should I read next? He vibes INTP or ENTP to me. Dark, edgy, profound but humorous.
  13. r4ch3l

    Philip K. Dick

    In my quest to understand the differences between Ni and Ne and Ti vs. Fi I wanted to know if anyone on the forum familiar with PKD's life and work has opinions on his type? I'm a n00b at typing but I guess I could see him as either INFJ (intense Ni w the psychic/visions stuff) or as as Ti...
  14. r4ch3l

    Why do YOU hate INFPs?

    For all the INFJ love on INTPf there seems to be just as much hate for INFPs. What's going on here? Do all INTPs live in fear of ACTUALLY being an INFP? Inferior Fe neurosis? What is it about The INFP type that makes it so unacceptable in the eyes of INTPs? Passive-aggressive or just...
  15. r4ch3l

    MBTI Types: Collective Nouns

    Now I want to start naming groups of types. A pack of ESFPs... A parliament of INTPs. A fleet of ESTJs. A brood of ISFJs. A hive of ISTJs. A charm of ENFJs.
  16. r4ch3l

    People thinking you're judging them.

    So as INTPs I'm sure many of you deal with routinely making people uncomfortable, which seems to be a product of our overall quietness and problems making small talk. I've tried very hard over the years to develop my social skills and work on the whole small talk thing (as it, unfortunately...
  17. r4ch3l

    Thinking in dichotomies

    I am attached to logic and process, but not attached to conclusions. My personal operating system is very much like the concept of Quine's web of belief; ideas and placement conclusions have a place in a larger structure and some are hierarchically superior, but new information that is...
  18. r4ch3l

    NT x NT marriage

    In a recent thread there was a discussion about the hypothesis that modern marriage is failing because of Disney-movie-like expectations of love and eternal feelings of lust and infatuation...when in reality most marriage was much more practical in the past to the point where it could be...
  19. r4ch3l


    Any of y'all really drawn to swimming as a child or presently? I had a pool when I was a kid and it was my favorite activity outside of reading. Something about being freed from gravity/suspended in the water, drowning (no pun intended) out sensory stimulation while submerged, and also the...
  20. r4ch3l


    Electronic/chiptune/industrial/concept band I think many of you may enjoy. The album R.E.T.R.O. is amazing. Oldschool video game music, flawless & quality production, a couple of original tracks with very philosophical lyrics. Here's my favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEOLPDOKdtY And...
  21. r4ch3l

    Finding a good therapist

    As an INTP I feel misunderstood by people in general and as an INTP female I feel particularly misunderstood by psychologists. As a child my weirdness, curiosity, independence, and competitiveness were celebrated but once I started coming into my own as a person my dissatisfaction with the...
  22. r4ch3l


    This may be an odd question, and it's kind of like five questions mashed into one, but here goes. MBTI factoid sites like to throw around that we are a) often clueless when it comes to sensory input and socializing, and b) lack empathy. I can see why we come off this way to others but it...
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