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  1. r4ch3l


    Got hours of entertainment from this while sick and stuck in bed last week. The mod is the guy behind InternetSchoolofMagic.com who has some interesting projects going on. :D https://www.reddit.com/r/sorceryofthespectacle/
  2. r4ch3l

    Nick Land -- "The Blockchain Solves the Problem of Spacetime"

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PMGuNZreWA Still processing this, interested in INTP thoughts on it. Land taught a course on Bitcoin & Philosophy last year.
  3. r4ch3l

    Book club

    The Net! I love that documentary... I think I meant to post it here sometime back but haven't been active lately and forgot. I'm really interested in the crossover between the Esalen crowd in the 70s who split off into either the technocrati legend types (Stewart brand and that whole crew) or...
  4. r4ch3l

    What are you all reading?

    I am 75% done with Lanark by Alasdair Gray and think many on this forum would get something from it. Main character is likely an INFx. Definitely a new favorite, and I found it under strange circumstances...like I was supposed to read it... https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/161037.Lanark
  5. r4ch3l

    Abstinence from audio-visual stimulus and various garbage stimli

    I've been very intensely doing online courses over the last 3+ months and an unexpected side-effect is that I feel REALLY dumb lately. Because the online courses involve a lot of just getting to the next screen and passing the next quiz/assignment I complete them compulsively yet distractedly...
  6. r4ch3l

    Also have you seen the Full Stack Web Development specialization on Coursera? I'm currently on...

    Also have you seen the Full Stack Web Development specialization on Coursera? I'm currently on the third of the five courses (AngularJS) and it's alright so far... I'm refining front-end/JS skills because I have more experience with web development but think I want to change directions. Like I...
  7. r4ch3l

    Hello puffy, Love the background image on your page and yes, the Alhambra is a definite...

    Hello puffy, Love the background image on your page and yes, the Alhambra is a definite must-see-in-one's-life sort of place. The whole country is fantastic but I wish I had had more time to spend in Granada while I was there. Do you have a special interest in Islamic Spain or the architecture...
  8. r4ch3l

    Uber-xNTJ pwning Jeopady

    Edit: Goddammit INTPf formatting. So yeah, he won again.
  9. r4ch3l

    Uber-xNTJ pwning Jeopady

    Arthur Chu used a similar strategy first. I didn't watch Chu and this was the first time I'd seen someone play Jeopardy like that so this Alex guy caught my attention. He's also amusing to watch because he seems so calm and almost dizzy or spaced out but is actually very aware and focused...
  10. r4ch3l

    Can't decide on the right path...advice?

    It depends on where you want to go with it... my dad started off as a hardware guy in the 80s and switched over to writing software in the 90s. Now he writes code for device drivers, SDKs for hardware, embedded Linux, etc.. When he tried to hire CS grad students he was always so disappointed...
  11. r4ch3l

    Uber-xNTJ pwning Jeopady

    Have any of you guys seen this dude? I was laid up on the couch recovering from a root canal last night and caught some Jeopardy TOC. This guy was killing it and his strategy and awkward/hyperintelligent/probable sociopath demeanor (:herzen02:) intrigued me so I googled him. He used to be a...
  12. r4ch3l

    What are you all reading?

    Needed some mental candy/relief... saw a novel by Kem Nunn at Kinko's that looked interesting (had never heard of him and wondered about how he got that distribution deal) so I googled and ordered what the internet decided is his best novel: "Tapping the Source". Great plotting of a story and...
  13. r4ch3l

    What are you all reading?

    Reminded me of you all, especially THD's Theory of Everything thread with the torus graphics. :D I expected to just be entertained by a portrait of a dude who reminds me of myself (I get off on crackpot science just because exploring without self-conscious rigidity is FUN even if I usually...
  14. r4ch3l

    Should INTPs have jobs?

    Had my first "real" "office" job (so not freelance doing similar work) this year and the most difficult part for me by far was dealing with the social situations, communication (or lack thereof) about work, the politics, everyone flaunting their workaholism like a badge of honor while all the...
  15. r4ch3l

    Last movie you watched

    Trainwreck. I never watch movies in theatres. It was actually really good.
  16. r4ch3l

    What are you all reading?

    Today I was introduced to a book that deserves a spot in top 3 all time favorite books. Only Two Can Play This Game: James Keys, G. Spencer Brown, R. D. Laing: Amazon.com: Books@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51wkMUojA5L.@@AMEPARAM@@51wkMUojA5L Just brilliant. Incomparable...
  17. r4ch3l

    "The Introverted Face"

    http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/10/the-introverted-face/381697/# "The fact that social decisions are influenced by facial morphology would be less troubling if it were a strong and reliable indicator of people’s underlying traits,' the researchers write in today's article...
  18. r4ch3l

    What do you do to manage and release stress?

    This is true. I've done a couple of vipassana retreats and they were brutal but I came out a different person on the other side, sort of re-wired in a way. The "high"/calm/perspective doesn't stay intact if you don't continue to meditate though. I fucking hate meditating, I will make almost any...
  19. r4ch3l

    INTPs and Suicide

    I used to have suicidal thoughts very frequently and abandoned two attempts before it was too late when I was going through a difficult period. This phase followed my most manic INTP phase where I was researching like 12 hours per day and essentially just not living in consensual reality for 6...
  20. r4ch3l

    You know you're an Intp when...

    When people ask why you studied for and took the Linux sysadmin certification, you reply with: "I wanted a permanent backup plan that doesn't involve subjectivity or people." When you have more than enough college units for a second degree (maybe two) but because your interests of the moment...
  21. r4ch3l

    Systems Analysis/Solution Architecture

    It sounds like an interesting opportunity and I would take it just for the life experience and to see if it's something you like and want to pursue. I do understand your hesitation... I am the problem solver/ "do-er"/organizer of projects that involve product, marketing, and dev input and...
  22. r4ch3l

    What are you all reading?

    Quantum Computing since Democritus: Scott Aaronson: 9780521199568: Amazon.com: Books@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41CVLuslctL.@@AMEPARAM@@41CVLuslctL This book was hilarious. Suspect the author is INTP.
  23. r4ch3l

    Shamelessly Average

    I totally have an inner basic bitch and routinely wear yoga pants to the grocery store. I also bought Uggs this year for the first time, but that might just be because I just stopped giving a fuck and goddamn those things are comfortable. I don't wear a lot of makeup but I am a product snob...
  24. r4ch3l

    "Body Posture Depends on Teeth"

    A case that I believe is strong evidence for the theory is this guy, who is also the one that made me think about final stablization of the bite in a more serious and specific way: https://curedystonia.wordpress.com/ Dentists drilled down his teeth and immediately his bite slanted to the side...
  25. r4ch3l

    "Body Posture Depends on Teeth"

    The website is definitely a lot of marketing hype and people trying to make a buck off something that they found that helped them. I've been observing people's progress with it on a closed forum and the real challenge that few have done yet is closing the process out at the end. As Blarraun...
  26. r4ch3l

    "Body Posture Depends on Teeth"

    I want INTP thoughts on this article/idea: http://starecta.com/body-posture-depends-teeth/ I can't believe that something so obvious has gone mostly unnoticed but the lever theory makes sense. It's now my opinion that most mental disorders are effects stemming from this one cause.
  27. r4ch3l

    Depression: an INT thing?

    I don't know any depressed INTJs. Their worldview is airtight and keeps them in a "pull yourself up by your bootstaps"/depression-is-not-rational-just-get-a-better-chess-strategy kind of mode. Depression seems to be more of an introversion thing...I also have noticed in my own experience that...
  28. r4ch3l

    programming language

    Nah, I meant the best language for me to focus on so I can take over the world. :twisteddevil: jk I just wanna quietly build some sweet passive income or a big payout then do more interesting things.
  29. r4ch3l

    I want to travel.

    This is how my dad feels. He was in the military and then became a top international fly and fix guy in the 80s. Once he had kids and a house he hated traveling and just wanted to enjoy his setup and routine. But, as you say, it's a result of having experienced so much of it. He doesn't have the...
  30. r4ch3l

    programming language

    Python was the first *real* language I took the time to learn from the ground up. It's a very clean language which helps you learn programming concepts in an...organized...sort of way. Later on I had to take a C++ class for school which I HATED. That semester = a loop of me scrunching up my face...
  31. r4ch3l

    Hello fellow INTPs

    I've not studied Zen/Mahayana Buddhism but I did a 10 day Vipassana course last year and sit with the local Tergar meditation group twice a month. Honestly, I've been running on too much adrenaline lately (work stuff) to log any real meditation time... But I highly recommend checking out the...
  32. r4ch3l

    What to study?

    UC Irvine and UC Berkeley have good Cognitive Science programs; UCB's is more science-oriented and UCI's leans toward a more humanities-style curriculum from what I have heard. Both are great schools. I see you're in Canada. Can we magically swap residency status for a couple of years? Because...
  33. r4ch3l

    Last movie you watched

    The other night I was hanging out with my dad and we watched this bizarre spaghetti western called Keoma. I expected it to be completely corny but it was actually fascinating in a strange, surreal sort of way. The soundtrack is something else.
  34. r4ch3l

    Any other oddball INTPs?

    Like what Architect said. I'm also a super-P INTP with very imbalanced Ne running the show. Zero chance I'm an extrovert. Ask anyone who has ever met me. In the last year I've spent a lot of time with another INTP. When we are around one another I seem more like an ENFP and he an INTJ. He's...
  35. r4ch3l

    The hungover club

    Things I Wish Were Real #7645: pho delivery drone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaBrFrAYQeQ
  36. r4ch3l

    What colors do you see?

  37. r4ch3l

    Last movie you watched

    Saw Whiplash tonight. Enjoyed it very much. To me it was mostly a movie about male psychology, respect, and the reasons you go into something turning into something very different and far more powerful...
  38. r4ch3l

    See ya, Spock... and Thanks for All the Fish.

    Leonard and his son on set.
  39. r4ch3l

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    nailed it.
  40. r4ch3l

    Blogs worth following

    :segen: sleeping ever again
  41. r4ch3l

    Information junkie

    Yeah. It can be a legitimate problem. Just before I joined INTPf I was in a dark place. Had saved up a bunch of money and didn't need to work for a few months while I finished the last three courses required to graduate. Got so into my research that I stopped leaving the house and read around...
  42. r4ch3l

    I'm no different from a can of pineapple

    I agree. It sounds like you (addressing zerkalo now) are almost finished. I'd stick it out for those last 1-3 more years and start making plans to take a significant break after you graduate. Take some time to plot your next moves while experiencing life outside of university. You're burned out...
  43. r4ch3l

    List of Intellectually Stimulating Videos (scenefinale recommendations)

    I'm gonna check out that Scala course. Thanks for the recommendations. Have intended to watch Ghost in the Shell for a long time but never got around to it.
  44. r4ch3l

    Last movie you watched

    Just read the script. Protagonist certainly vibes INTP...gonna watch the film itself later if I finish my homework.
  45. r4ch3l

    How do you plan to express your theories?

    I'd like to eventually finish the book I've been working on for a couple of years. A longer term life goal is to create a new system of object oriented math/functions/logic notation. My INTP friend and I always talk about doing a podcast called Deep Packet Introspection where we compare...
  46. r4ch3l

    Silicon Valley

    There's gotta be at least a couple of people who find this thing highly entertaining. New promo released a couple ov days ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwTonKwwzYM If you're not familiar with the show this is the best possible introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx3wDTzqDTs
  47. r4ch3l

    Women in STEM

    @Architect, I remember you expressing similar opinions way back when I was active on the forum and inquiring about going into CS as a slightly older (say, 23 -- 28) year old student. I felt frustrated because my path/interests/education indicated that programming could be a good fit... and...
  48. r4ch3l

    How to study math as an INTP

    I understand what you are saying but I think that if you integrate this sort of "Math History" (like Art History!) in the younger years it can help give a sense of the bigger picture and help inform kids of the reasons why they should put the work into learning the details and the not-so-fun...
  49. r4ch3l

    Learning full stack development

    I know that the term is controversial in the programming world, so let's just say that I want to learn the MEAN stack in order to clearly define what a 'full stack developer' is/does without getting into any scuffles. ;) Do any of you programmer INTPs know of some resources that explain the...
  50. r4ch3l

    Philosophy Major

    http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/top-best-most/a-philosophy-degree-earns-more-than-an-accounting-degree-121403186.html I was a philosophy major. It happened by accident. I just kept going to the only classes I wasn't bored in. Toward the end of the degree all my work was centered around logic...
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