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  1. peoplesuck

    Women freak me out

    I google searched it and couldn't find anything substantial. It makes me extremely uncomfortable to be around women, dumpster fire or beautiful. I avoid women as much as I can, i'm sort of terrified of them. I don't feel fear, but they make me so ungodly uncomfortable I just avoid them. What...
  2. peoplesuck

    perceptions of sclera tattoos

    I think these are neat and would consider getting one once its more studied. What do you think the perceptions would be of someone with their eye tattooed?
  3. peoplesuck

    Creatine psa

    If you are planning on hitting up the gym and getting ripped you should do your research about your supplements. I asked a few people about creatine and generally everyone said it was great and a little bit of internet searching pulled up hair loss but it was very rare/ not shown in studies. I...
  4. peoplesuck

    language classes at universities

    Im curious as to what sort of experiences others have had with university language classes. I signed up for a german class this semester and after two classes I realized I was paying to teach myself german and get almost zero practice using it. Since I had already taught myself a second language...
  5. peoplesuck

    The importance of touch

    So there is all this stuff on the internet https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/201303/the-power-touch https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/wired-success/201503/8-reasons-why-we-need-human-touch-more-ever...
  6. peoplesuck

    increasing discipline and stuff

    I looked at my life a few weeks ago and I realized something scary, I am not going to reach the goals i have set with the current amount of effort i am giving. I have decided to do everything i can to improve myself and my situation, I thought it would be neat to document and see what changes. I...
  7. peoplesuck

    how long does it take to reprogram your attention-span

    Or can you even reprogram your attention-span? I thought it would be an interesting experiment to go a week without music-youtube-games-movies. etc. lowering the sensory input and maybe lowering how much sensory input you need for something to be interesting enough to hold your focus. Thoughts?
  8. peoplesuck

    swedens gender neutral schools

    THE URL-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sPj8HhbwHs Thoughts? Do you think this will even out the suicide rates in boys and girls and all of the other stuffs Try to avoid the parents and focus on the school system ;) I had thought it would be awesome to raise a kid gender neutral to see how...
  9. peoplesuck

    Need sugestions

    Im going to see a psychiatrist soon and have symptoms of bipolar. Schizotypal. Anorexia. Anxiety. Aspergers. Depresion. Schizophrenia. Maybe. More but i cant afford a ton of sessions for a single diagnosis and so i may just try and get something for bipolar or schizotypal or depresssion idk what...
  10. peoplesuck

    another question

    So I had one person empathize with me and open up, now I have emotions. I feel the things I never did. my feelings have gone from ripples in a puddle to waves in an ocean. very simple question : what the fuck happened and how? what did this person do to me? I wont post anymore dumb shit for a...
  11. peoplesuck

    losing motivation to do anything meaningful

    for the last few years my lack of motivation has gotten really bad, and is currently getting much worse. barely have the motivation to pass high school. i wanted to do neuroscience, but knowing all the uninteresting things that go with getting a degree sounds impossible. is this...
  12. peoplesuck

    do your memories have ages

    can you remember what age you were in your memories
  13. peoplesuck

    intps differentiating avolition from wishful thinking

    how can you differentiate the two? for intps it seems harder than others. side question (that i could look up but im lazy and sick af) are the areas in the brain related to motor control and ration thinking close to each other? if so i think that might be why Stephen hawking is so good at...
  14. peoplesuck

    pedophilia and a logical society

    I think this falls under philosophy:confused: ey some controversial stuff so if you cant handle stuff, dont if this thread already existed kill this one. i can never find stuff with intp search engine sorry
  15. peoplesuck

    favorite art styles

    post a picture with a sentence or so describing what/why the proportions are interesting since they look alright, but are ridiculous if the image doesnt work its alucard from hellsing ultimate
  16. peoplesuck

    talking mice

    Researchers have found a gene that could explain why we developed language and speech while our closest living relatives, the chimps, did not. http://www.livescience.com/7973-human-speech-gene.html from my understanding these mice have been given certain bird dna to enable them to chirp...
  17. peoplesuck

    most complex/difficult books you have read

    i have only read one book that was actually challenging to keep up with the plot. gardens of the moon best description of the difficulty ive read was: like the third book in a ten book series its the first book though:cat:
  18. peoplesuck

    inner monologue and thinking point of view

    how do u refer to yourself,thinking perspective,:cthulhu: ect n sht
  19. peoplesuck

    defense mechanisms test

    interesting little test. http://psychologia.co/defense-mechanisms/ this is a pretty personal subject so i understand if u dun show the results ;) did you find it accurate? Regression: 30 Displacement: 50 Denial: 10 Repression: 30 Intellectualization: 60 Reaction formation: 10 Projection: 80...
  20. peoplesuck

    fun critical thinking test

    http://www.cof.orst.edu/cof/teach/for442/quizzes/q1003.htm i only got 69% :/
  21. peoplesuck


    So i read this from some article: "If you stop speaking, the number of neurons that are active, or could be active, for that process will get smaller, and the neurons that were once active for speech will become co-opted to do other things." and i was wondering what the neurons that were...
  22. peoplesuck

    identifying non24 sleep wake syndrome

    I was not sure what category this would be, since it seems to be a neurological disorder.. Does anyone know how to tell non24 sleep wake syndrome from really bad sleep habits? its either this or delayed sleep phase syndrome, but since people with dsps seem to have normal-ish sleep schedules it...
  23. peoplesuck

    job recomendations

    Hello, im an intp and i was just wondering what kind of job you would recommend for someone who cringes at the idea of teamwork. I really like: science psychology engineering physics. my favorite of the few would be science. Im just trying to find a job with creative freedom and little teamwork...
  24. peoplesuck

    creative potential

    Do you think it would be easier to have an original idea/ invention if you live in a time with very little knowledge and lots of possibilities, or a time with lots of knowledge to build on but less possibilities? If you live in a time with much less knowledge you will have mental barriers...
  25. peoplesuck

    what theories do you find most intellectually stimulating?

    Open thread, theory can be any type?( what ever you find interesting) ATM i have been looking into the string theory. The fourth dimension is something im trying to understand, little confused though. :cat: how i felt after watching a video on the 4th dimension.
  26. peoplesuck

    one more thing i'm overthinking.

    I am tired so i'm just going to write, and try and finish this in 20 minutes or less. So the majority of my life when i get in trouble at school i always get the same treatment. Your so smart why do you make bad choices? -or something along those lines, lately ive asked them why they think im...
  27. peoplesuck

    Imaginary people,i don't see them

    could only the people who have N over S answer the poll. I was wondering how many Ne Ni types had imaginary friends/ likes to play imaginary games.
  28. peoplesuck

    differences between intp and intj

    I have looked this up and watched videos and i dont see much difference, so if someone could tell me the biggest difference that would be great :). you can turn this thread into whats the difference between x and y.
  29. peoplesuck

    what do you do when you are stressed/pushed?

    When i ask this i am talking about when someone tests your patience and you need to work with them. Also to the point where they are really making you crazy. When this happens i usually withdraw and everything around me seems surreal, very interesting exp. Wasn't sure if this would be...
  30. peoplesuck

    worst personality type to be

    I am still learning about typology so i cant say much for other types. In my exp. being an Intp sucks a lot. I only know one other INTP and im 99% sure hes Entp since he knows nothing about personal space. I cant relate to anyone i know and lets be honest, misery loves company. What is your...
  31. peoplesuck

    choosing one side or the other

    please only intp replies- Do you find yourself never picking a side, just going over pros and cons of each? I hate picking one side because you're ignoring all the things wrong and the pros of the other side.
  32. peoplesuck

    Moved: How often do you have emotional outbursts?

    I usually get these like once a year because family will come over and i get no time to be alone. Side note, does anyone else have a weird insomnia where you cant turn off your mind?
  33. peoplesuck

    cold light?

    This is my last post for a while and i was interested in if cold light is possible?(not a bulb) i asked my science teacher and she said that she doesn't think it is until we are able to control nitrogen. I dont know much about this topic and couldnt find much so if this is a stupid question, sorry.
  34. peoplesuck

    why are right and wrong treated as fact?

    I dont understand people who act like an opinion has any value. it changes nothing. If you do what you believe is right i think you arent a bad person for what you do. If others dont like what you do its probably because you didnt think it through well but still acceptable.if you think you are...
  35. peoplesuck

    How do you feel normally mentally?

    I took a nap in my room when it was like 80-90 degrees and i woke up feeling completely lost,blank. I dont know if thats bad but my mind was so blank it took time to remember what i had done that day. It was a great feeling because i usually have a thousand things going on at once.
  36. peoplesuck

    any adrenaline junkies here? If so whats your "thing"?

    I am usually safe but for some reason going fast on a motorcycle is too fun, i love the "no stomach" feeling. does this make me an adrenalin junkie?:angel01:
  37. peoplesuck

    how can you tell if someone is insecure or touchy?

    I ask tons of questions in school and when i make the teacher look dumb they always say don't question my teaching strategy. are they touchy or insecure? side ? last year my teacher was being really touchy, so i said "you take yourself too seriously" and in the moment i didn't know the exact...
  38. peoplesuck

    If you are intelligent does it mean you have to be good at making strategies?

    I have been told my whole life i am brilliant, I have taken many IQ tests and always score above avg and i was playing chess the other day and couldn't beat the comp. I may just be bad at chess but does intelligent mean you are capable of using it xD?
  39. peoplesuck

    random questions.

    Does light reflect light?Do cats with more whiskers have better balance?Does air have a color? most of these are probably stupid, ask w/e you want
  40. peoplesuck

    Is my minds way of dealing with problems normal?

    So i noticed this when i was figuring out what type of hypersensitive hearing i have. One of the types was, certain sounds make you mad, this is definitely me. When someone taps a pen my first thought is to make them stop, take the pen and stab them. I never do things like that but my first...
  41. peoplesuck

    extroverts change to introverts?

    when i was a kid(still am) i was very extroverted. Im now a complete asocial loner. Ive done some research on introversion and introverts have different brains( receive info different), they also have longer dopamine pathways. So how does someone turn into and introvert?( I dont know much about...
  42. peoplesuck

    Is suicide selfish?

    I got this from some anti bullying video. said that suicide hurts everyone who knows you so its selfish. I disagree, anyone who wants you to be miserable, wanting to die every day doesn't even like you. imo :l just to clear this up im not suicidal was just an argument i had with myself xD
  43. peoplesuck

    post your favorite jokes, skits

    I for some reason find it hilarious when someone freaks out or dry humor.if you want smart comedy i recommend myq kalpan.
  44. peoplesuck

    poll how much do intps like people?

    just answer the poll;)
  45. peoplesuck

    human genome and the possibilities with it.

    I learned we have mapped the entire human genome and i was wondering what are the biggest changes we can currently make/change. Also i would like to know the kind of things that this can be used for in the future. i think it would be amazing to make people with lion mains or cat eyes. use...
  46. peoplesuck

    introversion is nature here is why.

    I have looked this up and found that people are not sure if being introverted is nature or nurture. I have read a few books on the subject and they talked about how introverts have different dopamine pathways.(not exactly sure what it was called, do not have the book with me.) they actually...
  47. peoplesuck

    why do we vocalize pain.

    I have not done research on this, i was just wanting to see what everyone's opinions are. My first guess was to scare away what ever is causing the pain but i don't think that would ever work. when i say pain i mean like physical pain.
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