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  1. ActiveMind

    Do you plan to help the world? How?

    I came up with a plan to change things along the lines of Zeitgeist and/or Project Venus where integrated automation becomes the primary workforce, freeing people to live their lives, free of indentured servitude and toward pursuits they always imagined doing but couldn't due to limiting life...
  2. ActiveMind

    What is your purpose in life?

    This is a subject I've been spending a lot of time on. For INTPs I think life purpose is centered around the ability and will to create. I find that if I'm not being creative or active in the creation of ideas or objects, life tends to be depressing and stale. However, if there are no...
  3. ActiveMind

    Hey, What is your career? Does programming really suit intp?

    Any of you guys try working a 'field' job? I believe it suits the INTP desire to work by oneself, from home, or a place where you don't feel confined by a boss or even an office. It may be a better career option to change things up.
  4. ActiveMind

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    Manipulation of hands as if I know magic. I swear it works sometimes!
  5. ActiveMind

    'Aliens, UFO's & Spirituality'

    I saw an episode of Unsolved Mysteries years ago that showed how they would use concealed pig's blood during the 'surgery' to give the impression they were manipulating the body's internal organs while having the patient hold a crucifix or small cross the whole time. The episode went on to show...
  6. ActiveMind

    'Aliens, UFO's & Spirituality'

    It's interesting you mention Psy-Ops as I thought it could be a possibility. But upon further reflection, I find it hard to imagine what agenda could be behind revealing the core aspect of all organized religion(we are one). I watched a video interview with the LL Research team thinking I'd...
  7. ActiveMind

    'Aliens, UFO's & Spirituality'

    This subject fascinates me immensely since pouring over the seemingly endless amounts of info coming from the web. There's of course a lot of disinfo and whatnot, so it can be very hard to remain objective. The two pieces of info that stand out the most to me is the Hidden Hand posts from GLP...
  8. ActiveMind

    Game Programming for INTPs?

    So the consensus appears to be Python and C#. What about Java for mobile?
  9. ActiveMind

    i'm not an engineer, i'm an artist.

    I've been drawing since childhood so I love art. Friends and family say I should go online and sell my stuff but I tend to get inside my head about it and end up never committing to it. Honestly, I don't think I'm good enough, while I've seen people who have a lesser understanding of anatomy...
  10. ActiveMind

    What do you do to manage and release stress?

    Just wondering about what outlets and techniques fellow INTPs use to manage and release stress? I have issues with stress release even though I am fairly active physically, enjoy gaming and drawing among other interests. It's like I don't know how to channel the stress or anger in order...
  11. ActiveMind

    Is wasted potential common amongst INTPs?

    I've come to the conclusion that a lot of INTPs may not have a sense of their true life purpose. This is something that I've been looking into a lot recently since I feel life has become stagnant and unsatisfying. Watching some self help videos, it seems having a lot of life experiences as...
  12. ActiveMind

    Is wasted potential common amongst INTPs?

    I think the problem for many of us INTPs is finding our life purpose. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a comic book artist. However, like the OP, I felt the educational system has done more to ruin than enlighten and I feel that I also have untapped potential. I now work in IT as a...
  13. ActiveMind

    Your life goals? Dreams?

    It's definitely hard to achieve big dreams when the obstacles getting there seem so insurmountable. But if you face the truth about whatever it is we want to do, it's ultimately our minds that prevent us from achieving whatever goals or dreams we have. Guys like Jacque Fresco and Peter...
  14. ActiveMind

    INTP's are becoming obsolete

    Tell that to the people who want money for the goods their robots produce. Or robots produce abundance to a degree where money for necessities becomes obsolete. Hope for the latter, prepare for the former.
  15. ActiveMind

    INTP Fields of Interest

    What do you guys think about video game development as a career option?
  16. ActiveMind

    INTP's are becoming obsolete

    I see a huge disparity in terms of unskilled laborers vs. automation in the near future where people in general will become obsolete. Even skilled professions could be programmed algorithms depending on the field. I believe this point in time is where the INTP will be needed most - How will...
  17. ActiveMind

    INTP's are becoming obsolete

    I think unskilled labor will be eliminated or hugely reduced through basic automation(INTP created?),and the freedom that 3D printers provide will be huge catalysts for the evolution of jobs and how people will live in the future. But at some point, surely we'll need people for space...
  18. ActiveMind

    How do you feel about videos in which people die?

    Saw a gif where some dudes ran across a racetrack while cars were at high speed. One guy makes it, the other is eviscerated. Once in a while you'll even see it on the news where some foreign militant suddenly goes down or you'll see aftermath, all on network TV. I'm pretty used to it now but...
  19. ActiveMind

    The ideal INTP career

    I'm toying around with writing some science fiction but I've heard some good money can be made from writing trashy romance stuff. Apparently, women eat it up if it's written halfway decent, though my INTP-ness would work to improve the quality of writing to where it may or may not ever get done....
  20. ActiveMind

    INTP problems

    For me it's the ability to be heard. I have all these ideas on ways to improve life (in my mind) for myself and others but trying to explain it all to others while being labeled and dismissed is frustrating to no end. Motivation and focus is in a state of ebb and flow when it could be in...
  21. ActiveMind

    How can INTPs make bank?

    More interested in learning to live without being coerced to be a slave to it.
  22. ActiveMind

    Do INTPs need secretarial help to get stuff done?

    As INTPs, we all have highly creative minds. In a lot of cases, we'd like to see our ideas brought to fruition, however with our penchant for procrastination, and a loss of motivation due to over thinking and/or perfectionism, a lot of potentially great ideas are waylaid by our lack of will...
  23. ActiveMind


    Success is being happy in life.
  24. ActiveMind

    Who programs, or wants to get into programming?

    Tried taking an online course which culminated in me programming a pop-up window that reads: "Sorry, Hooker!!!" Other than that, it made me very unhappy due to all the tedium involved to get to that point.
  25. ActiveMind

    What is the Nature of Consiousness?

    Sorry, the nature of consciousness is to experience, which is an evolutionary process, IMO. We are conscious at birth, though we do not remember it, yet as the years pass, we have unique experiences across an equally unique spectrum, our consciousness continually evolves. Therefore, it is to...
  26. ActiveMind

    Deep down do you secretly think the world is awesome?

    If it weren't for so many people imposing their authority, yeah, I think it would be a much better place.
  27. ActiveMind

    "Does anyone else find the concept/practice of empathy incredibly disturbing?"

    This is a problem I've discovered about myself recently. I went to see a counselor who said Active Listening is a key to developing your empathy. I realize it's hard not to get bored by small talk and stuff INTPs shy away from, but it helps build social aptitude as well as interpersonal...
  28. ActiveMind

    What is the Nature of Consiousness?

    To experience.
  29. ActiveMind

    What Are INTP's Passionate About?

    Martial arts, drawing, setting a new and better example, new technologies, imagining and coming up with ideas for new technologies using existing hardware, altered states of consciousness, etc.
  30. ActiveMind

    What is your easiest method of learning?

    By doing and not reading boring material.
  31. ActiveMind

    INTP's and Cognitive Disorders

    I've pretty much always sucked at math to where I have to count with fingers at times. I believe my understanding of math concepts was damaged at an early age. Its quite frustrating since I'm able to apply other logic based concepts quite well. I tried Kumon before but was coerced into...
  32. ActiveMind

    I want to roam the world and be free

    I think there should be places all over the world where INTPs could go to fulfill that longing since we all seem to get that urge now and again. I imagine it would be a place in the middle of nowhere, where we could pursue our interests with other INTPs be it logic, truth, or whatever it is we...
  33. ActiveMind

    I can shut off my emotions.

    I like to think of this behavior as if you can just turn off your Kirk/McCoy and turn on your Spock. It definitely helps where emotion would be less desirable and logic prevails, but can look like a 'non-human, green-blooded sunnuvabitch' to those who don't understand. Also, like Vulcans, the...
  34. ActiveMind

    Pros/Cons of Programming for an INTP

    Tried a Just BASIC class online. Utter boredom and minutiae ensued.
  35. ActiveMind

    Sociopath Dovahkiin

    Definitely don't like the lack of locational damage. You ever take a bolt or arrow to the head, you're done. Hate that NPCs actually seem less interactive and less realistic as newer games come out. I actually don't steal stuff if it says steal in red, unless it's one of those Jazzbay grapes...
  36. ActiveMind

    INTP Support Group to help others get stuff done

    Hey thanks a lot! Appreciate the help!
  37. ActiveMind

    INTP Support Group to help others get stuff done

    So I had this idea where we post whatever it is we want to do or work on, and those who have knowledge or interest in the subject can post links, resources, inspiration, or even just a positive note in order to help other INTPs finish whatever it is they want to do but don't quite have the...
  38. ActiveMind

    Is it possible to become more intelligent?

    There's this guy named Dave Asprey who came out and said he was able to increase his IQ by 20 points within a week using some kind of sound machine that was connected to his head, IIRC. Oh wait!!! Found a link to his site...
  39. ActiveMind

    Pros/Cons of Programming for an INTP

    The problem with this subject, I find is that I don't have the money nor the inclination to go back to school for x amount of years to learn one thing (not the INTP way). But then again, I also want to have a clear understanding of how and why, something that is scarce in my experience and...
  40. ActiveMind

    You've been turned into an android. How do you tune yourself?

    Since it seems that you guys have the aging thing figured out, I would like to figure out the dynamics of altering the body for flight purposes. Either through self gravitational field generation, or perhaps a limb modification where one could transform their arms and legs into an aerodynamic...
  41. ActiveMind

    Pros/Cons of Programming for an INTP

    I'm seriously considering programming as another skill to add to my repertoir. Unfortunately, math is probably my worst subject. Is programming more about mathematical formulas or is it more of a language than actual math a la HTML? Also, what, if any, are the easiest programming languages to...
  42. ActiveMind

    I was an INTP, but I've evolved into something new!

    Hurm... like you, I've also noticed that use of psychedelics has a profound effect on an INTP. I think that the influx of non-linear thoughts that come from marijuana or mushroom use can be beneficial to the INTP if they're able to use in a measured way. Personally, I think my life has...
  43. ActiveMind

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    I crack myself up all the time, plus I have conversations with myself. Very normal. IMO.
  44. ActiveMind

    The option of an Intp dominant society: How bad do we want it?

    I think hierarchical thinking is the reason why people feel the need to 'rule' over others and why society is the way it is now. Therefore, I think the question should be rather, which types, objectively, are best suited for improving society?
  45. ActiveMind

    Inside the INTP Bodybuilder - The guided tour

    I go to the gym to lift twice a week to build conditioning for martial arts. I don't really enjoy it like others seem to do but I have developed a routine to where I can just get the lifting done then leave because I don't like the meat market environment. The problem a lot of people face when...
  46. ActiveMind

    People who don't work shouldn't live?

    I think as INTPs, this is an area where our approach to improving the world comes in handy. However, I think the sensibilities towards day jobs and whatnot is beginning to change and evolve. Instead of a hierarchy, why isn't the job-place more of a co-op? Knowing your job instead of someone...
  47. ActiveMind

    Do ALL INTPs like Computers, Math and Logic?

    I suck at math, it's probably my worst subject quite honestly. My teachers could never spend enough time with me to answer in depth questions because it would've held back the rest of the class. I think the problem may be the same with other INTPs who aren't proficient at math as well...
  48. ActiveMind

    We're all Slaves! All of Us!

    Here's an interesting video someone pointed me to a while back. Seems relevant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=127BR5b8Hm4
  49. ActiveMind

    People thinking you're judging them.

    I find that I like to people watch. Not in a creepy way, as you all might know. 'Staring' at people is frowned upon in society. Therefore, the best way to be observational of others without having to necessarily interact is by wearing dark sunglasses. Of course, it's best to not be completely...
  50. ActiveMind

    INTPs and sticking to goals.

    I had a problem with running to stay in shape all the time too. I felt like I was a slave because I couldn't focus on something so mundane and linear. I've since switched back to martial arts, which is just as good, if not better cardio-wise than running IMO, plus application of proper...
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