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    Nev to me. What is it?
  2. Mushroom identification

    These grow here and there, quite a lot of them at times. What are they? Can I eat them? I tried feeding it to the cows. One ate them, and seemed to like it. Some others didn't want it. The are small, maybe 2-4cm high. I think they are the same, but different stage in growth.
  3. The arcade?

    Will it be back, I'm missing it? Thanks.
  4. Are you still alive Fairy?

    I think I like this place.
  5. Surveying the land (or bed as I recently read)

    This place is a lot bigger now then when I first visited. Looks great. I'm kinda paranoid, or not. Not sure. Suspect I'm not intp, but it's the closest I have found. I'm still investigating this. I also like INTP boards due to the diversity of topics. Looking forward to share my ideas...
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