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  1. ActiveMind

    What do you do to manage and release stress?

    Just wondering about what outlets and techniques fellow INTPs use to manage and release stress? I have issues with stress release even though I am fairly active physically, enjoy gaming and drawing among other interests. It's like I don't know how to channel the stress or anger in order...
  2. ActiveMind

    Do INTPs need secretarial help to get stuff done?

    As INTPs, we all have highly creative minds. In a lot of cases, we'd like to see our ideas brought to fruition, however with our penchant for procrastination, and a loss of motivation due to over thinking and/or perfectionism, a lot of potentially great ideas are waylaid by our lack of will...
  3. ActiveMind

    INTP Support Group to help others get stuff done

    So I had this idea where we post whatever it is we want to do or work on, and those who have knowledge or interest in the subject can post links, resources, inspiration, or even just a positive note in order to help other INTPs finish whatever it is they want to do but don't quite have the...
  4. ActiveMind

    Contour Crafting (TEDx)

    Fascinating how fast technology evolves. The inventor is realistic about how this process would change the construction field when and if something like this goes into mass production. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=JdbJP8Gxqog...
  5. ActiveMind

    Hello, my friends!!!

    Good afternoon everyone, So I recently took the MBTI test and, to my surprise, find out I'm an INTP and all the stuff I thought was unique to me is acually quite normal. Basically from there it's just been a lot of self-discovery and looking to fulfill the potential I thought I always had...
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