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  1. Hadoblado

    Who not to listen to

    There are a lot of people on this planet. Most of them think they have something to say, but you've only got one lifetime and a finite supply of patience. You don't have the luxury of knowing whether what someone will say is valuable until you hear it, so you develop heuristics for who you...
  2. Hadoblado

    Times you've changed your mind

    INTPs are supposed to be pretty open-minded. They're supposed to be curious. This forum should reflect that. But I'm sitting here and it's been a while since I changed my mind on anything meaningful. And I can't remember many recent instances where other people have either. I'm concerned that...
  3. Hadoblado

    151 Pokemon memory test challenge

    I posted this in gaming because it only applies to people who have at some point gamed. I'm interested in how aspects of pokemon are conducive to ease of memorisation. I'm pretty confident that, despite not having picked up a pokemon cartridge in many years, I could still name a good portion...
  4. Hadoblado

    P-hacking and scientific integrity

    I feel like one of the barriers to bridging conversations between people on the forum is the science/mysticism divide. Falling on the science side, it often seems to me that people understand that there are limitations to science, but they interpret these as fatal, which conveniently allows them...
  5. Hadoblado

    The advantages of conscientiousness

    This forum is full of people who can but won't do. I'm one of them. While conscientiousness is considered a personality trait, and therefore relatively stable, it can be fostered. It's something that takes effort even for those people who have it, though it takes them less effort to maintain...
  6. Hadoblado

    How good is your metacognition

    Make a meta-metacognitive statement about yourself. Why have you arrived at this conclusion? The INTP profile seems like it's open enough to allow its err... adherents... to decide whether they're good or bad at metacognition without compromising their identity. I think I'm okay at it in some...
  7. Hadoblado

    Intellectual vs. Pseudointellectual

    I see these terms being thrown around a fair bit, but I don't really see how they're useful to honest discourse. I see them either as an appeal to authority, or an ad hominem. The definitions for 'intellectual' are diverse, and seem to conform to the needs of the speaker. Likewise...
  8. Hadoblado

    Giant Death Robot RTS - Zero K

    Come get me One of my favourite games of all time just got released on steam. The only thing that was holding it back before was the size of its community (and subsequent difficulty finding good matches). It's completely free, with no hidden costs or intentions to monetise. I've played a long...
  9. Hadoblado

    Forum Commentary - The Peanut Gallery

    I'd like to have somewhere where people can post their thoughts on the state and happenings of the forum without it being some formal undertaking. Just a place for organic observations from all perspectives. This is a place for sharing perspectives on the social aspects of INTPforum. You may...
  10. Hadoblado

    Everyday ethical/moral conundrums

    No overly specific hypotheticals allowed dummies! Provide your own, or answer others. Or you know, both. Try to answer as truthfully as possible, what you would actually do, not what you think you or others should do. It's late at night, you're driving along an uninhabited road, you can see...
  11. Hadoblado


    Incest is fine. There is nothing wrong with it. Every instance of incest I can think of that is wrong is wrong for reasons other than that it is incestuous. Prove me wrong.
  12. Hadoblado

    New mods!

    Higs and Adaire have joined the moderation team. !!! Please leave tribute.
  13. Hadoblado

    Why do we like online tests?

    I was recently called out for being a bit of a stick in the mud about a test: I guess in my mind, people can say they're not taking the tests seriously, but at some level I think they might be? Not because they're necessarily completely ignorant of the goals of the test maker, though a lot of...
  14. Hadoblado

    INTPf Policy Change

    Hi guys. Given our most recent drama, there’s been some discussion in the modbox and elsewhere over to what extent the expression of damaging opinions should be facilitated on this forum. On the one hand, this is a place about discussing ideas. It’s explicitly stated in the CoC that all...
  15. Hadoblado

    Redbaron is now madmin

    Quiver in fear as he cuts swathes of gibbering hanzo mains from your rank and file. Rag even knighted him heself. What a nice guy <3<3
  16. Hadoblado

    How good are you at spotting a lie?

    And how do you know how good you are? I've generally acted in such a way that it wasn't important for me to know whether people were lying. It never felt like that important a skill - but recently it's somewhat of an hobby level obsession. We've covered it a fair bit in a unit at...
  17. Hadoblado

    But what is thinker?

    Ideas: 1) Thinkers are just superior logical people who can handle emotions 2) Thinkers experience less emotions so it's comparitively easier to choose logic over them 3) Thinkers experience more emotion to the point they can't interpret it easily In the webserial I'm currently rereading (worm)...
  18. Hadoblado

    Example of how MBTI is seen in academia

    ~ My lecturer for organisational psychology I've heard a few bits and pieces about how MBTI is seen in academic circles, but this is the most direct statement I've found so far (it's consistent with everything else I've heard). The lecturer in question is extremely competent (though I don't...
  19. Hadoblado

    The value of IQ

    IQ has been talked about a lot on this forum. I think the way it's talked about is a subversion of the intention behind measures of intelligence, but also does those pursuing objective measures of their intelligence a disservice. If you think it's important to pursue IQ, can you explain why?
  20. Hadoblado

    D&D Character Creation

    I don't know if people are still doing D&D on here. Feel free to help me out, or to post your own character concepts. Chaotic Neutral 'Trickster' Utility/Striker Warlock
  21. Hadoblado

    29/12/2016 Forum Drama Resolution

    Hi guys Part of the most recent drama was the outcry that we don't talk about science anymore. Why limit it to talk? Let's do some science. I have enacted the following change: - Sinny banned for one month, potentially permanently. If the following conditions are met, the change...
  22. Hadoblado

    How to Implement Design in Language

    One of my pet peeves is how terminology evolves irrationally. As a kid I used to dream of redesigning the alphabet and English as a language so that people would no longer need to take an English class past learning the letters (which would be easier since they'd all do one thing - there'd be no...
  23. Hadoblado

    Split from trolley problem: The value of HR testing

    Oh oh oh really? Huh. Okay so if you start in the top left you're conformist and unthinking. If you start in the middle of the page this shows a preference for leaving your options open. You don't have a strong plan but you leave yourself room to figure it out as you go along (accepted...
  24. Hadoblado

    Reception to positivity

    Something has changed in my head. I noticed while playing computer games a month or so back. The automated camaraderie of other players, the things that are said by the character and not the player, I felt myself accepting them. Positive meaningless things. It's like I can feel the...
  25. Hadoblado


    Do not click me. Better than agar.io I'd tell you about it but that would be time spent not playing.
  26. Hadoblado

    Foundry for Lexicon

    From where cometh new words? Here of course! Two intentions: - Crowd sourcing new words - Proposing new words If the word is liked enough people will use it. There is no criteria for whether a suggestion is accepted.
  27. Hadoblado

    Lessons Learned from Gaming

    Relevant background thread: Cog's epiphany Games are about learning. They're like drugs or masturbation, hijacking our neurological infrastructure to make us reproduce an enjoyable action that wasn't 'intended'. Except the outcome isn't homelessly jerking off into a cardboard box under a...
  28. Hadoblado


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZNSaePjenU This came up on my feed. It's short and the author has a good pace so is easy to keep engaged by. (ENTP?) He goes on a rant about how the term 'continent' doesn't actually have a consistent definition, and allows for it's utility as a means of...
  29. Hadoblado

    Adventures in Gob'Lund: Good Campaign Yes?

    Welcome! Everyone has completed their pre-campaign lead up, so I may as well have you introduce yourselves. Here's the relevant context for any onlookers: It's morning. Those who agreed to all stand outside the Rad'Raxian estate. Bundy is with you: He's alongside a gentleman...
  30. Hadoblado

    Pathfinder: Good Campaign Yes?

    Hello0! I am writing to inform you, the gumptious aspiring adventurer that I’m not dead, and the campaign is coming along nicely. Now that I’m finally getting around to learning the roll20 system (far better than that fool RB), the remaining obstacles are few indeed! Currently the list of...
  31. Hadoblado

    Pathfinder Cagematch #1: Cog vs. Blar

    Welcome to the arena!! Our two players today will be Blarraun starting in the top, and Cognisant in the bottom. Blaurrun: Little is known of this player other than his practiced grasp of the ruleset and his relentless pursuit of powerful builds. Cognisant: A less experienced, but highly...
  32. Hadoblado

    Infinity Wars ~ Come and Play plzty

    Infinity Wars is the best game I've played in a looooooong time. It's a free DCG (digital card game). Available on Steam. It's much more open-ended than it's popular rival Hearthstone, utilising an innovative commander faction system that allows for creativity in deck-building and piloting...
  33. Hadoblado

    Civ 5: Shoshone Guide

    Hey guys... It's recently come to my attention that I have far too much spare time since quitting uni <3<3<3 ...is bored...is do things.... Other than freelance security guard work (srsly, I get paid in sandwiches), I've been looking for something to do. Civ 5 fills a gap, writing guides for...
  34. Hadoblado

    MBTI merch?

    Would you wear it in any form? If so, what? I stopped for a minute and thought about it, and I think I wouldn't mind wearing a plain hoodie with my type on it. Anybody who doesn't know what it means won't care, and it's surprising just how many people know a little (I've met 5-6 people out of...
  35. Hadoblado

    Exam Time Limits and Anxiety

    I'm doing an assignment on anxiety at the moment that is specific to university students. While justifying the requirement for a scale of anxiety to screen for those in need, I wrote a paragraph on people high in anxiety requiring more time on exams. This seems unfair on other students, but...
  36. Hadoblado

    Piaget: Explanation of Bias Against Sensors

    The degree to which we here on the forum are biased against sensors, and the legitimacy of such a bias, is often the subject of debate. I personally prefer intuitives, but don't believe that this is necessarily the product of an actual superiority inherent in intuitive thought. I was just...
  37. Hadoblado

    Model of Depression and Motivation

    I just had a massive Ni moment (even though it's a shadow). I'm not sure if the literature already contains such a model, as it's not an area I have spent much time studying. I do have depression, and the aspect that I find most difficult to deal with is the lack of motivation. This is the first...
  38. Hadoblado

    Study Tracking Thread

    Exams are rolling round, and I have a lot of study to do. Something I have always found is that if you concretely state your goals publicly, it is more difficult to rationalise moving the goal posts. This thread was created with precisely this purpose. State how long you have, how much you...
  39. Hadoblado

    Dual Processing Account of Reasoning

    Dual processing account of reasoning I just came across this in cognition today, how I've never seen it before is beyond me. It seems to be a more scientifically relevant understanding of the thinking/feeling dichotomy. Four hypotheses - Ti is type 2 thinking. - Te is motivated...
  40. Hadoblado

    White Nationalism

    http://www.stormfront.org/forum/ I just randomly ended up on this site after an awry google search. Is there any good side to White Nationalism? I don't really understand how someone could be so venomously ignorant. Am I missing something? Is there some redeeming quality to these views that...
  41. Hadoblado

    Creativity for its own sake

    I find that I prefer to come to understand at my own pace, often forsaking more immediate satiation in the form of textbooks or the internet. I get no kick out of having things explained, my beliefs are largely my own. The only time I ask for help is when I come across something so new to me...
  42. Hadoblado

    Ordinal Hierarchy of Feelings?

    Hi Recently I've been battling depression by going to the gym and being more productive in general. I noticed that rather than being depressed and feeling helpless, I feel angry. I consider this a good thing because while both anger and depression are negative emotional states, anger is a...
  43. Hadoblado

    Other forums you enjoy?

    I tire of this forum, the people are great but the discussions are old. I by no means wish to leave, but this is the only forum I really use, and any attempts to seek greener pastures has been foiled by the glaring inadequacy of said pastures. I've tried INFJ forum, INTJ forum, and the Pcaf INFP...
  44. Hadoblado

    "you look lovely"

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yakx7XC6eg0&feature=g-vrec While I generally find David Mitchell quite funny, this actually sums up one of my inadequacies quite well: I cannot give meaningful compliments. I remember once in high-school we had a fill-in teacher who seemed like a bit of a...
  45. Hadoblado

    Implicit Bigotry Test

    https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/demo/selectatest.html This site tests implicit association between negativity/positivity, and a minority of your choice. I found it very interesting as it revealed where I am on the bigot scale in regard to the general population. I demonstrate a slight...
  46. Hadoblado

    Correcting your teacher?

    I just begun my logic assignment and on the very first question I identified the intention of the problem and that the answer my teacher was looking for is in fact incorrect. I pointed this out to him, and he agreed to give me full marks regardless of the answer I gave. I've heard horror...
  47. Hadoblado

    Specific answers for general questions?

    This is another "I am INTP I do X, you are INTP do you do X?" thread. I have depression and I just went to the doctors for a check up, she kept asking the most open-ended questions without an iota of context. Questions like: - Do you think quickly? My cognition is fine but my process is...
  48. Hadoblado

    Peer Influence & Body Dissatisfaction

    I just had a statistics lecture which made use of an experiment measuring the the correlation of susceptibility to peer influence and body dissatisfaction, as an example of the application of a basic statistical technique. It turns out that there was a weak-moderate positive correlation between...
  49. Hadoblado

    Let's play Diablo III

    I am aware that there are already two Diablo III threads, but I wanted to make one specifically for adding each other. I'm Flacid#6276 and I play in the americas. I roll as witch doctor atm, but will probably change around a bit once I yield to my curiosity.
  50. Hadoblado

    Presentation of Information in Understanding

    This clip is an explanation of the limitations of p-values as opposed to confidence intervals. Needless to say, the topic matter is pretty dry. What I find interesting however, is the way the author communicates the data in a novel way which is not only easy to pay attention to, but to...
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