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  1. final straw

    So, yesterday I did something I've done only once before on this forum, which was to report a post. You might know whom I'm talking about but this member openly posted calls to violence against certain groups, spammed the forum with various vitriol, and wrote things that could have been...
  2. wordclouds 2

    It's time for more word clouds, folks. I think it was @Animekitty who came up with the idea originally, so I'll start with his: as usual everyone in the thread gets a cloud
  3. serac takes issue with climate activism

    It has strengthened my belief that viruses, bacteria, and fungi are orders of magnitude more of an existential threat than eg climate change. School kids like Greta Thunberg have to start spinning the cogwheels in their brains about how to embed infectious decease into a social justice framework
  4. dark energy probably doesn't exist and universe might not be expanding at accelerating rate

    This video talks about a new paper that basically suggests that the Nobel-winning paper which concluded the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate and explained that with "dark energy" was based on erroneous inference The gist of it is this: in order to measure the rate of expansion...
  5. Is self-discipline good or not

    Obviously there is utility in it, but is it justifiable from an aesthetical point of view? To me there is a conflict between being free and having self-discipline and I always end up rebelling against my own rules
  6. Why logical types have poor social skills although social stuff has a logical structure

    Presumably it is a common notion that logical types struggle socially because social stuff doesn't lend itself to logical analysis too easily. It's messy and chaotic. A logical type initially tries various rules: say he's heard that people like it when you show interest in them, so now he starts...
  7. panamath test

    http://panamath.org/testyourself.php I guess I did pretty average, but it should be mentioned I have a significant amount of alcohol in my bloodstream atm:
  8. Humanity about to succumb to drug-resistant fungi and bacteria

    http://science.sciencemag.org/content/360/6390/739 https://amr-review.org/ One particular case which has been seen recently: Candida auris. It's been popping up over the last decade and is resistant to pretty much everything we have. Will this finally give us a chance to experience a...
  9. On The Connexion Between the Inutition MBTI dichtomty and Machine Learning Algorihtms

    in machine learning theory, reinforcement learning is a process close to how humans learn to behave in the world: you learn from experience, but then you have to exploit that experience to make decisions. You can't afford to only explore because you don't have infinitive time and resources. At...
  10. One of the coolest bullet point lists I've seen in a while

    The cause of much contemporary misery in Western countries – criminality, domestic violence, drug addiction, aggressive youths, hooliganism, broken families – is the nihilistic, decadent and/or self-destructive behaviour of people who do not know how to live. Both the smoothing over of this...
  11. Moved from: ENTP info ~ [Serac & Hado quotewars]

    I quite disagree, @Hadoblado. To begin with, none of those three points need to be satisfied in order to make use of MBTI. 1) MBTI is not really a model but a taxonomy of behavioral traits 2) You don't need to do that unless you really believe there is such a thing as discrete types that each...
  12. The Dyatlov Pass Incident

    This case has fascinated me for some time now. It's a famous mystery, but if you haven't heard about it, there's some information about it on wikipedia. There's a lot of theories about what actually happened, but somehow every theory is either very improbable or doesn't explain all the evidence...
  13. The Character Analysis Thread

    I envision this to be a hard-core version of the witch hunt thread. Here, anyone who posts, submits him/her-self to having their character and personality analyzed by others.
  14. There Will Never be a Human Civilization on Mars

    So, as we all know, our contemporary Messiah Elon Musk has the idea of shipping humanity over to Mars in case things turn to shit here on earth. To assess that idea, let us take a look at some realities of life on earth. Take Europe. Historically, eastern Europe has always been less prosperous...
  15. My dating website profile (Split)

    No offense but this just doesn't sound credible to me. It sounds like something you wish to be true, but is limited to that – an abstract ideal. It sounds weird that you would limit the information from the pictures to these crude, objective facts without any consideration of the intuition you...
  16. Project Euler

    Let us solve, discuss and share solutions to problems from the glorious site https://projecteuler.net/.
  17. Statistical Analysis of intpf

    In the Coding thread we were discussing writing something that reads intpf threads and does analysis of them. I did a little implementation of that and downloaded that last 5000 threads. That's about since middle of 2014. Some preliminary stats below. Words written this year...
  18. Popups?

    I've started getting popups on this site. Is this a new thing?
  19. A phenomenon regarding interracial couples

    I have been seeing this for a while now. At first I thought it must be some confirmation bias or just randomness, but at this point I have been seeing it which such consistency that it seems to be a real pattern. The phenomenon is this: at a certain rate, I observe an interracial couple out...
  20. The Coding Thread

    What about a little thread where we post and solve small, cool problems to be solved computationally? I'll kick things off with this one: Write a function that computes the sum of the n first Fibonacci numbers. Print some cases, e.g. n =10, n = 100, n = 10,000. Preferably explain the idea of...
  21. Strangers in the Streets

    When I am walking along a city street, I always find myself very curious about all the strangers passing by. I have had this tendency as long as I can remember, and I could never understand the nonchalant indifference people seem to exhibit towards eachother in the streets. Is that real...
  22. Which ones are the most superstitious introvert types?

    And maybe into woo-woo stuff, spirituality, new-age, weird buddhism stuff, etc. Any ideas?
  23. Using emoticons is a female thing

    souce I pretty much never use emoticons to indicate I am joking. I think that's a good thing. Or is it just that females are more emotionally sophisticated?
  24. How do people in the West avoid Nihlism nowadays?

    Sitting in a coffee shop and looking around, I cannot say I see many nihilists. People seem happy and engaged in their pursuits, looking through facebook posts on their laptop, etc. And I am pretty sure Nietzsche was right – God is dead. Very few of these people believe in metaphysical worlds...
  25. Jazz that you like

  26. Another Cyberattack,,

    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/27/technology/global-ransomware-hack-what-we-know-and-dont-know.html Sorry to be blunt here, but come on.. who are these dumb people getting infected with this thing? It's exactly the same vulnerability as for the Wannacry attack. That one was acceptable...
  27. Recent papers you have read

    Post a paper you've recently read, your thoughts on it, what it was about etc. Perhaps even a critique of it? I'm sure this thread will be a great hit. I will be back when I have read a paper.
  28. I'm quitting my job

    So 4 weeks ago I moved to a new country and started a new job – actually my first "regular" job ever (I had a job before, but it was in a startup company and it was some completely crazy shit which didn't resemble a regular job in any way). This new job is kinda intellectually stimulating, but...
  29. Do you ever feel no one is saying anything interesting?

    Let me preface this by saying I don't mean this forum. I am talking about most people out there in the world. There are all these notions that introverts have a hard time talking to people etc etc – but let me ask you this: how often do you feel that people say stuff that are engaging and...
  30. Is IQ a valid measure of human intelligence?

    The proponents suggest it is valid because you can predict certain things with it, like "success". Others say it's a very limited metric which measures only a certain kind of intelligence. Perhaps an objection to its justification as a predictor of success is that there are loads of such...
  31. Why introverts don't get social validation and other thoughts regarding Introversion

    I just had a couple of thoughts about this. I am mostly referring to introversion in the popular sense here (being non-talkative etc) – not necessarily the Jungian interpretation or whatever. Why are outgoing people actively liked while introverts mostly ignored in a social setting? It just hit...
  32. I'm back, baby doll!!!

    Greetings from a separate time line.
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