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  1. GodOfOrder

    Do you believe in giving thanks?

    Why not read aloud "I Pencil" every thanksgiving? It seems just as fitting. But yeah, I acknowledge that a lot of people work hard, and that through mere chance I was born into a comfortable position in life. There is no rhyme or reason to it, no gods, no providence, but I certainly appreciate...
  2. GodOfOrder

    Confess all your sins here.

    For sake of discussion, can we stipulate that a "sin" is "A socially disagreeable act that one would not ordinarily admit or confess to, without the benefit on online anonymity"? If that is the case, drinking one's piss might be considered a sin, unless in the company of Bear Grills ;)
  3. GodOfOrder

    Mentally Traumatizing Movies

    That is actually the version my friend loaned me. And I do love Criterion, although not every movie they publish is necessarily great. But I am thankful that they keep cult classics alive
  4. GodOfOrder

    Mentally Traumatizing Movies

    You and I have either the same taste in movies or in friends. As for the ones that straddle the line between schlock and art, I have no clue where to place Tusk. The Serbian film on the other hand...it is a class unto its own. Salo, if/when you get around to it, is remarkably and surprisingly...
  5. GodOfOrder

    Would God Suffer from Existential Dread?

    I agree with the first bit of what you said. But i would go further and say that the idea of "God" is the same; a petty attempt to rationalize our own mortality, and hence a projection of all our vanities and insecurities (that is why i made the argument). But it seems like "just is" is the...
  6. GodOfOrder

    Mentally Traumatizing Movies

    Salo and The Antichrist . Both are really fucked up
  7. GodOfOrder

    Would God Suffer from Existential Dread?

    Now, I do not believe in any gods whatsoever, but for the purposes of this thread, let's assume God exists--discussions of God's existence are not germane to the topic. Also, as the question is really about existentialism, I have placed this in the philosophy rather than faith section...
  8. GodOfOrder

    A God Awakens--What did I miss?

    I have been well. Took a gap year between schooling. Now I am back at it. You truly are immortal, aren't you?
  9. GodOfOrder

    A God Awakens--What did I miss?

    Ha! In truth I hate the beach. But for the sake of argument, you may find a stranger's watch or wallet. Possibly a neat shell. And public drunkenness (or in some places, nudity) is entirely acceptable. The above makes said walks "fun"
  10. GodOfOrder

    A God Awakens--What did I miss?

    Yes. There were a lot of those (that seems to be a favorite topic on INTPf). Depending on which one you speak of, my opinions have probably changed. I grew steadily toward atheism as time progressed, and if I remember correctly that likely reflected itself in my comments. My earlier, more...
  11. GodOfOrder

    A God Awakens--What did I miss?

  12. GodOfOrder

    A God Awakens--What did I miss?

    Hello to both of you! It is nice to meet you. You seem to be quite prolific @Sinny91
  13. GodOfOrder

    A God Awakens--What did I miss?

    Anyway, I am GodOfOrder. I am a law student. I like ranting about history, the market, moral sentimentalism, shitting on Kant, politics, and taking long walks on the beach. Most probably do not remember me. My last post was years ago, but I still lurk from time to time. I imagine that much...
  14. GodOfOrder

    But anyway how have you been? I haven't seen you on the forum in a while.

    But anyway how have you been? I haven't seen you on the forum in a while.
  15. GodOfOrder

    Daw thanks for remembering Dux. That means a lot. :)

    Daw thanks for remembering Dux. That means a lot. :)
  16. GodOfOrder

    Bad arguments for things you agree with

    Is there some position you hold on some various topic, but hate the way that it is being argued for? Make a list of bad arguments for good points. One point at a time, and your counter reasoning. Or, you can present an argument that you think has been framed incorrectly, and should be put into...
  17. GodOfOrder

    INTP Top 10

    1. Bach Violin Partita 3 & also Well Tempered Clavier 2. The old Myst and Riven computer games 3. D&D or some other table top (especially try to design/run the game) 4. any game theory text one an get their hands on 5. Aristotle's Nico. Ethics 6. Seneca's Letters 7. Ghost in the Shell & Neon...
  18. GodOfOrder

    Nice piece to commemorate our peace :). Unfortunately, I like the crazies. They kept things fun.

    Nice piece to commemorate our peace :). Unfortunately, I like the crazies. They kept things fun.
  19. GodOfOrder

    Quite well, Dux. Yourself? It has just been a bit quiet on the forum lately.

    Quite well, Dux. Yourself? It has just been a bit quiet on the forum lately.
  20. GodOfOrder

    Bill Nye vs Ken Ham

    Here's the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6kgvhG3AkI I'm curious about a few things specifically. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE A CREATION DEBATE. (Part of my motivation for making this thread is seeing whether or not you can resist the temptation) 1. How did Bill look? 2. How did Ken Ham...
  21. GodOfOrder

    Do you walk fast?

    I am long and lanky, and so I glide past most people. Also INTP
  22. GodOfOrder

    Driving a Car

    I remember when I learned to drive. It sucked, and I hated it. But once you get used to the feeling it's actually quite nice. You can get from A-b without having to rely on anyone, but it's all about getting past that initial awkwardness.
  23. GodOfOrder

    New Years Resolutions!

    get fat, so that I can work to get thin again, like everyone lies and says that they'll try to do
  24. GodOfOrder

    The Importance of Deception

    It is a lesson about implicit trust in an authority. They said something was true, and it wasn't. A was lied to by person B. A learned he couldn't trust B, and quite possibly became more doubtful about the claims of C,D,F and G too, or at least felt the need to explore their claims.
  25. GodOfOrder

    Just saying...

    I'd enjoy leaving the system and watching you all eventually crash and burn. :segen:
  26. GodOfOrder

    Animals and Bloodsports

    No, Detroit is reserved for military war games, due to its peculiar amount of abandoned buildings. Once the city finally goes under, it will be perfect for urban warfare simulations. Actually, we could wall the city in, place cameras everywhere, and make our very own hunger games/ battle...
  27. GodOfOrder

    Forum Statistics

    You could search for threads with polls in them, compile those records into one place, and put them on the history book:)
  28. GodOfOrder

    Animals and Bloodsports

    I wouldn't mind if we brought back roman style gladiatorial combat
  29. GodOfOrder

    Three Things.

    The INTP man gave his girlfriend a healthy dose of protein during sex, and then he did complicated mathematics to relax afterwards. echidna/ four eyes/ chimera
  30. GodOfOrder

    Uneven expansion

    Or did you mean just being subject to a stable change in gravity? Lighter or heavier? If on Jupiter, you'd be crushed to death. If on the moon, you'd be footloose and fancy free.
  31. GodOfOrder

    Uneven expansion

    i imagine it would feel like you were a trampoline being jumped on. Heavily varying gravitational fields would warp matter by pulling and releasing, wave by wave. Things may be heavily damaged if the change were too extreme or frequent. In a sci-fi universe of my own creation, there are weapons...
  32. GodOfOrder

    The Return, Pre-Postmodernist Art

    Take this quiz http://www.boredpanda.com/modern-art-vs-toddler-art/
  33. GodOfOrder

    Three Things.

    While he was sincere in his convictions, the evidence he provided for his claims was always either impertinent or baseless. The little nuances of topics eluded him, and he failed to grasp the various and multiplexed interrelations within the theories he tried to grapple with...
  34. GodOfOrder

    Naturalists are dogmatic.

    You ain't talking about them there sciencey, Jeebus hatin' queerosexual evolution lovers are ye? :evil:
  35. GodOfOrder

    Antiquated Language

    I should clarify that I read lots of public domain books on my kindle. So everything I read is all free. The writing is quite old, the format is not.
  36. GodOfOrder

    Antiquated Language

    Personally, I have read more older texts than I have new ones. This of course being a consequence not wanting to spend money. As a result, I tend to use older terms, and the older connotations of said terms, more often. This occurs both in spoken and written language, and people do comment on it.
  37. GodOfOrder

    beint intp, do you guys find you relate storongly to:

    I love his work. He can produce both brilliant satire (thank you God), and some wonderfully sentimental stuff, which can make me cry (white wine in the sun, or it's not perfect)
  38. GodOfOrder

    The Official Shit Competition

    poop... that is all:o
  39. GodOfOrder

    Ideas for a Better World

    kill all the people
  40. GodOfOrder

    Merged threads: Distill your crap/any minimalist on board?

    Re: Any Minimalists/Simplists on board? http://intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=17323
  41. GodOfOrder

    Time Time Time!

    Yeah, I agree, not the best written source. Still, the idea is a fun one to entertain.
  42. GodOfOrder

    Time Time Time!

    I think I get it, but let's talk about it anyways. New advance in physics. https://medium.com/the-physics-arxiv-blog/d5d3dc850933
  43. GodOfOrder

    Ideas for a Better World

    And Mecca :D
  44. GodOfOrder

    A & B theories of Time

    I tend to like B theory more. The expanding block concept seems to make some sense too. But if you say that the past no longer exists, then you can't make certain logical concepts valid. For instance, if I said "All dinosaurs are reptiles" then it wont be true because the class "dinosaurs" is...
  45. GodOfOrder

    A & B theories of Time

    Which do you side with? To help explain: A theory overview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw6hS_gy9MY B theory overview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_mVSlWBf7k (Also on a side note, lets leave the concept of God out of this, though each theory does have heavy implications for his supposed...
  46. GodOfOrder

    Any asexuals here?

    Are you speaking about the bi-romantic thing? Or are you referring to the existence of gray-sexuals? Romantic orientation determines who you wish to have relationships with. But one can have a romance based relationship without having a desire for sex. Love, support, emotional intimacy that...
  47. GodOfOrder

    Any asexuals here?

    Re: Asexuality Indeed, I am a bi-romantic asexual. As for your masturbation habits, they have little bearing on you status as an asexual. You could be a compulsive masturbator, and an asexual. What matters is your object, of sexual attraction. If you have no object, and thus only have a...
  48. GodOfOrder

    What language to learn, German or French?

    Descartes vs Nietzsche Easy choice. Germans all the way.
  49. GodOfOrder

    Cognitive Bias Man

    America Man?:D
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