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  1. final straw

    So, yesterday I did something I've done only once before on this forum, which was to report a post. You might know whom I'm talking about but this member openly posted calls to violence against certain groups, spammed the forum with various vitriol, and wrote things that could have been...
  2. Successful INTP's, what career has made you happy?

    since my last post in this thread almost exactly 2 years ago I jumped to a slightly different field where all this data science stuff and mathematical modeling is almost unheard of. Which I gotta say feels pretty nice. A lot of uncharted territory, lots of room for creativity and new ideas. I'd...
  3. Why do you think that the "i don't give a s*it" attitude is the most valuable?

    I absolutely have done the historical homework, especially on the genealogy of the term "fascist" in post-WWII history, with pioneers within the art of inter-group agitation like Adorno, Marcuse etc. I view groups like antifa basically as unwitting acolytes of these people; they are like...
  4. Existentialism- Life is suffering

    @peoplesuck did you really think I meant that my life is without problems? Some of my problems are so formidable they require existential considerations on a daily basis. the relevant difference is the mindset, amigo
  5. Existentialism- Life is suffering

    tbh I never experience suffering. I don't really understand what everyone is whining and crying about. I'm justing flowing through life like liquid.
  6. Why do you think that the "i don't give a s*it" attitude is the most valuable?

    I guarantee that at least 95% of these guys running around smashing windows and stuff, if they were born 70 years earlier in Germany, would be lining up for the Hitler Youth clubs like good little boys lol. One has to be a non-idiot, a deeply-thinking human, in order not to be a cog in a...
  7. Why are you so weak?

    Marbles! What a pleasant surprise. Avatar is a painting by a dude called Lukasz Biel
  8. Why are you so weak?

    Because gym has been closed since the lockdown. I can literally see the muscle atrophy in the mirror. I tried lifting bags full of books and stuff at home but they are too light lol I tried adding "Gödel, Escher, Bach" and even a translation of Principia, two formidable tomes, but these still...
  9. What we choose to fear makes no sense.

    I've thought about this because I have no fear when I for example get on a motorcycle (depite having been in 3 accidents at this point), yet feel a slight worry when getting on an airplane although I'm like 10,000x more likely to get killed on an mc. to me it feels like it's about the way one...
  10. The Random Thoughts Thread

    just spent half an hour cleaning dog shit off my shoe. Seriously, to all people who own dogs and don't pick up the shit: FUCK YOU. actually scratch that – to all people who own dogs: FUCK YOU. dogs are only good for eating and shitting, just like their owners lmao
  11. Parasocial Relationships

    that's an interesting point, this pandemic stuff must be a goddamn gold rush for streamers ive also read that virtual-reality social gatherings are getting popular
  12. Collective instinct of the human animal

    I'm gonna be predictable and boring and say no. or I would break it down as: either it is physically possible to sense something, or it is not. An impending earthquake might be possible to sense based on intuition about various processes around us just like a mathematical model can predict it...
  13. What exactly is worth talking about?

    Most of the stuff that goes on in our lives happens at the cellular level. All the silly little ideas we get in our brains are all irrelevant. ’Tis what I’ve learned from all this.
  14. The Random Thoughts Thread

    honestly I've totally lost interest in dating, mostly due to to fact that you have to fulfill two mutually exclusive criteria of 1) you have to be passive enough to not get metoo'ed 2) you have to take enough initiative for something to happen. and sure if I give enough fucks I can walk that...
  15. What exactly is worth talking about?

    I feel this might have been the wrong time to quit nicotine. It's made the isolation 3x more depressing.
  16. orders of negative

    yes the square root of a negative does belong to a different set of numbers, except not "more" negative, but in a different dimension, rather. In particular the imaginary axis in the complex plane.
  17. The Random Thoughts Thread

    any leakage?
  18. introverted skills vs extroverted skills

    in my experience, the thing with business is that you can get people's attention for a short while with classical "extroverted" antics and fluff, but in the end what matters to people is competency, trust, and high-quality stuff.
  19. Artificial Habit forming vs out of necessity

    yeah this has been my thinking all long I don't want to be a negative nancy or anything but to me alot of the lifestyle tips fall into a category I like to call "form without function", as in the opposite of "form follows function". They learn, say, Elon Musk always wakes up at 6AM, and since...
  20. can matter and everything in universe eternal

    both eternal time and finite time are impossible to make sense of, so maybe the answer is something completely different maybe if someone told you how it really works, you would immediately go insane
  21. Racism is innate

    racism is innate who you tryna berate them mods be power trippin but apostateabe never quittin committed apostasy at the age of three the primordial OG
  22. Thoughts on circumcision

    I'm reading now that something like 90% of men in US are circumcised, that's a pretty big surprise to me. In europe circumcision would be an exception. I got my p-noose circumsized in my early 20s due to a slightly tight foreskin (or too big dick, depending on how you view it). If it weren't...
  23. The following program might

    I believe this is a viable solution, yes
  24. yeah

  25. Why do you think that the "i don't give a s*it" attitude is the most valuable?

    the way we stop fascism is that we pick up guitars and start strummin' lmao
  26. What songs are you listening to? /III/

  27. First day of middle/high school

    I would call your parents and ask wtf is going on
  28. The Random Thoughts Thread

    It’s usually painfully cold and then we get something similar to a UK winter during spring/autumn, and then we get a summer lasting about 2 weeks, often with intense, unbearable heat.
  29. The Random Thoughts Thread

    @Rebis classic UK weather and atmosphere. I kinda miss it actually It’s refreshing to always have water splashed in one’s face
  30. What songs are you listening to? /III/

  31. The Random Thoughts Thread

    @moody yeah the constant noise is slowly but surely grinding my nerves down edit: that's an understatement btw, they have been ground down already. like yesterday, two idiots decided to play basketball at 01:30 AM at a basketball court near my building. Due to the acoustics of that whole area...
  32. What would you die for?

    game-theoretically speaking, if one is not ready to go all the way for certain principles, you are exposed to exploitation by an adversary. for example if every person throughout history who was enslaved instead said: if you try to enslave me I will go full wild-style then you create a threat...
  33. The Random Thoughts Thread

    it's a classic. although I don't live in stockholm anymore, too lazy to change
  34. The Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm so fucking sick of living in the city it's not even funny
  35. A rant about wanting to be different

    Early 20s: I will save the world with my masters degree and I’ll be the next Nicola Tesla! Late 20s: I will soon earn median wage and get a wife and a mortgage! Mid 30s: I will get rid of my belly fat!
  36. The Random Thoughts Thread

    @Rebis I was thinking maybe depression causes people to become more focused on oneself and one’s issues in life, and subsequently some start looking for potential culprits in society as a whole
  37. The Random Thoughts Thread

    interesting – feminism has the exact same seasonal patterns as depression I swear to god this is not some sort of innuendo, it's literally interesting
  38. The Random Thoughts Thread

    @Rebis you sound like a whining little baby to me lol “Boo hoo I want instant gratification and I want the world to provide me with stuff without me doing anything”
  39. The Random Thoughts Thread

    @Rebis lol it sounds like you decided to see the negatives in everything. You're not wrong, but you can't expect to get your dream job as entry-level. Finding jobs as a student is rough as hell, it's something we all went through.
  40. Feeling very depressed about life.

    you keep repeating this stuff that in order to interact with people you need to be "fake". You gotta realize that if your mind is set and all you can ever believe is that you're too unique to interact with people or whatever, then there is no need wasting time with this stuff – just give up. I...
  41. Enneagram Test

    but yeah.. I have to get my heart aligned with the Gospel and let my needs be fulfilled in Christ. I have to tap into the wisdom of GAAAAAAWD.
  42. Feeling very depressed about life.

    Unfortunately we all live in the real world, where creating bonds is an intricate compromise between expending energy on adapting to other people, and on the other hand expressing our own unique personalities. Every friendship and relationship requires that compromise, and it is especially an...
  43. Feeling very depressed about life.

    are you willing to change yourself to fix this problem, or are you considering yourself a static object
  44. NLP

    natural language processing?

    sure, my rate is $15 per hour
  46. System of systems?

    Even an atom is a system of sub-particles. So how is it that everything in the universe works so flawlessly despite being a systems of systems of systems and so on? It is because it was made by... *inhaling deeply and activating street-preacher voice* GAAAAAWD
  47. Sources of information!

    the only reliable source of information is raw data, or at least the original source of the information. everything else must be treated with the utmost suspicion apropos wikipedia – I think it's interesting that people think of it as a source of knowledge. Even nominally it is only an...
  48. System of systems?

    "I mistrust all systematizers and avoid them. The will to a system is a lack of integrity" --Nietzsche, twilight of the idols
  49. The Random Thoughts Thread

    fine I see the logic
  50. The Random Thoughts Thread

    stuff like this is a godsend to big corps because they love getting intimate with the state. The state is inefficient, dumb, and thus can pay a high price for a low-quality product. So I would not count on getting any better products. before this they already had a similar program but for poor...
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