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  1. Cheeseumpuffs

    New mods!

    oh so it's finally time for violent revolution? yay, i've been saving my pitchforks
  2. Cheeseumpuffs

    Statistical Analysis of intpf

    i'd appreciate a cloud, if i have enough recent posts to muster one up
  3. Cheeseumpuffs

    home iz where da brain iz

  4. Cheeseumpuffs

    What is the hardest video game you have beaten?

    Probably Bloodborne. Never played DS 1 or 2 and my housemate who owned the PS4 moved out before i could finish DS3. Fun as fuck. Definitely easier the second time through. I enjoyed combat in BB more than DS3. Much faster and smoother, imo.
  5. Cheeseumpuffs

    Songs you can play on guitar without the 4th string

    Just play the same stuff you usually do but do what tmb said where you fill in the void with the other strings and then for anything where picking is involved on that string just move over to the same note on the 5th if possible or maybe even just get creative with it and find a new note to pick...
  6. Cheeseumpuffs

    How can you sleep when you can't sleep?

    benadryl and/or weed and/or any kind of sleepytime chemical. also asmr really helps for me
  7. Cheeseumpuffs

    The Albums of yer Eyesocketball

    I've been listening to Satori by the Flower Travelin' Band a lot lately. @QuickTwist I'm curious to see how you in particular feel about this one. Probably Frank Zappa's Hot Rats as well. Or maybe even Waka/Jawaka. Youth Lagoon - The Year of Hibernation Afrirampo - Suuto Breakor I can't find...
  8. Cheeseumpuffs

    John's Personality Test

    lol 58% INFP 22% INTP 7% ENFP 4% ENTP 3% ISTP
  9. Cheeseumpuffs

    Saddest Video Game Character Death

    am i the only one that didn't embed properly for?
  10. Cheeseumpuffs

    Saddest Video Game Character Death

  11. Cheeseumpuffs

    Formal Apology Thread

    I miss Noddy
  12. Cheeseumpuffs

    INTPforum trapped on an island

    I think the "no food" bit is meant to force an element of tension within the group, to keep the hypothetical a little spicier.
  13. Cheeseumpuffs

    INTPforum trapped on an island

    i am basically skin and bones and won't be able to feed many. conversely, i generally need little sustenance to maintain myself. i propose we don't eat me at any point and i'll help out with any raft-building, or fish-trap-making, or hunting-down-another-forumite-to-cannibalize-doing.
  14. Cheeseumpuffs

    What 'hurts' you?

    i think it's funny when people claim i'm emotionless. it hurts me if i realize that someone i care about doesn't care about or like me as much as i do for them. it hurts when people think i'm being selfish in scenarios where i genuinely am trying to help others but just am doing it poorly. it...
  15. Cheeseumpuffs

    How to work hard

    why would you want to? if life does not make itself free and easy before you it's probably not worth doing.
  16. Cheeseumpuffs

    Convince me to do my homework

  17. Cheeseumpuffs

    Is it possible to see intelligence in the eyes of a person?

    no. next question, please.
  18. Cheeseumpuffs

    Nocturnal Emissions

    you talking about wet dreams or farting in the night?
  19. Cheeseumpuffs

    I've discovered the master key

    how very oriental of you.
  20. Cheeseumpuffs

    Week of Effort

  21. Cheeseumpuffs

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    god this whole album just tickles me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQqLQ_aLw9E&index=2&list=PLAAA08938E559E4CC
  22. Cheeseumpuffs

    Avatar Experiment

    My most recent avatar has been a work of laziness. A deviation from my usual which is a poorly photoshopped combination of body, different head, dumb hat. edit: just decided to change it
  23. Cheeseumpuffs

    We are invited!!!

    Quick T. Wistovsky (known to friends as Comrade Wistovsky) was born to a farmer deep in the heart of the USSR. His early life was that of any young soviet farmhand, though that would soon change. Using what little he had managed to save, Quick's father sent him off to Moscow to study. There he...
  24. Cheeseumpuffs

    Discord Chat

  25. Cheeseumpuffs


    sandglass glandsass sassyglands Welcome to the forum sassyglands!
  26. Cheeseumpuffs

    Pop ups (no more!)

    Re: Pop ups *gasp* so the legends are true...
  27. Cheeseumpuffs

    Pop ups (no more!)

    Re: Pop ups i feel left out :(
  28. Cheeseumpuffs

    Discord Chat

    Featuring such gems as:
  29. Cheeseumpuffs

    Pop ups (no more!)

    Re: Pop ups I've not gotten any popups, but I don't come here on my phone. edit: firefox with adblock, noscript and the like
  30. Cheeseumpuffs

    Hubble just spotted something massive coming out of Uranus

    she can't keep it in there all the time
  31. Cheeseumpuffs

    Hubble just spotted something massive coming out of Uranus

    :rolleyes: :elephant:
  32. Cheeseumpuffs

    Roos released in Wyoming

    tall ones?
  33. Cheeseumpuffs

    Roos released in Wyoming

    but do they have mountains?
  34. Cheeseumpuffs

    Roos released in Wyoming

    Those could work, too. Just as long as they keep those damn drop bears out of my country.
  35. Cheeseumpuffs

    Roos released in Wyoming

    I'm still fully in favor of breeding migratory snowroos
  36. Cheeseumpuffs

    How does someone with extremely weak linguistic skills formulate their thoughts?

    I can't speak for anyone else and I don't think I'm particularly lacking linguistically speaking, but I do a large chunk of my thinking without words. I find thoughts represented by images and feelings to be more nuanced and accurate than words and sentences. The only time I really try and...
  37. Cheeseumpuffs

    How does someone with extremely weak linguistic skills formulate their thoughts?

    Are you saying you only think in words and sentences? You don't ever think in images or sounds or smells or feelings?
  38. Cheeseumpuffs

    Roos released in Wyoming

    I hope some of them make it. I'd love to someday live in a world where snowroos have evolved. Side question that I'm too high/lazy to look up on my own: Does Austria have mountain goats? wait, does austria have mountains?
  39. Cheeseumpuffs

    What do you wear?

    Red converse, black pants, some t-shirt for some band. The jacket my homeless friend gave to me, if it's cold.
  40. Cheeseumpuffs

    IRL... do people like you or not?

    People love me. Apparently I'm super charming or something. But granted, I don't really do too much of the "aloof and disinterested" act.
  41. Cheeseumpuffs

    Introduce yourselves..

    Damn we look good.
  42. Cheeseumpuffs

    Do a test pretending you are the user above

    For ol' Archie-poo Your Personality is Very Rare (INTJ) Your personality type is logical, uncompromising, independent, and nonconformist.
  43. Cheeseumpuffs

    Introduce yourselves..

    :o how scandalous
  44. Cheeseumpuffs

    Introduce yourselves..

    Gopher I demand you explain yourself. I allow no impostors of myself, gender-bent or not. I don't even allow myself to impersonate me.
  45. Cheeseumpuffs

    Are ancient greeks smarter than modern humans?

    I like you. I don't understand or agree with, like, anything you post. But I like you.
  46. Cheeseumpuffs

    Introduce yourselves..

    France, iirc Africa Based off his recent posting, mine would've been "Three for the price of one" Dunno :confused: I guess we'll find out.
  47. Cheeseumpuffs

    Introduce yourselves..

    who the new person? I'm much less delicious :( I'd say most of the people on the forum probably aren't.
  48. Cheeseumpuffs


    No, he doesn't.
  49. Cheeseumpuffs

    Music preference and intellectual maturity

    lol no. Who even listens to only one style of music? If you don't listen to and can't appreciate music that falls under both of your absurdly broad categories then your tastes are wildly closed off and lacking, imo. (Also one could argue that refusal to challenge oneself to understand and...
  50. Cheeseumpuffs


    Ooh! Do me next do me!
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