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  1. Valentas

    Your IQ & Occupation

    There is a 52-question IQ test online that has a rather high reliability to professional tests. It mainly tests quant/visual abilities. It starts easy and gets really hard. The link is here: http://www.cerebrals.org/jcti/ WARNING: I did the test without knowing how many questions there are...
  2. Valentas

    Learning Investing

    I am looking to learn investing. I am going into a job next year and currently read blogs like Mr Money Moustache about working, saving and investing. My goal is NOT to retire early because I find life without work to be unfulfilling and enjoy the grind. What I want, in my opinion, is to be...
  3. Valentas

    Doubts About Chosen Career

    Hello, INTP forum members, I have not posted in a while. I studied CS for the past 3 years. I find it moderately interesting and am worried about those facts: there are people in my course who live by programming or are just good at it inherently. The divide is big and they can solve problems...
  4. Valentas

    Share some documentary[tech stuff, thus in S&T]

    Recently, I was sent this interesting documentary about EMFs and their effect on humans. Documentary seemed to interview scientists, based the content of the film with research papers and the most fascinating to me - that we, humans, have the same frequency as out mother Earth. It proposes that...
  5. Valentas

    Books to read

    Hey fellow members of this forum, I am looking for recommendations of books to read. I liked LotR, I started to read "Gardens of the Moon" but did not find it interesting. I mostly read non-fiction. I read many books from religion to philosophy, currently it's "7 habits of highly effective...
  6. Valentas

    Sharing some stuff on brain

    Here's a post by Deepthought I was linked to by my friend: http://deepthought.newsvine.com/_news/2014/04/19/23407512-espionage-brain-computer-interfaces-modern-warfare-series#america Enjoy. I found it great read. Comment on what you think.
  7. Valentas

    Turing Lecture 2014

    It is not from Edinburgh but I attended it here. Watch IBM's innovation chief explain challenges we face and people we will need in the future. Click on the guys face to play. He has transparent button on his avatar. http://tv.theiet.org/channels/news/18571.cfm
  8. Valentas

    Headset for laptop

    Hi, I need good headset(headphone + microphone) for a laptop. Laptop has only two sockets: one for microphone, another for headphones. I have Senssheir(maybe spelled wrong) and it has 4 connections to the PC. So they do not produce good sound due to limited amount of sockets to plug in...
  9. Valentas

    Seriously amazing video

    If you are INTP, you will be glued to the screen because everything is calculated and thought out. I never knew this stuff and even though history for me is boring, this was so interesting...when you watch, discuss here what do you think? It is a long watch but bear with it and it going to...
  10. Valentas

    Watch this movie

    "12 Angry Men" a masterpiece. I was so astonished about this movie. The acting is superb and the crime scene development is amazing.
  11. Valentas

    Ask Valentas

    Even though I'm young one compared to the People like Architect and BAP, you can ask me questions. Have fun :)
  12. Valentas

    Why I hear such BS

    Basically, I can hear this all the time: Old people listen to radio. It broadcasts about health. Surprisingly, anyone who read Fuhrman books will understand that the ideas are great, also it enlightens on some scientific facts. Offers advice on exercising and diet which is again very similar...
  13. Valentas

    INTPs interested in starting company

    Boom. Coursera offers a course from Stanford guys who teach the same shit to their students. As you all know Stanford kids are highly successful and thus I offer you this link to get familiar with https://www.coursera.org/course/startup
  14. Valentas


    Are you into games? How often do you play? What kind of games do you like? I, as a teenager, used to play Runescape and wasted tons of my time there. I could have learned how to program it in 4 years I spent playing it. However, it was fun and I made friends in that game who are also...
  15. Valentas

    Cool stuff about the Universe

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jNkB7ZERZz4 We are small.
  16. Valentas

    To all INTPs - do the thing you are afraid of

    I am a subscriber to this amazing guy who provides truly great wisdom for other people. In this video he reiterates the importance of saying "fuck it" and do the thing anyway. I think this is one of major reasons of INTP lagging behind other types in career or other development...
  17. Valentas

    IQ test which I believe is quite cool

    So my friend sent me a book on career, personality and skills. I spent two hours doing test on skills and personality. What is interesting about the test is that it timed: you must do each part in exact amount of minutes and no more. After that, there is a table where you calculate your iq from...
  18. Valentas

    I get type error: float is not callable. What the hell? :D

    I get a type error about float. This is in Python. I believe I'm messing up with if condition but cannot see my mistake lol. def a_func(f, epsilon): """ f: a function with 1 argument -->float epsilon: a small float to compare returns a guess after 100 iterations or...
  19. Valentas

    Anyone plays electric guitar?

    Hello, I was always fascinated by miracles people can do with a guitar. I am not interested in other types of guitars because I have already tried acoustic. However, there is a saying: "Once you get some metal in our ears, you won't come back." That happened to me. I am fascinated by...
  20. Valentas

    This is my Java learning...[my problems and pros may help]

    So yeah, today I wrote a program in Java which solves simple quadratic equation. Good for me. But now I am trying to do this: Write a program that takes two positive integers as command-line arguments and prints true if either evenly divides the other.
  21. Valentas

    A problem from oxford interview

    Okay, basically I've spot this problem, I believe that it may be interesting to Architect Missing numbers. Imagine you are given a list of slightly less than 1,000,000 numbers, all different, and each between 0 and 999,999 inclusive. How could you find (in a reasonable time) a...
  22. Valentas

    Gap Year adventures

    Hello, I am wondering whether anyone has taken any sort of Gap Year to broaden their horizons and experience the world. By that I mean, travel to a place you have ever wanted, worked in that job to earn money or joined that internship you thought may suit you for your future career. I hate...
  23. Valentas

    Medschool exp after one week

    after having posted my thread under this one, read it, I found medicine to become the most dull subject I have ever seen. There is medical history where crazy lecturer will tell you assignments: presentation for 40 minutes on mythology of our countries gods(lol wut!??), after that there is...
  24. Valentas

    Dont know what to with my life, Very URGENT

    This is an extreme case. I am currently enrolled in two unis, one in my country and other in the UK. In my country I chose medicine while I chose science, biochemistry IN THE UK. the course of medicine is due to start tomorrow in the other city and I did not even start to pack stuff....I dont...
  25. Valentas

    Decision to be made

    Hello all, INTP fellow is here. I just found this forum and read large amount of information about everything. The one which particularly concerns me is my path. Last year I applied for Biochemistry Master in the UK. I received offers to study it but well...I have always been interested in more...
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