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  1. are there any words you just dont like?

    like omg WTF is wrong with u pple? Seriosly...
  2. Bad handwritting in school test

    I have so much information and ideas in my head I want to get them on paper as fast as possible, so I wont forget them when I have bigger and better information and ideas that popup.
  3. Dumbing down the masses

    Drugs (cigarretes, alcohol), junk food (msg, cancer, hydrogenated fats), the media (dumb movies), the news (annoying, annoying voices, personalities, and commercials, and general paranoia), the pharameceutical industry (did I say "side effects"?), the cell phone industry (radiation and cell...
  4. News voices are so annoying

    Don't you just hate them?
  5. INTP SubTypes

    Noone in the whole world has the same personality as me! >(
  6. So.. where do you belong?

    I belong wherever I want to be godamnit.
  7. Guide to typing in real time.

    Sheer bullshit.
  8. Exams and how INTPs cope with them.

    That example in the book is prime. Who remembers the name of every non-essential charachter in some romance novel for godsakes! Did Einstein spend his time memorizing the names of third-rate charachters?
  9. Pure INTP-ish Fuck-up-ery

    Is it my keyboard are the controls geniunely crappy and unresponsive/laggy? Since my OS has Japanese enabled I'll go ahead and download and see if its any better. How the hell do you get past the first level? (Can't jump over the flag...)
  10. Least favorite MBTI type?

    Now, which one would be on the top of your list, fellows?
  11. College2

    But cmon, you're saying I see things which aren't there, which, as we know, is quite out of the question.
  12. "Staging" Conversations

    Yeah, I do this when asking for a date. Doesn't really help the outcome though.
  13. College choice

    Community colleges average 1000$ a semester so that's not bad.
  14. Game Design

    Yes, I have a clear understanding what he is talking about, and so do the GTA devs. Problem is, it would be unfeasible to have every door fully functional, NPCs that act like a real person, and have maps as big as the world. Can you imagine how much lag that would cause? Having realistic...
  15. Game Design

    Sounds like a GTA clone to me. Being a game designer, I think I can say the main things that bug me about modern games: Graphics over gameplay: When you go up to that nice, shiny, bumpmapped, wet mapped, specular mapped, cell-shaded, depth mapped, lightmapped, SSOM, anti-aliased wall, and...
  16. This weird "favourite number" research

    It was a joke.
  17. Exams and how INTPs cope with them.

    Same here. When theres a time limit I take longer on a test than I would have without a time limit, ironically. About your motto, yeah my friends say that to me too, I don't know if its because they don't think I'm capable of making anything great, or if its because what I made was actually...
  18. Least favorite MBTI type?

    Just, if you had to choose a MBTI type you would be for the rest of your natural life, which one would be on the bottom of your list?
  19. Exams and how INTPs cope with them.

    That's precisely the problem. When I take an exam I don't always have the lowest score, but I always (everytime) am the last guy finishing. Often times the buzzer sounds and I still haven't finished the test.
  20. This weird "favourite number" research

    Sounds like 44 and 55 are right up your alley as well.
  21. "Fairness" in game?

    I think of games as a fun "test" for several people. Primarily, the game should be about having a good time while playing. Secondarily, it should have some sort of social or artistic aspect. Thridly, if is is a competive game (Not Solitaire) the outcome should be determined by the player with...
  22. Your Clone?

    Re: Auburn's 500th Post! Yes I completely agree. If there was a real clone of myself, not just a mirror image, but a thinking, acting, PERSON... I think I could learn so much about myself, and improve upon so many things that a mirror simply could not provide.
  23. Are You a Nerd, a Geek, or a Dork?

    Think I took this one a while ago and got Geek or Outcast Genius, can't remember which one. Took the test again and earned the title of Outcast Genius. I think the test was pretty fun but could be more accurate if the questions had more options, eg: some nerds have laptops now and don't use...
  24. College choice

    Anything thats cheap, and easy curriculum. Most of all the people should be friendly, not stuck up elitists.
  25. This weird "favourite number" research

    Thought it was 42 but I guess we can't have our cake and eat it too.
  26. Exams and how INTPs cope with them.

    The only time I can study is when I am around friends or playing xbox. I can't study at night because I am on anti-physcotic and I get very sleepy at that time. If I try to study without any external stimuli present I feel very alone and my mind cannot focus on the material. Conversely, I cannot...
  27. Least favorite MBTI type?

    Definitely ESTJ. A lot of the MBTI types have good attributes, there are even E types that have high intellegience. But I simply cannot find any positive attributes of the ESTJ. Probably only the skill of rote memorization. The ESTJ sounds like someone who simply follows what they are told...
  28. INTJ outcast

    The INTJ's you'll find in the INTJ forum are a bit of a mixed bag, unfortunately. Some are cool, some are not. Apparently 2% of all INTJ's in the world are male, while only 0.5% are female. But glancing at the forum the numbers seem different. When I read the descriptions of various MBTI...
  29. If you were asked to quickly draw one thing, what would it be?

    They say the best art is the art that you think of when your not paying attention. Also, I automatically say "I'm good" when someone asks such a meaningless question. There are only three reasons they ask such a stupid question, they are bored shitless, are trying to be friendly, or have noone...
  30. If you were asked to quickly draw one thing, what would it be?

    na, something more like a metroid.
  31. College2

    I hate going to college. Not only is it difficult for me to grasp all of the material (especially involving rote memorization and math), but in class I have to deal with everybody watching me. I can read people quit easily. A lot of the people there think I'm gay, creepy or just plain garbage. I...
  32. Well, Hello There

    I hate math it doesn't make much sense. However, I hate talking about myself and the world is doomed anyway. Never had a girlfriend before or even a kiss, even though I badly want to. And my fear of failure is carried in all things unless I am alone.
  33. Your Clone?

    Re: Auburn's 500th Post! No because unless the environment was perfectly symetrical the stimuli would be different.
  34. Your Clone?

    Use him as a gunie pig. See what he fails at, that way I won't fail the same way.
  35. Natural Law - 1, Me - 0

    Probably the best way would be to steal it from alternate universes.
  36. The Evil Overlord Test

    @Anthile Lol, good luck building that...your best bet would be to assemble worker mechas which help build the bigger worker mechas which build even bigger worker mechas...Even then, it probably wouldn't be finished in a million years. @Cog, point taken. Also, I agree about the moon base...
  37. The Evil Overlord Test

    Sure, a mech would beat a foot soldier anyday. But really its nothing more than a glorified tank, a clumsy, slow-moving easy target. You can slap as much armor on it as you want but nothings going to shield against a nuclear fusion blast, youll be lucky if your armor stops a few surface to air...
  38. Press the button?

    Most likely he is a just a phyciatrist trying to determine the state of your mental health. Or he could be from an independent study. In truth, if this ever happened, the first thing I would do is ask "How the heck does this technology work?" That way I could use it to take over the world...
  39. If you were asked to quickly draw one thing, what would it be?

    Something abstract. Probably an alien lifeform.
  40. When as the last time you were sacked and why

    How do you guys even get jobs?:cat:
  41. The Evil Overlord Test

    Probably because the beasts being mystical and all, they would easily overpower the robots. Sure, they're impossible to find, but if you did find one, wouldn't you rather have a mystic beast than a clumsy robot?
  42. Press the button?

    Yes, then I would use the money to feed at least 2 starving people. More lives saved. I would like to know who I killed though.
  43. The Evil Overlord Test

    35% Evil, 90% Intelligience, 75% Common Sense I am SHADOW:phear:
  44. INTP and sports?

    I am vegetarian and so weightliftings not an option for me. Still, I am the best martial artist there is (maybe not, but someday:rolleyes:
  45. Random laughing

    Yeah........................................................... well, i usually am bored shitless when it happens. people around me ask "whats so funny." I guess most people's imagination is so dull that they can't laugh at anything without some sort of external stimuli. I do find death and...
  46. Solution Club

    That post made no sense. Yes flouride is bad, but that post still made no sense. Also, I think a presidential lottery would be awesome. Nuking the moon, not so awesome. That would mess up the tides and everything.
  47. The Stupidity Club

    no it just means you are thinking of something intellectual, most geniuses are oblivious of their environment when thinking about scientific stuff.
  48. The Stupidity Club

    wat about st2pid?
  49. IQ assessment/learning disability...

    Some peoples brains are specialized in certain areas, so, areas of the brain which are not specialized are less developed.
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