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  1. Dumbing down the masses

    Drugs (cigarretes, alcohol), junk food (msg, cancer, hydrogenated fats), the media (dumb movies), the news (annoying, annoying voices, personalities, and commercials, and general paranoia), the pharameceutical industry (did I say "side effects"?), the cell phone industry (radiation and cell...
  2. News voices are so annoying

    Don't you just hate them?
  3. Least favorite MBTI type?

    Definitely ESTJ. A lot of the MBTI types have good attributes, there are even E types that have high intellegience. But I simply cannot find any positive attributes of the ESTJ. Probably only the skill of rote memorization. The ESTJ sounds like someone who simply follows what they are told...
  4. College2

    I hate going to college. Not only is it difficult for me to grasp all of the material (especially involving rote memorization and math), but in class I have to deal with everybody watching me. I can read people quit easily. A lot of the people there think I'm gay, creepy or just plain garbage. I...
  5. bored shitless and want 2 kill pple

    hi im bored shitless. i am an introvert but i hate being alone. i hate being near people that laugh at me. i want to kill people. thanks.
  6. INTPs are good at math/sciences?

    According to a bunch of websites it says INTPs are good at math and sciences. But on this site noone seems to post about it. The only guy who does is coberst and none of his posts get any replies. (no offense)
  7. In a perfect world...

    How many of us would not be INTP's? Most of the reason we have become INTP are because we were made fun of in school, bossed around etc. What if we were born in a perfect egregarian society where none of that happens? Would we still act as an INTP? More importantly, would we be comfortable...
  8. kill em all

    kill em all shootem up blowup a school
  9. Body language

    is it just me or do all intps suck at body language. I hate the concept of body language itself. Scored 9% on a body language quiz too. I think we should communicate with words, not body language. Also I dont feel the need to move my hands when I speak.
  10. NEWGROUNDS sucks

    well the audio section does. All I hear is the same damn riff over and over. You know the one. Anysong that has this riff gets 5/5 stars, any song that doesnt gets a zero.
  11. humans suck

    :king-twitter: humans suck as a species we should evolve ourselves into a new species
  12. ah the humanity

    well when im in school/college environments the atmosphere is unbearable. everyone is racist cowards only concerned about money and there appearances. also they think they are better than everyone else.:evil: forums its different but still unbearable. everyone seems subhuman, myself included...
  13. college

    well this place sucks. everybody here is a faggot and im stuck here. dont get any respect here everyone thinks im dumb. its like im invisible. cowards blowing kisses at me behind my back, i dont want to turn around because everybody will think they are my boyfriends. If they only had the courage...
  14. physcopaths among us

    The Physcopaths Among Us well since the last time I was here (several months ago) its seems everyone has turned into a raging physcopath :aufsmaul:
  15. Tech problems

    Well everytime I tried to view the forum I would get a Page cannot be displayed. So I tried a computer elsewhere and well it works fine. I tried 3 different browsers and reset my cookies/data and I still can't access the forum on my home computer, but I can access other forums.:storks:
  16. why were depressed

    you know when you were camping and like the routine was set up and everything. well, i think this routine, scheme, game were playing now has gotten stale. and thats why we're depressed.
  17. Work and Learning

    There are 3 things I fear about modern life. Learning: I am afraid all the stuff I learn will use up so much storage space, I will not be able to learn anything else! Work: Stuff like this scares me- " Why are people afraid to work nowadays? I work in a factory,and it seems I'm one of the...
  18. Frontal lobe injury

    Well, a close friend of mine has experienced physical trauma to his frontal lobe, any suggestions on how his healing proccess should begin?
  19. What is an ISINTP?

    I think I am 45% ISTP and 40% INTP. So what is the personality that is like a combination of the two? :o
  20. what do u think when u listen to music

    well, are you the type that can predict every note that your gonna hear but it sounds so damn good and so irrestably catchy that you can't help but feel the utmost reverence and praise for the masterpiece? :confused: Or, do you admire originality in music and cringe and wish you could...
  21. clock clock slipping away

    well every hour seems to be speeding by faster and faster like a pendulum, my homework assignments never see completion, where is motivation? (how do you guys find motivation do complete your homeworks?) :confused:
  22. very interesting topics

    i just wanna say, i have been to many forums and this forum has more interesting topics than most :)
  23. presidential census

    are you voting for mcain, obama, or neither? please provide your yearly profits data also
  24. Personality quizzes

    What quizzes did u utilize to deduce that you should join this site? :o
  25. childish emotions

    When we are a child, simple activities are really fun. We act like INFP's, every day brings a sense of cool joy. Note: You must take what I say as fact. The reason we lose our childish emotions is because it makes serious competition less fun. Anyway, i want to make it so i can switch from...
  26. motivation

    hello. well, i just wanted to inform you all that i have a lot of homework to do but I feel as though I have no reason to complete it. Now, before you nerdboys start calling names I just wanna say i have the utmost respect for human ingenuity. What scares me though is fanboys putting over...
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