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  1. Valentas

    I failed

    It can be devastating when not being used to failure. If you coasted through high school and early years electives at university, then not meeting the bar is really awful. I was very close to failing some math classes myself and having barely passed still was very disenchanting. I think the...
  2. Valentas

    Your IQ & Occupation

    Completely agree. You could be smart, but if you are lazy, unmotivated or just don't care to strive hard for your goals, then you will not produce anything tangible. I merely understand this as a potential you have. Ability to solve difficult problems pays in this world but if you don't work...
  3. Valentas

    Your IQ & Occupation

    IQ has lots of worth according to the research I read. It is one of the most important discoveries about humans that we've made. The correlations between GDP per capita, individual major choices and income are significant and tightly corresponds to my experience of smarter people than me indeed...
  4. Valentas

    Your IQ & Occupation

    Having been an objector to IQ tests for years, mainly due to my ignorance of actual real-world tests available, I found that IQ is one of the best predictors of life success. Knowing this information, wouldn't it make sense to test a school leaver's IQ, then they can make a decision of a...
  5. Valentas

    Hobby to replace gaming addiction

    If you have a non-PC gaming machine, just sell it. If you have a PC, try to get rid of all accounts you have. Then, first step is to clean your room perfectly. Then also try to clean up your house or flat. When you removed chaos from your habitat, then focus on the outside. A good way to...
  6. Valentas

    Your IQ & Occupation

    Honestly sounds about right. I worked hard in my degree but certainly not as hard as I could have. In other words, I could get a Masters degree if I really put in the effort but PhD would probably be difficult. I actually never wanted to go PhD route at all which probably indicates that my brain...
  7. Valentas

    Your IQ & Occupation

    Nice. It is indeed a tough test. I tried to spend less than 45 mins on it and did not know how many questions there are so got frustrated and bored at number 40 or so. I think this indicates my brain got tired at this point and I personally think I am more of 115 IQ or so right now. I have...
  8. Valentas

    Your IQ & Occupation

    There is a 52-question IQ test online that has a rather high reliability to professional tests. It mainly tests quant/visual abilities. It starts easy and gets really hard. The link is here: http://www.cerebrals.org/jcti/ WARNING: I did the test without knowing how many questions there are...
  9. Valentas

    What are some life lessons you've accumulated over the years?

    And in addition, if you are not thick, she will let you know if she likes you. Not verbally, but enough hints for you to act. Females choose the males, not the other way around, unless you're among top few percent of males.
  10. Valentas

    When did you realize that you are gifted

    I was best in my school and suspected that being good at stuff means I might stand out among my peers. Then I went to university and met a bunch of people who are as smart and even exponentially smarter than me. Since then, having my ego bruised, I accepted that in the end, the world has a...
  11. Valentas

    You know you're NOT INTP when?

    > You know you are not an intp when you think that grades show how smart you are. Grades show how smart you are. If you attend university worth its name, then it challenges the hell out of you and your results show how smart you are. Decision to not study 100% also contributes to your...
  12. Valentas

    Millennials are boring

    Kuu is right. Economy for us young people is one the major causes of grumpy behaviour. Example: London. You need to save for years to place a deposit on a shithole and then be stuck paying for that thin-walled piece of shit for 10+ years. In addition, here is 1+ hour commute for ya and shitty...
  13. Valentas

    Learning Investing

    I am grateful for so many new terms introduced. I will investigate all of them and as Architect said, pick my poison. I'm wondering whether precious metals are a good investment. They were always valuable throughout history while paper currencies collapse eventually. I personally do not...
  14. Valentas

    Learning Investing

    I am looking to learn investing. I am going into a job next year and currently read blogs like Mr Money Moustache about working, saving and investing. My goal is NOT to retire early because I find life without work to be unfulfilling and enjoy the grind. What I want, in my opinion, is to be...
  15. Valentas

    Doubts About Chosen Career

    I recognize that having a job and not liking it too much is hell a lot better than not having a job or being stuck in some retail position. I highly appreciate the fact that if I push through and prepare for interviews, work hard, I should be employed in the industry. However, I feel uneasiness...
  16. Valentas

    Doubts About Chosen Career

    This is an incredibly complicated question. The truth is, I have no interest in one particular thing. I would learn programming at my own pace on my own projects, I would study nutrition and diet because I am fascinated by how food makes or breaks us(I frequent blogs like freetheanimal.com), I...
  17. Valentas

    Doubts About Chosen Career

    Hello, INTP forum members, I have not posted in a while. I studied CS for the past 3 years. I find it moderately interesting and am worried about those facts: there are people in my course who live by programming or are just good at it inherently. The divide is big and they can solve problems...
  18. Valentas

    INTPs...do you lift weights?

    Isn't it more plausible to state that since young INTPs probably did not exercise at all, that results in flabby, underdeveloped physiques? That would be exactly me and I am still small and have a long way to go. My frame and bone structure is smallish as well. I cannot help but agree that S...
  19. Valentas

    INTPs...do you lift weights?

    People do what they are good at. Some excel at physical jobs and suck at abstract stuff. Therefore, they go to do what they are good at or can become good at. It makes you happy. Also, your population of weightlifters is not defining because I have 3 gym bros, 2 of them are software engineers...
  20. Valentas

    INTPs...do you lift weights?

    I started this March with Strong Lifts and would say that lifting weights is one of the few decisions that had no drawbacks as of yet. Initially, the inspiration for starting lifting routine came from a couple of friends and my overall interest in improving my mind because healthy body hosts...
  21. Valentas

    Going to college in Fall, advice?

    Here is another advice(idk if mentioned, I did not read whole thread). Lift. Go to gym and start lifting immediately. One of the best decisions I have made. The benefits are enormous and not few: * Healthier body * You will look better * More energy * Girls pay you more attention *...
  22. Valentas

    What to make of people who say you are smart.

    I pay no attention to it. After being stumped and feeling stupid quite a lot of times during my major I understood that my intelligence is grossly overestimated by other people.
  23. Valentas

    CS Geeks

    I am already good at a couple of things, i.e. playing music and computers but none of them feel natural. I guess my path to find what really sticks will be of importance. I came to conclusion having a couple of truly gifted people in my friend circle who basically won world coding competition...
  24. Valentas

    which of these CS programs is better

    Have you considered going to study abroad? I have a friend from Sweden, he studies in Edinburgh, we have a good CS program and since you are EU national, you would only need to afford cost of living and university is free. The curriculum is here: http://www.drps.ed.ac.uk/15-16/dpt/utcmpsi.htm...
  25. Valentas

    Women in STEM

    I was surprised when after going through random surveys by university, I found that mathematics had 25% bigger proportion of women than engineering or computer science. To me, pure maths are an epitome of logical thinking(I could not do pure maths, I am just not suited to it) and it is an...
  26. Valentas

    Thoughts On Space-travel?

    There are some people considering this thought: 'United States shall be warp-capable in 100 years'. This lecture is interesting and is worth watching and pondering over for some time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wokn7crjBbA
  27. Valentas

    University is just too fucking hard

    The secret is to persevere but not burn out. This 2nd year at university was different because we had several assignments to do that were piled up in such a way that deadlines were a few days apart. A lot of people complained but as one chap pointed out: 'just play the curve'. I also have a...
  28. Valentas

    How are you holding up during finals week?

    I am always worried before exams. I just cannot help it - cannot trick my brain into submission. This semester proved that my study habits are very horrible and I am now researching ways to deal with that. I met a person who basically partied the hell out of semester and collected As...
  29. Valentas

    one more thing i'm overthinking.

    I was told by people that I am smart but there are always people at uni and in this forum that seem a lot smarter than me. I think we are smart in different things, some are in programming, others in getting on with people and not a lot of people like to think intensely and this might be the...
  30. Valentas

    Last movie you watched

    :) Ugh? Well yes. But the idea was kind of unique and you had to always pay attention because it is not in English, so subtitles were a must. :) I believe that if you watch thos movie with your GF she would be very happy :D I recommended it to my friend and she was very impressed and you...
  31. Valentas

    Last movie you watched

    "Castaway on the Moon". Truly great movie.
  32. Valentas

    Share some documentary[tech stuff, thus in S&T]

    I did not get what you meant by this dude.
  33. Valentas

    Share some documentary[tech stuff, thus in S&T]

    Recently, I was sent this interesting documentary about EMFs and their effect on humans. Documentary seemed to interview scientists, based the content of the film with research papers and the most fascinating to me - that we, humans, have the same frequency as out mother Earth. It proposes that...
  34. Valentas

    What is your excuse for not being vegan?

    Because I'm part of nature. In nature, animals kill and eat other animals. In human world, we figured a way to grow them and kill them. Thus more efficient. If you ever get into survival situation, good luck in surviving with eating plants. A lot of them are poisonous, some can cause allergy...
  35. Valentas


    Success is having completed most of the list of things you wanted to achieve and can sincerely tell your loved ones that I've done it correctly and don't want to change anything before you perish.
  36. Valentas

    How do I get back into programming?

    Yes, I have my fears too. Rails community is one of the most trendy ones where they change ways things are done very frequently and you need to re-learn it. Learning language like Ruby was very easy to me because it gathers everything from other languages I tried and takes the best stuff. So...
  37. Valentas

    Choose your form of wealth

    I choose health. In my opinion, healthy body hosts healthy mind.
  38. Valentas

    Aliens and common sense

    If you're interested in this, then you shall read Joseph P Farrell books and purchase a ticket to secret space program conference. I watched livestream it was AMAZING! Farrell, however, does not attribute UFOs as ETs tech. He attributes it to human technology developed in black projects. There...
  39. Valentas

    How do I get back into programming?

    Steps you need to take: 1) Decide that you want to become better at programming. 2) Commit yourself to not quit if that's what you want. 3) Sort out what you want to do in programming 4) Select language(s), frameworks and tools after doing research about them 5) Start learning and...
  40. Valentas

    Books to read

    Wow, tried those Dresden novels. I bought audiobooks and started with the first one. Sounded really interesting. I'll stay with Jon Butcher I think :}
  41. Valentas

    Books to read

    Sci fi is obviously fine, I don't read drama or love stories. Crime & mystery? I got tired of Sherlock Holmes when I was young. I know some books like War and Peace and Crime and Punishment that I should read but they are big and it is a bit intimidating ;)
  42. Valentas

    Books to read

    I did not give a taste of fiction because I never read much of it so I'm open to anything. Thank you for recommendations above, I'll check them out.
  43. Valentas

    Books to read

    Hey fellow members of this forum, I am looking for recommendations of books to read. I liked LotR, I started to read "Gardens of the Moon" but did not find it interesting. I mostly read non-fiction. I read many books from religion to philosophy, currently it's "7 habits of highly effective...
  44. Valentas

    How to be a good intp, and not socially awkward?

    Personally, I think that socializing can be intellectual. What exactly stops you from going to local meetup on certain topics? Really great place to speak about things every participant cares about. However, if you approach random person then conversation will start dumb. It's just natural...
  45. Valentas

    Stop Treating Cancer

    My understanding about cancer is limited to 'usual' cancer and not hormonal one. So, thank you for pointing out that there are other cancers out there even though I am sure if you'd dig deep enough, you'd find ways to deal with the core of the issue instead of supplying hormones. I spent hours...
  46. Valentas

    Stop Treating Cancer

    Let's be honest with cancer stuff. People are given medicines to keep them going and be hooked onto pills or chemo because it pays to do so. Simple truth. It's like subscribing to the magazine, you will receive it every month for some cost. So you subscribe yourself to "treatment" that lasts...
  47. Valentas

    Does charity accomplish what it means to?

    There is Cancer Research UK charity and organisation. Basically, the ceo gets 100k pounds a year of salary and they do not endorse cannabis oil as a cure for cancer even though there are 20k people on FB group who share tons and tons of stories that they are cured. I know many people who...
  48. Valentas

    Sharing some stuff on brain

    Here's a post by Deepthought I was linked to by my friend: http://deepthought.newsvine.com/_news/2014/04/19/23407512-espionage-brain-computer-interfaces-modern-warfare-series#america Enjoy. I found it great read. Comment on what you think.
  49. Valentas


    If there are no links to published research or studies, just his word, then I do not have trust in this. Anybody can make up stuff and sell it as a working product. Tp prove your point, invite people who had their illness cured for testimonies. The guy do not seem to have any. There are two...
  50. Valentas

    Career for INFP?

    American students could go to other countries, get the same quality education and pay considerably less + no pre-med crap. It's their fault that they don't research the options. No surprise that doctors are pharma slaves for years because they are sadled with debt and has to push crap meds...
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