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  1. The Math Thread

    (64+4)/(8*2+1) = 68/17 = 4 (900+64)/(30*8+1) = 964/241 = 4 (729+9)/(27*3+1) = 738/82 = 9 Etc. Excel + Time = Solutions
  2. What do you do when you are depressed?

    Me? I suffer when I'm depressed.
  3. Do you guys ever stop thinking?

    Do you guys ever stop thinking? Sometimes.
  4. Here Is My Life—Some Advice, Please

    I'm guessing that you know things about who you were five years ago that have given you insights about errors in judgment you made back then. Also, I'm guessing that some of your interests today are different from what they were five years ago. Five years from now, the same thing will be true...
  5. Millennials are boring

    Just keep watching Danger 5 until your head explodes.
  6. INTP Honeymoon Period

    I'm a 48-year-old INTP, my wife is a 50-year-old INFP, we've been married since I was 21 and she was 23. It's possible.
  7. How many projects do you have right now?

    At least 10. I'm presently teaching 4 courses, and they're all in various stages of work. This also means I'm always reading, grading and planning. I'm working on three books. I'm keeping the accounting/financial records for three adjunct teacher unions. I'm working on planning for a move...
  8. What is time (discussion)

    From what (little) I understand, gravity and matter have been around almost as long as the universe has, and, for however much time elapsed between t=0 and their appearance, their existence was likely implicit in what came before them. So, I don't know that time is a consequence of matter and...
  9. What is time (discussion)

    This makes sense, actually. There's no reason to suppose that quantum entanglement effects would be restricted to pairs of objects happening to be correlated in someone else's timestream.
  10. Truck Driving?

    If I were interested in transportation as a career, I'd get involved with the autonomous vehicles side of things and be one of the people who will make a fortune on self-driving trucks that will come to pass within the next generation.
  11. How would you define "Human Nature" ?

    Scott Peck -- "Human nature is to wet your pants."
  12. Should INTPs have jobs?

    should [shoo d] auxiliary verb 1. simple past tense of shall. 2. (used to express condition): Were he to arrive, I should be pleased. 3. must; ought (used to indicate duty, propriety, or expediency): You should not do that. 4. would (used to make a statement less direct or blunt): I...
  13. Have you ever lied, conned, or cheated?

    Of course. And, naturally, I'm being honest about this right now. :)
  14. Maybe smart people are the problem

    More education leads to higher income. Higher income leads to greater consumption. Greater consumption leads to greater waste. Greater waste is bad. Therefore more education is bad. :)
  15. the universe is made of information

  16. Universe Not Expanding

    Have you misunderstood the scales of sizes and durations involved here?
  17. Seeking Coping Advice from more developed INTP's.

    There have been many helpful posts here. Let me add a little bit. Like a couple others here, I'm in the "old" category. I remember, a long, long time ago, at 17, realizing that I was so radically different from who I had been at 12 that I anticipated that at 22 I'd look back at 17 and feel the...
  18. It's not what you think.

    Most universities in the United States have separate academic units and often those units are colleges. For example, at Western Michigan University, there is a College of Arts and Sciences, a College of Engineering, a College of Aviation, a College of Fine Arts, etc.
  19. Experience everything

    It's not wrong, but, given the realities of time and chaos, only a small portion will get accomplished.
  20. Is anyone else failing college (or failed in the past)?

    If I were to give advice, it would be to work on this stuff first. Don't be in a rush, the world will still be here in a few years and you can get a degree then, if you want.
  21. Career help - don't know what to do next

    Start a religion.
  22. The Golden Ratio

    Human beings are mammals with binocular vision, subject to Earth's gravity, the influence of the tides, etc., etc. In other words, we've evolved to perceive and respond to our environment. I'm not at all surprised that there might be features of that environment that are particularly likely to...
  23. Thread split from what gender are you internally: Is transgenderism/gender dysphoria a mental illnes

    Re: What Gender Are You Internally? I'm surprised by this. There are quite a few other alternatives present in the vast array of human beings. At the very least... http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3314712/ and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20014367 and...
  24. What Gender Are You Internally?

    I don't identify with any of the options in the poll.
  25. Are all INTP's smart

  26. Do you want kids? Why? Why not?

    I have two sons (ages 21 and 26), they're both introverted NTs. My wife is an introverted NF. It's all good. But, to respond to the original post: I don't want any more, thanks.
  27. Gender role reversals

    When you say "more" what is your comparison? Yesterday? 100 years ago? The United States? The Pleistocene? Again, compared to when? Compared to what societies? Really? You're being honest about this?
  28. What is the essence of mathematical logic?

  29. Is something wrong with me?

    I don't know you and so I can't say what's normal for you. But, being depressed isn't a normal state. It's not an uncommon one, unfortunately, but it's not normal (in the sense of psychologically healthy). The same is true of extreme mood swings. Most people won't be rich (a derivative of the...
  30. Evolution as a mechanism which tries to maintain equilibrium in a population

    Evolution isn't teleological. There's that word "try." As I just noted, evolution isn't teleological. http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/teleology-biology/
  31. Why most of INTP cannot believe in god?

    Most? How many of them do you know?
  32. If you would ever teach high school physics then...?

    My own high-school work consisted primarily as serving as a tutor. I spent about 15 years at a nearby private school (associated with both the military and a church) and offered my services to the students, paid for by their parents. I tutored mostly math, but sometimes other subjects. Over the...
  33. If you would ever teach high school physics then...?

    I've tutored and taught high school students (in addition to other work in education) in the United States for about 20 years... In the various states in the United States, there are specific rules about what content must be taught in a course. This removes most of the autonomy from the...
  34. Hypnagogic hallucination and sleep paralysis

    If astral projection were possible, given 7 billion people, wouldn't there be more reports of it? It seems overwhelmingly likely that these sensations, themselves entirely valuable, phenomenologically speaking, are purely internal and reflective of brain activity. And, yes, I've experienced...
  35. They say INTPs have childish emotions, but...?

    "They" who?
  36. Epiphany regarding INTP intimidation

    I currently spend the majority of my time around people who are exceptionally intelligent; sometimes I have to really work, mentally, to keep up with some of them. It's refreshing. This is much better than years ago when I spent most of my time around people who were, at best, of average...
  37. Religion vs Philosophy?

    As far as supplementary work, certainly Jung's other work, and probably Goethe will help. But, insofar as the other material he references throughout, I highly recommend having access to a decent Bible and whatever apocrypha you can get your hands on. For a nice collection in one work, I'd...
  38. Is Software Development/Roboticization Unethical?

    I'm fine with a future that has 10 billion people and only 500 million jobs, so long as societies transform and we disconnect income from employment. There are always solutions.
  39. Religion vs Philosophy?

    There's really no substitute for complete immersion. May I recommend Jung's An Answer to Job? In order to understand that rather short book, you'll need to spend a great deal of time researching other material. He explores vast expanses of religion, philosophy, literature, mythology, psychology...
  40. What are you going to do when you retire?

    Suffer from infirmities, probably.
  41. When you have a problem you can't figure out

    Depends. What's the problem? How important is it? What hinges on its being solved?
  42. First human to have a head transplant

    Hopefully, we'll be able to put human heads on chimps or bonobos for the extra fun.
  43. defense mechanisms test

    Regression: 10 Displacement: 0 Denial: 0 Repression: 20 Intellectualization: 30 Reaction formation: 0 Projection: 10 Compensation: 10
  44. I want to study psychology am I making a mistake?

    I don't know you. I can't really give you decent advice.
  45. Sam Harris's proposal of making morality scientific

    His 23-minute long TED talk is pretty good. http://www.ted.com/talks/sam_harris_science_can_show_what_s_right
  46. Home Repairs (get me down)

    Yes. I do too. We had the well replaced a couple years ago -- but, water issues are the bane of my existence. Yikes! Oh God. Agreed.
  47. Home Repairs (get me down)

    One of the reasons I end up in the fixes I end up in is that I ignore routine maintenance. I've gotten better, but, I've also spent so long ignoring things that there's a terrific backlog of things to go wrong...
  48. Home Repairs (get me down)

    Yeah. My house was built over 100 years ago. The former owners tended to fix things...very creatively. Agreed. Yeah, I know. You put it far better than I did. Thanks.
  49. Home Repairs (get me down)

    My wife (currently an INFP, once upon a time an XNFP; also, she's an aspie, so that's fun) tends to take everything personally. It's really, really tiring sometimes. Alas, when these sorts of things happen (and, I must add, that it feels like they happen to me), I tend to take them personally...
  50. Can an INTP be religious?

    Ya know, I really like a fried egg on toasted rye, with just a hint of peanut butter on the toasted bread. (And yes, that's an intentional response.)
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