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  1. PreAlgebra


    I find myself to be very sensitive to most stimuli in life. Most of this sensitivity is very positive in experience but a lot of the time it is not. Either way, I view it a providing a very dynamic and rich way of living and I am glad that I am a sensitive person. It does sometimes make it...
  2. PreAlgebra

    What is is your existential position?

    This is an odd pole. I voted independent only because it was the only one that I understood.
  3. PreAlgebra

    INTP personality and school

    For those of you who got good grades regardless of how much you cared, or got along with the teachers even though you didnt see eye to eye. My question is why? What was your motivation? Did you find it worth whatever effort you put into it? These are honest questions that I am really curious...
  4. PreAlgebra


    I think I might use pot as a vice if it didnt make me overwhelmingly cerebral. Thank you very much, but I am quite good at doing that on my own.
  5. PreAlgebra

    Ever get into Trouble at School?

    I only really got in trouble in an art class I had in high school. In thought it was really funny because I got in trouble because I thought too much "outside the box" in an art class where a person is encouraged to perform this particular task. The art teacher I had was probably the most...
  6. PreAlgebra

    Finally, people I can relate to

    Welcome I am sure you will find your interaction here very rewarding.
  7. PreAlgebra


    Music is definitely a vice for me. I rely on it to function and cope with the world in a manner that could definitely be seen as unhealthy. I use music as a support and I might be a stronger person if I didnt need it so much.
  8. PreAlgebra


    Oh I can definitely relate to shutting up that monologue with alcohol, Agent Intellect. I drink a lot to cope with many things including dealing with emotion and not having any form of support so I use alcohol as a crutch. I also smoke only when I am feeling particularly self-destructive. My...
  9. PreAlgebra

    Gender Roles

    I have a question for you Murkrow. Who is it do you think that controls this perspective? If the masculine in stronger and superior to the feminine, do women contribute to this attitude as well? If both women and men felt this way, I could see this explaining the double standard but a part of...
  10. PreAlgebra

    INTP personality and school

    I love that quote. On a similar note, If you think of those that do the best in school, and I mean going into post-graduate education, the only option they really resort to is becoming Teachers. Therefore making system a closed cycle. It seems really self-defeating.
  11. PreAlgebra

    Maggie Gyllenhaal

    Oh, thats a good one^ I would hate myself too for it.
  12. PreAlgebra

    Revolving interests?

    My interests and projects dont revolve they just burn up and die easily. I can never seem to finish any project that I am working on because once I figure it out, I totally loose interest and I am never to return to it again. This is a big problem for me and I really wish I wasnt like this...
  13. PreAlgebra

    INTP personality and school

    I am the last person that should be pointing this out especially since I just mentioned how bad of a speller I am but it just made me laugh too hard. I think that as INTPs, we are very individualistic and want to do things our own way and on our own terms. This always causes problems in...
  14. PreAlgebra

    I just quit my job through text message

    Thats great and I am sure you now have a big relief off your back now. Congrats.
  15. PreAlgebra

    Gender Roles

    Interesting. I have never thought of it as the masculine being stronger and superior to the feminine. It makes so much sense and would explain those attitudes. I guess me not thinking in those terms could possibly reflect a change in younger generations attitudes toward gender roles...
  16. PreAlgebra

    Who is/are your favorite singer/music band?

    Tekton, I am glad to see you listen to bands like Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco, MSTRKRFT, and Soulwax. They are all so great I just hope that they have some lasting power. I love that filthy Electro stuff. Oh, I just want to geek out on music right now. Other greats include; Elliot Smith...
  17. PreAlgebra

    Top 10 Books for Introverts

    Thanks for the list. I will make sure to check some of them out.
  18. PreAlgebra

    INTP personality and school

    Has being an INTP ever caused you any problems in school? If so, what kind of problems? I am talking strictly academically and not socially. The biggest problem I had was seeing the value of grades and was completely satisfied with getting a C in every class. This wasnt because I did not want...
  19. PreAlgebra

    Number One

    I voted artistic for sure simply because I am supposed to be an artist. I noticed that as of time of posting that Poll 1 had 18 replies but was not rated where Polls 2,3 were both rated 5 stars with only 8 and 3 replies. Interesting.
  20. PreAlgebra

    XXXX a good thing?

    Um, wow Decaf. How do I respond after that. I was going to say that, "It seems that either an xxxx would be extremely boring or something of a superhuman that is completely enlightened and well balanced." But now anything I say is totally demystified. ;)
  21. PreAlgebra

    Self Esteem

    Looks although important, seem to be more trivial than the mind or soul. Being viewed as having a beautiful soul would be great but I think greater achievements are made with the mind. So that is how I would like others to see me only being able to choose one.
  22. PreAlgebra

    Gender Roles

    The gender roles in America are definitely being blurred and have been noticeably sense the 60's which I believe is a great thing. I think however that women have made much more movement in this than men. In society, there seems to be a double standard where it is much more acceptable for...
  23. PreAlgebra


    Here is a joke that I just saw online that made me laugh a lot. Have you ever been so stoned that you crashed your car into a tree? Then you got out of your car to check for damage and there wasnt even a scratch. Then you looked around and you couldnt even see a tree. So you finally calmed...
  24. PreAlgebra

    Holy shit

    I have no idea what this thread is about?
  25. PreAlgebra

    Interesting Page

    I love Ted.com. Those videos are very interesting and inspiring. I have my RSS feed subscribed to it. Thanks for bringing up the site.
  26. PreAlgebra

    The Olympics

    I am actually fairly interested in some sports like soccer, tennis, and track bicycle racing, but the Olympics just bore me. I think that one of its main purposes to bring the world together through the medium of athletics is overshadowed by the World Cup. Many people only pay attention...
  27. PreAlgebra

    Maggie Gyllenhaal

    I totally disagree. I think that it was a great role for her because she is not a typical actress for that role and she pulled it off well. I think that she is very gorgeous and a good actress. Have you seen Stranger Than Fiction? She is amazingly hot in that.
  28. PreAlgebra

    I just quit my job through text message

    Thats hilarious kind of sad but hilarious. Do you not like confrontation or did you just not give a crap?
  29. PreAlgebra

    Official? quarter-Life crisis thread

    I checked out "positive disintegration" and it was pretty interesting. I found many problems with it but overall it was useful. I really like the ideas about overexcitability. Thanks
  30. PreAlgebra

    Hay Oh

    I see. Well if there are any ideas that seem to intereset you more than others, I would love to talk about them.
  31. PreAlgebra

    Official? quarter-Life crisis thread

    This is hard for two reasons. 1- It is not that I dont know what my interests are but that I have too many interests and I have it hard time focusing on one thing. It is like I have many jealous lovers and they are all competing for my attention. 2- I do try to live my life in every moment...
  32. PreAlgebra


    I have read Simulations and Simulacrum by Baudrillard. I have not read Debord. I am trying to read more Baudrillard but am a bit preoccopied at the moment with other material.
  33. PreAlgebra

    Hay Oh

    Nice ta meet ya Cryptonia. Are there any philosiphers that you particuaatlly like so far? I look forward to great conversations with everyone!
  34. PreAlgebra

    Me new here

    Welcome to the forum and a long winded explanation for something that should be short can be fun sometimes. It keeps people on their toes.
  35. PreAlgebra

    Official? quarter-Life crisis thread

    After seeing a decent response to my quarter-life crisis comment in my introduction post, I thought i would start a thread about the topic. How many of you peeps have or are experiencing something of the nature? What has your experience been like and what has helped you get through it? For...
  36. PreAlgebra


    Welcome to the community. Branding and consumer culture is annoying. It has turned into buying products for what they say about our identity rather than the products functionality. Apple and Pepsi are very guilty of this.
  37. PreAlgebra

    INTPs and family issues

    My mother is an isfj. She respects me a lot and is very proud of me because she says that I am everything that she is not and wishes she was but she doesnt really understand me at all. She doesnt have the thinking capacity. My younger brother is an efsj we get along but we dont get along...
  38. PreAlgebra


    I think this is a really interesting topic. We are a very hyper-rational bunch and a phobia is defined by the irrational fear of....So this duality is very interesting and amusing. I just recently developed a fear of flying as well. I think it has to do with the airborne claustrophobia thing...
  39. PreAlgebra

    Are you on medication?

    Thats funny cause I had a serious problem with this as a kid. Every night when I had to go to sleep, I got serious anxiety. I only self-medicate with alcohol. It is the only anti-depressant that I am comfortable with. All others seem to have nasty side affects like numbing my creative...
  40. PreAlgebra

    How many INTPs do you know?

    I had a professor that was an intp, which was rad, and a really close friend/class mate of mine is intp. The three of us get along very well.
  41. PreAlgebra


    I feel especially lonely when I am around those that I am supposed to be close with, such as family or sometimes my best friend( but things are complicated between us) because I cant help but think that they do not understand me at all. This makes having close relationships very hard. The...
  42. PreAlgebra


    Photography is great. I got my degree in it. I am really interested in the theory that goes along with it (no big surprise there.) Now that we have finally escaped the grips of post-modernism I am really interested in how photographs function in our digital/internet driven society. Or...
  43. PreAlgebra


    Nay for Ayn Rand. The self-confidence thing is a funny thing. I think that It can be very useful in the right contexts but it does shut down certain receptors to valuable information. As for the connection of confidence to egoism, I dont know if I see one. To me, egoism has so many negative...
  44. PreAlgebra

    Hello form Oz

    Hello Oz Gal. Well said Tekton. I really agree about knowing your strengths and weaknesses as being empowering. What is it that you would like to find balance with? That is a huge struggle for me on a daily basis. One example is that I am naturally anti-social but crave the company of...
  45. PreAlgebra

    Hay Oh

    Seriously. I was totally surprised by this. With our society aging slower, this is becoming a lot more prevalent. Sociologists, psychologists, and the like are starting to give this a lot of attention.
  46. PreAlgebra

    Hay Oh

    Hi, my name is PreAlgebra, I am INTP and am I glad I found this community. I have been lurking here for a couple of days and decided that I needed to become a member. I just got my Bachelor's Degree in Photography as a Fine Art with a minor in philosophy. Now that I am done with school I just...
  47. PreAlgebra

    INTP in the office

    Thats a tuff one. I have been accused of the same thing by class mates in college, and it has been the source of much frustration. I think, this perception by others stems from a combination of coming off as self-confident or not being sensitive to social expectations, and not being able or...
  48. PreAlgebra

    About you?

    What is your name? Ryan Where are you from? Phoenix, Az How old are you? 23 years What's your gender? Male How did you find out that you were INTP, or other type? A blog I read called UnderstandingSociety mentioned MBTI in passing and I was curious so I went to my local clinic...
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