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  1. PreAlgebra

    INTP personality and school

    Has being an INTP ever caused you any problems in school? If so, what kind of problems? I am talking strictly academically and not socially. The biggest problem I had was seeing the value of grades and was completely satisfied with getting a C in every class. This wasnt because I did not want...
  2. PreAlgebra

    Official? quarter-Life crisis thread

    After seeing a decent response to my quarter-life crisis comment in my introduction post, I thought i would start a thread about the topic. How many of you peeps have or are experiencing something of the nature? What has your experience been like and what has helped you get through it? For...
  3. PreAlgebra

    Hay Oh

    Hi, my name is PreAlgebra, I am INTP and am I glad I found this community. I have been lurking here for a couple of days and decided that I needed to become a member. I just got my Bachelor's Degree in Photography as a Fine Art with a minor in philosophy. Now that I am done with school I just...
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